Volunteer with children and travel South Africa Volunteer with children and travel South Africa Kwa-Mashu, South Africa Volunteer & Travel
We volunteer during the week and travel around the country weekly to Kruger National Park, Soweto, St.Lucia, Drakensberg, Wild Coast, Cape Town.
Children's Care Assistant Durban, South Africa Volunteer & Travel
We support children with basic needs in our township rural communities. We feed, educate and empower the children and their families. It takes a village.

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Project Details

Family operated children and community centers in township communities around Durban KwaZulu/Natal .We offer volunteering opportunities and travel around Southern Africa

Our History

After Nelson Mandela was released from prison in 1990, South Africa was on the brink of civil war between 1990-1994. This was due to the build up to our first democratic elections after Apartheid was demolished.Townships, under developed rural areas and informal settlements were victims of this unrest. Whilst the adults were dying on the streets, the children were left with no parent and homeless.

The founder, Miriam,in 1997, decided to take the children and create a safe haven at her home for them whilst she search for living relatives.There were too many children to house at home so she sourced funding and built the first center in one of Kwa-Zulu/Natal's biggest township, Kwa-Mashu. 

Our Vision

We are against the idea of an orphanage so the  300 children at Kwa-Mashu center have been places with relatives or families that we provide with support. The stigma of orphaned and vulnerable children being placed in institutionalized orphanages was not appealing: research has highlighted the negative social consequences of this strategy. Our model ensures that each child is placed with the willing child-minder for the night and attends the centre during the day.

The Center

Children are brought to the center everyday from Monday to Friday where they are fed, clothed and taught by our qualified care givers and teachers. The age range is from 1 year to 6 years old.We opened two more centers in the South of Durban, 30 mins from the city, in a rural beach town which is on large property but fewer children at 50. This center is where we house the volunteers, we have a volunteer house that we are converting into a backpacker/hostel specifically for volunteers. The third center is in the north of Durban in an informal settlement that was formed from the migration of rural Zulu and Xhosa speaking worker moving in the urban area after Apartheid. This also has about 50 children and the same policies apply in all three centers.

Our Goal

Our goal is to create a sustainable environment that supports the continued development of all these centers. In future we can create more centers in other townships in other provinces around South Africa. The money generated from the Volunteer & Travel program has helped us with our current and future goals.

Our Activities

For those dealing with HIV/AIDS, we have weekly meetings on Wednesday for the following activities: Counseling, Spiritual help, Psychological help, Hand work e.g beads, craft and gardening, and door to door home visits. Project managers verbal communication is also important to consider. Peer care-givers assist to identify if people need our support and ensure that they get all the support they require. Care-givers meets and report back to the project manager

​​With the help of big supermarkets and FOOD BANK, we provide food for the children. What is left over is distributed to the community and other surrounding centers. We are fortunate to receive deliveries every Tuesday and Thursday. Everyone has been relying on this service for the past ten years.

The main focus of the project is on
NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organization
Foundation Year
Contact Person
Thoko Gloria
Spoken Languages

Social Impact

We live and work in the locations of all the centers so we know first hand some of the challenges first by the communities.Through the years the social impact has evolved based on current needs. 

We have been networking with different organizations that are doing similar work. Preschool and kindergarden/grade R are part of our daily program.We have sent our management staff to do training on HIV/AIDS, counseling and facilitation. Educators are also attending workshops on early childhood development.

We allow our premises to be used for community development workshops. These​ include workshops that educate parents on childcare and child development. We also offer after school study groups for high school students and plan on having workshops that educate rural communities on basic financial literacy.

Our first child we had is 1997 has recently graduated from nursing school while the rest continue to live productive lives.

We have managed to help counsel adults living with HIV/AIDS with are support groups .

We haves sustained these projects throughout the years and are planning on adding more the following years.

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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