Teaching in a Community School Construction work in a community school Tanahun, Népal Maya Universe Academy
Be a part of the construction team which helps build facilities for Maya Universe Academy School.
Teaching in a Community School Tanahun, Népal Maya Universe Academy
You can teach your subject of interest to motivated children in Nepal.
Agriculture work in a community school Tanahun, Népal Maya Universe Academy
Take care of Maya's farm and plantation to sustain the school and community.

29 Avis du projet de Maya Universe Academy

Détails du projet

Maya Universe Academy is a social entrepreneurship project whose mission is to improve access to quality education to rural communities.

Maya Universe Academy is a community-supported primary school devoted to bettering the lives of our students, their families, and the community.

 We embrace social responsibility and creative-mindfulness to educate and inspire our students and their families to build community, gain greater independence, and transform their lives.

Starting from a tent in the jungle with 15 students, founders Manjil Rana and Yoon, opened the first school in Tanahun district in 2011. The initial plan was to enroll 10 students and start a small community school. When 200 families showed up for admissions, things evolved quickly.

Today it’s the only chain of free private schools where parents can pay in time instead of money by volunteering two days per month. Children from 1st to 7th grade study at one of our 3 schools.

Students at Maya Universe Academy follow a unique and diverse curriculum, based on the national curriculum of Nepal and supplemented with various activity-based topics. It emphasizes the importance of community, allows for creativity, independence, and critical thinking.

In response to the mega 2015 earthquakes, Maya Universe opened its hostel to board 25 children from earthquake-affected families and are given full scholarship.

The long-term goal is for the schools to become fully self-sustainable through farming business and micro enterprise projects.The community is involved in the development of the area by working hand-in-hand with Maya and the volunteers.

Maya Universe academy schools are situated in small communities in Nepal, close to Pokhara and Udaypur. They are situated in small villages surrounded by mountains in a peaceful and quiet environment.

We are looking for enthusiastic and motivated people with a strong desire to make a positive impact through education and social entrepreneurship

Volunteers and Interns from all over the globe get involved with Maya Universe Academy to establish a common place for people across continents and beliefs to share ideas and experiment an alternative way of exchanging goods and services.

Volunteering at Maya Universe Academy is a truly unique experience. You will not only explore and develop your skills but also have the opportunity to learn and gain more insight from the community and students with whom we work. 

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Social Impact

Since its foundation, Maya Universe Academy has been able to increase its possibilites. With more facilities, staff and volunteers, more children are able to access the free quality education it provides as well as provide a shelter for earthquake-affected children in the area. 

Education and community development are the main impact of Maya Universe Academy since it provides quality free education as well as a small employment in our social entreprise projects.

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