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Care for Children

4 - 24 semanas  Â·  Edad 18 - 50+

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Puntos Relevantes

  • Start your journey through one of the world's most captivating and diverse countries, where you'll be spellbound by dramatic landscapes, cultural treasures, and warm-hearted people.
  • Make a profound impact by supporting our Child Care Project. Your love and care provide children with a brighter future, and the moments you create will be cherished forever.
  • Immerse yourself in a rich intercultural experience. Learn from the children and their community while sharing your own unique perspective, fostering personal growth.
  • Elevate your language skills by engaging with locals daily. Conversing in Spanish not only enhances your communication abilities but also deepens your cultural understanding.
  • Boost your resume with valuable international volunteer experience. Show future employers your dedication to making a positive impact and your ability to adapt to diverse environments.

Especialmente adecuado para

Edad 18+
Solteros y solteras

Sobre el programa

Get involved in a children's project to help disadvantaged children. Your love, guidance, and support will not only change their lives but also touch your heart! 👧

The Issue

In Chile, wealth is unfortunately very unevenly distributed and many children and young people grow up in very difficult circumstances. Public and private institutions such as children's homes, day care centers or social kindergartens try to counteract this and do incredibly valuable work. ..

Sobre el programa

The Issue

In Chile, wealth is unfortunately very unevenly distributed and many children and young people grow up in very difficult circumstances. Public and private institutions such as children's homes, day care centers or social kindergartens try to counteract this and do incredibly valuable work. There, children in need are taken care of, get medical and psychological assistance and, in many cases, experience affection and recognition for the first time. Especially sad is the number of children who have to grow up without parents because the families have rejected them, their parents have died, disappeared, or are in jail or simply do not fulfill their parental duties of care. If the homes did not exist, these children would stay unattended or end up in the streets.

However, public institutions in Chile often suffer from a lack of adequate funding. Children's homes, day care centers, or other similar establishments, often lack staff and financial resources and are dependent on the help of volunteers. To protect the already disadvantaged children from further cutbacks having to do with their living conditions, nurses and the so-called "tías" give their best every day to take the children away from the worries of everyday life. Unfortunately, they too are subject to personal limits at some point and are grateful for every helping hand. Especially distressing is the large number of children who grow up without parents because they have been thrown out of their families. Others have parents that are deceased, absent, in prison, or have simply failed in their parental duty of care. 

The Placement

On a brighter note, there are charities that serve as a welcoming shelter and advice center for these children and families in Santiago and surrounding areas. Take on responsibility and show educational support as a beacon of hope by helping in one of various social projects that give new perspectives on children and families from disadvantaged social groups in Chile. If you decide to do your volunteer work with children in Chile with us, you can choose between different projects and institutions. 

  • Children's home 
  • Kindergartens for marginalized social groups (immigrant children, children from poor families) 
  • Children with disabilities

The Location

Santiago de Chile is located almost exactly in the middle of Chile, halfway between the north and south and also about half way between the Argentine border and the ocean. The capital of Chile is an amazing city and one of the few metropolises in the world where you can actually ask yourself the question: "Going to the sea today and skiing tomorrow, or would you prefer the other way around?" since beautiful beaches are at the same distance like world-class ski slopes (and trekking routes during summer) in the Andes Mountains. Santiago de Chile divides Chile into the fertile south and the dry, mineral-rich north. 

And the city itself has something for everyone: there are beautiful plazas to relax, old colonial buildings and a lively urban culture with museums, street artists, theaters and more; small craft markets and green meadows, countless restaurants and pubs in fancy nightlife districts and a lively student life. 

What we expect 

  • Be tolerant 

Please do not put prejudices of the foreign culture and other people into your luggage. You do not need that during your stay abroad! On the contrary, tolerance is a very important feature if you want to be successful and have fun while volunteering abroad. Respect the foreign culture, the other habits and the different mentality with great respect. While the other way of working may not always make much sense in your eyes, the goal of volunteering abroad is not to criticize or smile at people for acting and doing, but to work with them for a good cause. 

  • Be adaptable 

On a trip abroad, especially in developing countries, you leave your comfort zone. It is very important that you are ready to adapt to a different life situation. In Latin America, you certainly will not find the usual standards of home again. But that's the exciting thing about volunteering abroad! Immerse yourself in a foreign land, experience culture, traditions and people up close, learn from them, just let go and adapt to the other life circumstances. A unique experience that will mature and grow you as a person!  

  • Team spirit 

In a voluntary work, the team idea is always over self-interest. Working in a team is fun and brings good mood and variety! So, for your volunteer work abroad, you should bring along a great deal of team spirit, because you always work together with other people, be it volunteers from other countries or local staff. However, when so many foreign and diverse cultures meet, teamwork can become a whole new challenge. Even more important, that you have the ability to communicate in a group, work constructively and fairly and do not want to punch through your will at all costs. 

  • Be helpful and responsible 

For most projects, volunteers who "do a good job" are most appreciated. By participating in a voluntary service abroad, you are consciously choosing to work in another country. You are not on a vacation trip. What really matters is your helpfulness! A really very important and unavoidable trait is the sense of responsibility. The volunteer project is counting on your support and your cooperation has been tightly scheduled. A high level of responsibility is the alpha and omega. During your volunteer work in Latin America, you are assigned to certain areas of activity that you must do on your own. Please take your role as a volunteer very seriously and carry out your tasks in the project conscientiously and carefully. 

  • Be flexible 

Be prepared for the fact that volunteering in Latin America is much different from what you know or are used to at home. The Latin Americans have a completely different order, time and work understanding. Even their logic of approaching certain things may not always make much sense in your eyes. The different language and culture can quickly lead to misunderstandings or communication problems. An important principle for you: always be flexible and spontaneous! You will soon realize that there is a solution for all situations and that you can quickly develop a plan B from a problem. 

  • Be proactive and take initiative 

During your voluntary work abroad, do not expect someone to explain to you in a big way what needs to be done, where and when. Often there is only a brief introduction and then your proactivity and initiative are asked. Get actively involved, offer your help and see where you can best apply your skills and strengths.

Día típico

Depending on which of our partners you are placed with, there are different tasks. But it is all about putting a smile on children's faces and helping them out. The local staff often only has time for the most necessary tasks, so it is the volunteers who bring variety to everyday life and distract ...

Día típico

Depending on which of our partners you are placed with, there are different tasks. But it is all about putting a smile on children's faces and helping them out. The local staff often only has time for the most necessary tasks, so it is the volunteers who bring variety to everyday life and distract the children from their worries. 

Although there is no special knowledge required to work with children, you should be dedicated and able to take on work responsibilities independently. Do not forget that you will be a role model, and you must be aware of the responsibility that you take on when caring for the children. The activities of the volunteers vary and depend on the placement and needs of the children.

 The following are examples of possible tasks

  • Supporting nursing staff in their daily tasks
  • Supervising the children
  • Giving instructions for playing together, singing, creative crafts, painting, etc.
  • Planning special project work
  • Help in the home household (cooking, feeding the little ones, rinsing, etc.)
  • Organizing leisure activities
  • Tutoring and homework assistance

The working time is approx. 20 - 40 hours per week, but depends on the program position.

Note: The tasks may vary. They depend on factors such as number of volunteers, weather, season, current needs of the project, as well as self-motivation. Not every volunteer may be fully involved in all these tasks.

Actividades de tiempo libre

Chile is a country that unites many different climates and landscapes. Due to its remarkable length of 4,300 kilometers you can discover extremes such as deserts, salt lakes, volcanoes, temperate rainforest, mountains over 6,000 meters high and eternal ice fjords. With its indescribably large ...

Actividades de tiempo libre

Chile is a country that unites many different climates and landscapes. Due to its remarkable length of 4,300 kilometers you can discover extremes such as deserts, salt lakes, volcanoes, temperate rainforest, mountains over 6,000 meters high and eternal ice fjords. With its indescribably large variety of landscape, vegetation and climate, Chile is a popular destination all year round.

The capital of Santiago de Chile never sleeps and in recent decades has developed into a very popular and modern metropolis. There are activities that your heart desires! There is something for everyne; for art lovers, nature fans, culture enthusiasts and party people. Santiago’s location is just perfect since within about an hour can either be in the mountains or at the beach. You can find outdoor adventure sports, like hiking, rafting, climbing, horseback riding, and so on, or just relax at the beach during the weekend.

In Santiago you can:

  • Hiking/walking in the hills and parks
  • Sightseeing
  • Visiting museums and art galleries
  • Exploring beautiful neigborhoods
  • Strolling through local markets
  • Shopping
  • Enjoying restaurants and bars / nightlife
  • Meeting up with other volunteers
  • Doing sports
  • Going on day excursions to the amazing surroundings



Edad mínima: 18 años

Para participar en el programa debes tener al menos 18 años en la fecha de inicio del programa. Puede haber excepciones si muestras el permiso de tu(s) tutor(es) legal(es) o si vas acompañado de tus padres.

Conocimientos lingüísticos

Tienes que hablar (nivel intermedio) Español

Requisitos educativos

a nivel de High School

Verificación de antecedentes penales


Documentos necesarios

CV and Volunteer Questionnaire

Restricciones de nacionalidad

Sin restricciones. Las manos amigas de todo el mundo son bienvenidas.

Tiempo dedicado

Necesitaremos tu ayuda los Lunes, Martes, Miércoles, Jueves y Viernes

Servicios incluidos

Servicios incluidos

Servicios de South America Inside

  • Homestay, Single Room
  • Internet access at homestay
  • Airport pick-up
  • Advice from our experienced staff
  • On-going support via WhatsApp, phone or mail
  • Elaboration of your application profile in Spanish
  • Your placement in the volunteer project
  • Pre-departure information
  • Packing list
  • Country handbook
  • Intercultural guide
  • On-site volunteer coordinator
  • 24/7 emergency number
  • Advice on travel insurance
  • Certificate of participation

Recogida en el aeropuerto Arturo Merino Benitez Airport

Upon your arrival you will be picked-up at the airport of Santiago de Chile and brougth to your homestay.


During your volunteer work in Chile, you will be accommodated in a local homestay. 

  • You will have a single room and share common areas with your house mates. Our homestays are of different size, some only rent one room others rent several rooms. 
  • Food is not included but you will have access to a fully equipped kitchen where you can store and prepare your meals. You can also add a half-board suplement with daily breakfast & dinner.

We carefully select the accommodations and make sure that they are located in nice and safe neighborhoods with good infrastructure and public means of transportation. Typically, you can find supermarkets, restaurants, bars, and shopping centers nearby. Internet access is available at 100% of our accommodations.

The homestays shown in the photos are to be viewed as examples!

Acceso a Internet

Buen acceso al lugar del proyecto

¿Qué NO está incluido?

¿Qué NO está incluido?

Comida y bebida

La comida, meriendas y las bebidas tienen un coste adicional.

Boletos de avión

El aeropuerto más cercano es Arturo Merino Benitez Airport (SCL) en Santiago. Te ayudamos a encontrar vuelos baratos a Chile. ENCONTRAR VUELOS BARATOS

Seguro de viaje

Ir al extranjero es una aventura y siempre es mejor estar preparado. Enfermedad o lesión repentina, cancelación o robo: un seguro de viaje para Chile proporciona seguridad y es una ventaja tenerlo. OBTENER UN PRESUPUESTO


Si tiene intención de realizar un voluntariado en Chile, debe solicitar asesoramiento médico antes de iniciar su viaje social. Comprueba las vacunas que necesitas para Chile. COMPROBADOR DE VACUNAS

Detalles a la llegada

The volunteer work can be joined throughout the year. The start and end date can be set flexible, according to your availability and travel plans. Ask our experienced staff to coordinate your participation in this meaningfull volunteer project.

Enero Feb. Marzo Abr. Mayo Jun Jul Agosto Set. Oct. Nov. Dic.

Cuotas del programa

4 semanas (estancia min.) 1.070€
5 semanas 1.234€
6 semanas 1.397€
7 semanas 1.560€
8 semanas 1.723€
9 semanas 1.886€
10 semanas 2.050€
11 semanas 2.213€
12 semanas 2.376€
24 semanas (estancia max.) 4.334€
Cuota promedio 224€/semana

Cuotas del programa

224€ cuotas semanales 4 - 24 semanas Edad 18 - 50+

Métodos de pago

Visa Master Card Maestro American Express PayPal



4 - 24 semanas


El depósito es simplemente para reservar tu vacante de voluntario. Los pagos se gestionan a través de PayPal, nuestro proveedor global de confianza. Si no tienes una cuenta PayPal, también puedes pagar con tarjeta de crédito.

Pago final

El pago final se acordará con South America Inside durante el proceso de solicitud. Las soluciones habituales son la transferencia bancaria o el pago en efectivo en el lugar del proyecto.

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South America Inside

Perfecto 4.6 rating (114 reseñas)

Agencia - fundada en 2003

Verificado por Volunteer World

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Coordinado por


Idiomas hablados: Español, Inglés, Alemán

sobre la organización

South America Inside promotes intercultural, linguistic and educational exchanges. Its volunteer programs are addressed to students, professionals and retirees.

Conoce a tu anfitrión(a)

South America Inside is an intercultural management agency, founded back in 2003, which specializes in the promotion of programs abroad, language travel and educational programs throughout Latin America.

Since 2007, to enrich the experience of our global-minded clients and to provide them with even more possibilities, South America Inside has been expanding their program offerings throughout South and Central America.

Working together with some of the best language schools in Latin America, South America Inside provides high quality language courses in almost every Latin American country.

Thanks to a professional team of motivated and friendly staff, South America Inside has been very successful over the past several years and have been able to establish an outstanding network of what we call "Insider Contacts." To enrich the experience of their clients and to provide them with more possibilities, South America Inside has been expanding our program offerings throughout Central and South America, in addition to our well-established Chilean programs.

Volunteer Work

Do you dream of staying abroad while doing something positive? Are you looking for a unique experience that will leave a mark on your life? Then a Volunteer Work program in South America or Central America is perfect for you!

With South America Inside you can combine an adventure abroad with social commitment, and create lasting memories in Latin America. Support the protection of endangered species; help a local community construct new homes; give new hope to impoverished children.

The possibilities to lend a hand are diverse, as there are the many places where help is needed. We have classified our volunteer projects in different areas so you can easily find the one (or more!) projects that best match your needs and interests.

Why with us

There are many persuasive reasons that speak in favor of South America Inside when it comes to selecting your perfect provider of language, study and volunteer travel abroad. Following, we have prepared a short summary so that you can get us to know a little better.

Our Insider benefits at a glance:

  Regional Experience
Over one decade (established in 2003) of dedication to language, work and study travel programs in Latin America. Thanks to our long standing work and life experience in the South American continent, we know this region really well. Therefore, we can help and inform you in a professional and competent way.

  Multifaceted Offers
Over time we have developed new programs to offer a wide array of work abroad opportunities to our clients. We have been pioneers in launching new exchange programs, as we have been the first in offering Work & Travel/Working Holiday and Farm Stays in Chile and successfully introduced these programs into the market back in 2005. Since 2012, we are the only agency to offer this type of program in Costa Rica.

  Insider Advice
Despite living in the modern era of the internet, we know that reliable and competent advice is still an important criterion for most of us. At South America Inside, you will find the benefits of an internet provider and an independent travel agency. We will be glad to pass on our extensive knowledge and regional experience.!

It is difficult to run programs when there is nobody “on the ground” to evaluate existing options and search for new opportunities. So, we are located in Chile, on location, and we know everything that is going on first hand. We know what it is like to live as a foreigner in South America and will be happy to assist you in making your stay unforgettable!

South America Inside is an independent provider of language courses, internships, volunteer work, Farm Stays and Work & Travel programs in Latin America. We neither depend financially nor structurally on any other company, language school, association or organization. Therefore, we are able to give personalized information in accordance to your needs and availability.

•  Multilingual Team

Our team is multilingual and international! We speak fluent English, Spanish and German, as well as some French and Portuguese. With our customers, we can communicate in their native language and we avoid misunderstandings with local partners by communicating in Spanish with them. You can be sure that there will be an English-speaking contact person for you before, during, and after your stay.

  Customer Service
Excellent customer service is one of the most important goals for South America Inside, and this is evident with the positive feedback we regularly receive from our many happy clients. Emails are answered within 48 business hours and every client is treated with the same friendliness and expertise.

  Gapless and Accurate Information flow
With South America Inside you will have one and the same contact person before, during and after your trip. With that said, we guarantee a gapless and accurate information flow and you will always be very well informed.

  Approved Program Places
Many of our program places, especially in the area of internships and volunteer work, are designed in the way that they will be recognized by most universities, colleges or academies.

114 reseñas Â· rating4.6

Ellie Matthews rating2.6

2023 at Care for Children

I was quite hesitant with this placement and I was right to be. The first place I was put was in a Children's Paediatric Hospital with children who knew little to no communication. I found it very hard to supervise them and often felt as if I was unsupported. 2 months into this placement I decided I ...
Antonia E rating5

2019 at Care for Children

I surely will never forget my time in Chile, because for me it was a huge experience to travel alone to a foreign country with a different culture and language, in order to work there as a volunteer. On my first day of my service learning, I still felt quite strange, because the communication did ...
Alexis rating4.4

2017 at Care for Children

For the 2nd quarter of 2015 I decided to use parts of an unpaid leave to travel to Chile again aiming to combine a holiday stay with activities to support young Chilean students on the path of their educational development. He contacted the Santiago office of the agency Chile-Inside asking for ...
Pia rating4.2

2017 at Care for Children

At the beginning of January I flew to Santiago de Chile to pursue my duties as a volunteer. Already on the plane I was incredibly anxious but also nervous and at times I would be - fear bunny - most liked to fly back again and would have canceled the next half year - well, that I did not make it! ...
Janna rating4.8

2017 at Care for Children

In November, in my opinion, the worst month in Germany, Stefan and I had the good fortune to fly into sunny and warm Chile. In search of an organization that could help us to implement our plan, we came across Chile Inside. What really pleased us was that we had a super-sympathetic contact from the ...
Lisa Maria rating4.6

2017 at Care for Children

From Chile Inside an airport transport was organized directly to my WG. From my landlord I was very friendly received and I was immediately with a typical Chilean food. I spent four weeks at the language school "Bellavista". Through small groups you could use the time and really learn a lot and my ...


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