Short Term in a self-sustaining Eco Farm Short Term in a self-sustaining Eco Farm Nova Friburgo, Brasil Eco Caminhos
Join and experience life on a self-sustaining Eco Farm. A unique experience, Bioconstruction, permaculture, agroforestry, hikes in the mountains and camping weekends.
Bioconstruction and Natural Building Supporter Nova Friburgo, Brasil Eco Caminhos
Eco Caminhos builds among the most advanced bioconstruction houses in South America. If you want to learn about bioconstruction you will be able to learn from day 1.
Eco Experience - Bioconstruction, Agroforestry Nova Friburgo, Brasil Eco Caminhos
Experience life in a self-sustainable eco farm. We are an alternative community with a focus on natural building, permaculture, organic farming, and agroforestry
Eco Experience on an Eco Farm Nova Friburgo, Brasil Eco Caminhos
Opportunity to live with local Brazilians in a wonderful environment between the mountains, experiencing their culture, customs and food.
Eco Group Experience Nova Friburgo, Brasil Eco Caminhos
The great advantage of this is that we customise your programme to your interests. We can organise bioconstruction, organic farming, and permaculture workshops.
Eco Farm Rehab – Rehabilitation in nature Nova Friburgo, Brasil Eco Caminhos
We receive people with mental and psychological health problems to promote recovery through a natural and community life in a eco farm in the middle of the mountains.

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Project Details

EcoCaminhos it’s an EcoFarm, a community, one that aims to become fully self sustainable and give back to nature and society following the principles of Permaculture.

Since 2014 Eco Caminhos has worked as a international volunteer based community that strives to become a role model when it comes to environmental practices, healthy human development and self-sustainability. We are located in one of the ecosystems with the highest levels of biodiversity, the Atlantic Forest mountain Biome of Brazil.

We believe the current way of doing things is coming into conflict with the world’s natural life sustaining cycles, besides we consider the out of balance and stressful  nature of it to be also the root cause for many of the social and individual problems we humans are dealing with today. We want to help build a more humane and sustainable option where both the environment and people can develop and grow in balance. 

To turn this into a reality at EcoCaminhos we follow the Permaculture ideals, we focus on Organic Farming, Sustainable Bioconstruction, Agroforestry and we believe in working hard and together as a community. We also think that in order for society to take the next step in the right direction all this practices need to be supported by modern technologies but implemented in such a way that their impact is positive, with moderation and responsability.

We are located away from the heptic lifestyle of moder society, in a rural area where we can focus on nature and developing our sustainable community, but still we want to have a positive impact in the life of others and society, and in order to do this we offer a variety of volunteer opportunities, ecotourism experiences and even an apprenticeship programme for brazilian teenegers in need. We do this in order to both carry and expand our knowledge to others and to share the experience of what it is to live here with us to the world, it is not for personal or financial gain but instead to keep moving forward this community with which we truly believe we would be able to help heal the wound that we as a species have inflicted against the environment and hence against ourselves. 

Our Volunteer Opportunities combine hands-on experience with introduction theoretical presentations on Organic Farming, Bioconstruction and Agroforestry. We also organize a variety of tourism experiences such as trips to the city, sightseeing,  hikes, horseback riding, movie nights and others. Volunteers can come for both short term and long term and we even organize Experiences for entire Groups

At Eco Caminhos we want to make a difference and help to positively change the world and the life's of all the people and volunteers we come in contact with, both from our local community and abroad. 

“If you assume that there is no hope, you guarantee that there will be no hope. If you assume that there is an instinct for freedom, that there are opportunities to change things, then there is a possibility that you can contribute to making a better world.”― Noam Chomsky

The main focus of the project is on
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Yes, registered non-profit organization
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Bart Bijen
Bart Bijen
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Social Impact

At Eco Caminhos we believe no lasting change can be achieved in isolation. We consider that we are not only part of the beautiful rural nature around us, but also part of society and the human community both near and far.

 We aim to give the best of us, and specially to the people that need it the most. Through our work and volunteer programs we strive to educate and become an example of a better way to live and make a sustainable living, to show and open the route towards a better way of building a community and being in balance within ourselves, nature and with others.  

But in order to have a more positive and direct impact with our local brazilian community and truly help those that need it the most we at Eco Caminhos have taken teenegers in need due to poverty or lack of opportunities as volunteers for free, giving them training, knowledge and support so that they can a better future. We have also refurbished local houses with the help of our volunteers and using Bioconstruction, we even helped a local school creating a food garden for them and their students to enjoy and learn from. 

Based on 10 years of experience running social programs with volunteers we know exactly what takes to make a difference in the life of children and teenagers. We believe, based on actual experience, that our project is the ideal learning environment for teenagers, a place where they can recieve the much needed support and security that they lack in most cases.

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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