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We bridge the gap of students in government schools who have less opportunities to learn English from native or skillful English teachers due to their low budget.

We are "Volunteer English Bangkok" was founded since 2010.

Our name is "Volunteer English Bangkok" the simplest one as we need you to understand our GOAL :)

We are the one of Social Impact member of Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) and work with Thai Health Promotion Foundation.

So you can get good ...

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We are "Volunteer English Bangkok" was founded since 2010.

Our name is "Volunteer English Bangkok" the simplest one as we need you to understand our GOAL :)

We are the one of Social Impact member of Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) and work with Thai Health Promotion Foundation.

So you can get good experience and certification of Volunteering as Teaching Assistant and also can have chance to learn how to run Social business from us too.

Our intention at Volunteer English Bangkok was to offer visitors from abroad alternative experiences in addition to traditional holidays in Thailand. We wanted to give our guests a chance to meet local people and to get an impression of our country far away from the traditional holiday areas in Thailand. At same time we wanted our foreign guests to use their language skills as volunteer teachers to help Thai children to get a better knowledge of the English language.

Thai children learn English at school – but often they don`t have a opportunity to practice it. Our volunteer program gave them a chance to use their school-English in real life by communicating with our volunteer teachers.

The idea of Volunteer English Bangkok became a success – several Government schools asked us to send English speaking volunteer-teachers to their schools. In order to be able to comply with these wishes we had to make our small private initiative more sustainable and efficient.

In 2014 Volunteer English Bangkok was registered as an NGO and we offer now volunteering not only in Bangkok but also in other areas of Thailand.

We are a small but efficient and flexible organization and all our team-members work for free. We do not spend money on administration and office-facilities. We do not charge any administration-fees from our volunteers.

Our Goals

Volunteer English Bangkok has no intention of becoming a large organization. We do not want to engage in a competition with other organizations to be “the best, the largest and the most effective”. We’d rather have a charming, easy, flexible, imaginative, sustainable and well-organized cooperation between our foreign volunteers and the children in our Thai partner-schools. Therefore, we’d like to give space and flexibility to our volunteers to use alternative forms of teaching, which they themselves will find fun and educational, and which will motivate Thai children to learn and speak English.

We believe that “learning by playing” will give kids a better experience and eventually a better understanding of English, rather than teaching the “traditional way”.

We would therefore like to define our goals in a simple way:

We believe that Thai students will gain experience speaking English by having close and friendly contact with foreign English speaking volunteers.

We believe that our students will become motivated to speak English in an easy way; not just through books, but by participating in fun based activities created by smiling and friendly volunteer-teachers.

As a volunteer-teacher at Volunteer English Bangkok you will not have a busy teaching schedule, because we want you to have sufficient time to prepare your lessons to ensure that the children can learn and have fun at the same time through quality-teaching.

If you want to join our program we are looking forward to hear from you.

Contact Person

Winyoo Srisupachok

Spoken languages: English
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Volunteer English Bangkok reviews

I recently had the opportunity to participate in a 6-week volunteering program in Bangkok, where I taught English to children from multiple schools. This experience had a significant impact as it provided these children with English lessons they wouldn't have otherwise received, opening up doors for ...
The best experience I've ever had in my life (I know that at 24). I've been lucky enough to see lots of different landscapes, each just as magnificent as the next, and to do lots of different activities, from the sea and the beach to the mountains, buildings, waterfalls, temples and so on... The ...
It was my first time in Thailand! This experience was amazing! I had a very great time in Bangkok! The foundation’s location and the service by the organization are very good! Teaching was fun, kids are adorable, and I met nice international people! Thai people are very kind and I’ll never ...
My experience within the foundation went very well. This program allowed me to help children while traveling, meeting new people and discovering an awesome ...
Great time with good people and a organisation that cares about the children involved. I would say that when there was teaching opportunities it was great and the trips made a good bond between the groups there. If there was more teaching opportunities per week it would make the whole experience ...
Had a really nice stay in Bangkok and Chiang Mai! Great trips to the waterfalls, Ayutthaya and more. Winyoo was a great volunteer leader, very nice and helpful! Only minus point is the apartment apart from that I had a great stay. ..

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