Working with Children Sports Assistant for Children and Adults Rio de Janeiro, Brasile JIVE
Here you can help with 14 sports like Football, Futsal, Swimming, Aqua Aerobics among others for children and adults. More details in the program description :)
Working with Children Rio de Janeiro, Brasile JIVE
Our program offers the opportunity to interact with children and adolescents.
Community Development Experience Rio de Janeiro, Brasile JIVE
Community Development involves many activities and usually geared more towards volunteers who want to experience a variety of tasks while volunteering in Rio de Janeiro.
Teaching English to Children & Adults Rio de Janeiro, Brasile JIVE
We need motivated and confident individuals that want to teach Basic and Intermediate English classes.
Carnival Assistant Rio de Janeiro, Brasile JIVE
The Carnaval project enables volunteers to join the preparations and embrace the hard work involved in getting ready for one of biggest parties on earth!

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Project Details

JIVE is a locally run volunteer-tourism organization that brings travelers from all over the world to work together with a multitude of social projects.

Our Name

Jacarandá International Volunteering Experience, or simply JIVE, was inspired by the Jacarandá tree which is solid and versatile, showing that even though JIVE was founded by foreigners, our roots are here in Brazil. We want to improve the conditions for the locals by giving them a global perspective since we chose to make Rio de Janeiro our home.

Our Values

Strive for Excellence

We are dedicated to providing our volunteers and local partners with the highest quality of support and services. 

Respect and Integrity

We aim to be transparent, flexible, friendly, and treat every one and every situation with outmost respect. 

Engage through Immersion

We believe in helping where help is most needed and take an integrative approach by involving our partners in identifying and implementing projects with the most impact for the community. 

Our Mission

To help advance human potential and promote equality by crossing boundaries and brining people together from all over the world to work side-by-side in local communities while sharing perspectives and fostering cultural understanding.


Wondering why you should choose JIVE over other Volunteer programs is a totally relevant questions, so let us answer that for you! 

Here at JIVE we pride ourselves on being a locally based sustainable organization that strives to provide positive global impact through individual action. We aim to provide you with the support you need to successfully help the vulnerable communities in Rio de Janeiro, while learning about the city and culture during your time here.

JIVE was founded by two foreigners who have experience as former volunteers. With this former experience we are able to provide you with the necessary support and empathy when dealing with the complexities of life outside of your comfort zone.

At JIVE we aim to give our volunteers total flexibility when choosing the duration of their stay and which programs they wish to choose. From teaching English to Community Development, you will be able to find your niche when volunteering. We encourage you to bring your own ideas and passion from home in order to fully participate in these programs!

A unique aspect of JIVE is our partnership with a local Portuguese language school. You will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in these courses so that you are better able to communicate with locals and experience the diverse culture of the city.

At JIVE we pride ourselves on having a sustainable model for all of our projects. This means that we make every effort to avoid leaving a negative environmental or social impact in the communities we are working in. Rather, we strive to bring our own resources to the projects instead of exploiting these vulnerable communities.

Connecting with other JIVErs is a big part of your experience. You will be living and working side by side with your fellow volunteers and the bonds you will create will help you to bring your best to these communities, and, will hopefully last a lifetime!

Throughout your time with JIVE we urge you to bring an open heart and mind with you. While it isn't a tangible thing you pack in your suitcase, it is essential to bring with you, so that you may make connections both with your fellow volunteers, the locals, the people you're striving to help, and the city itself!

The main focus of the project is on
Foundation Year
Contact Person
Viviana Herrera
Viviana Herrera
Spoken Languages

Social Impact

We work extremely hard to bridge the gap between your volunteer work and the social experience everyone should have in Rio. At JIVE we provide you with every form of support you will need. We know how stressful it can be to travel abroad so that’s why we make sure your housing, project structure, and emotional needs are looked after throughout the duration of your stay.

We work with over 15 social projects ranging from Childcare, Teaching English, Community Development, Sports and Carnival.

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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