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Green Farming Assistant

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Punti Salienti

  • Foster Sustainable Farming: Support the community school farm, learn eco-friendly practices, and contribute to local food production.
  • Engage in Community: Immerse yourself in the school farm community, exchange knowledge, and strengthen local ties.
  • Skill Development: Gain hands-on experience in crop cultivation, livestock care, and farm management within a supportive educational environment.
  • Personal Growth in Education: Expand your horizons, embrace new challenges, and develop a deeper understanding of the intersection between agriculture and education.
  • Empower Future Generations: Make a lasting impact by helping students learn about sustainable farming, fostering their passion for agriculture, and promoting food security within the community.

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Età 16+

Sul programma

Experience the joy of sustainable farming! Join Maya Universe Academy's farm team in Nepal. Embrace organic practices, connect with nature. Volunteer now!

We have been running volunteering activities for more than a decade now. We have a very high rate of returning volunteers. Many have made Maya their permanent homes also. We have reflections and discussions every evening to prepare for the next day. We also organize free hikes, breakfasts on the ...

Sul programma

We have been running volunteering activities for more than a decade now. We have a very high rate of returning volunteers. Many have made Maya their permanent homes also. We have reflections and discussions every evening to prepare for the next day. We also organize free hikes, breakfasts on the hilltop, and local dinners once a week. We have a good mix of support staff including the senior and assistant volunteer coordinators along with academic, construction, and agricultural managers. Most importantly, the school is a huge success with very high demand from the locals. Its also the biggest employment provider in the area. A lot of the graduates work with the school and help in its expansion and volunteers get to experience this grassroots development process first-hand.

How can you get involved?

Most of the vegetables we grow is used as materials for school meal. Currently, we grow pumpkins, bottle gourd, bitter gourd, tomatoes, spinach, cabbage, beans, and eggplant. We also have fruit trees, including lemon, orange, avocado, mango, lychee, papaya, and banana. Volunteers in agriculture help with the digging, planting, and watering of the garden to provide more food for the school. 

By working in agriculture for a school, the volunteers will be able to enjoy the company of the children during their free time and work closely with skilled locals. 

Despite the agriculture work, volunteers learn and grow from their experience and the children from Maya Universe Academy. They gain perspective through the differences in language, culture, and way of living.

Who lives at Maya

  • Hostel Children: Students living at the school. Their villages are too far away to commute every day, so they live at the school in their own hostel. 
  • Permanent Volunteers: Nepali volunteers that live at the school and help run daily operations.
  • Temporary Volunteers: Nepali and international volunteers who stay for both short-term and long-term periods.
  • Staff: We have a big group of support staff for students and volunteers. 


At the school, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery as it is surrounded by hills and mountains. By being further away from big cities, the area is more quiet and refreshing.

Dress code

The dress code is casual. However, girls must refrain from wearing skirts and shorts above knee level and tight leggings (unless worn with a long top/dress). The shower area is a public communal area. Girls must wear a lunghi which can be purchased from school. Boys must wear loose-fitting shorts.

When coming to volunteer at Maya Universe Academy, you should bring a sleeping bag ( a light one from April to September is enough) as well as a refillable bottle of water. Do not worry if you forgot something at home as commodities are available in the village shop. Further explanation about what you will need during your volunteering program will be shared with you once enrolling with Maya.

What to bring

  • Two passport sized photos - one for visa, one for local SIM (a few extra are useful if you want to get trekking permits etc).
  • Local SIM card* and cell phone - you need a copy passport and a passport sized photo. 
  • Sleeping bag - from April to September a light sleeping bag is enough. 
  • Medicines - you need for any chronic illness / usual travel medicine. 
  • Lice comb - sometimes kids have lice. This will help to comb trough your frequently to avoid having lice. 
  • Clothes to shower Boys : short (a stretchy waistband is always nice) 
  • Girl : a «lunghi» - typical dress that can also be bought from the school. 
  • Sandals / flip flops and towels 
  • Toileteries - please try to use organics products only as this goes back into our land. 
  • Laundry Soap Bar - for your clothes washing.  
  • Foot wear - regular walking shoes are easy for walking up and down the hill, but many walk in flip flops or trekking boots ! If you are doing agriculture/construction you will need closed shoes. 
  • Jacket and warm clothes - bring extra warm layers between October and February.
  •  Flashlight - one that plugs in and charges is an added luxury ! Head torch is also popular. 
  • Toilet Paper* 
  • Water bottle* 
  • Clothes for morning assembly

*can be bought from Damauli.

Vaccinations - Check if you need any vaccinations. See CIWEC Hospital’s recommendation. 

Travel / medical insurance - Please make sure you are covered for any accident, hospital treatments, loss or damage. You will be asked to read and sign a service contract including liability, upon your confirmation. 

Giornata tipica

 At 9:45 AM we all gather in the morning assembly which takes the form of a circle. All students, teachers, and volunteers gather to share news, poetry, and other creative work, which is always followed by physical activity or games and the Nepali national anthem. Volunteers and teachers also ...

Giornata tipica

 At 9:45 AM we all gather in the morning assembly which takes the form of a circle. All students, teachers, and volunteers gather to share news, poetry, and other creative work, which is always followed by physical activity or games and the Nepali national anthem. Volunteers and teachers also perform once a week. 

At 10:30 am, the working day starts for volunteers.

  • The work in agriculture consists in digging, planting, and watering the various fruits and vegetables in our garden. We also do mushroom farming and apiculture depending on the season. We have pigs and chickens for meat and eggs. We have short reflection/planning sessions after work for the next day. 

After having dinner, volunteers usually gather together to enjoy their free time before going to sleep. Many mingle in the old kitchen with coffee or beer and meet others from all around the world. 

The agriculture manager supervises all agriculture work. If you are not experienced in agriculture, you can request the senior volunteer coordinator for more free time or find less demanding tasks. 

Attività del tempo libero

  • Immerse yourself in the thriving Maya community, a vibrant hub of diverse experiences. Discover an array of workshops and classes tailored to students and volunteers. Unleash your creativity in drama sessions or find inner peace through rejuvenating yoga classes. Embrace the spirit of camaraderie ...

Attività del tempo libero

  • Immerse yourself in the thriving Maya community, a vibrant hub of diverse experiences. Discover an array of workshops and classes tailored to students and volunteers. Unleash your creativity in drama sessions or find inner peace through rejuvenating yoga classes. Embrace the spirit of camaraderie while playing football, basketball, or volleyball. Unwind indoors with captivating games like chess, catan, or ping pong.
  • Indulge in the tranquility of our library or relax in the nostalgic ambiance of the old kitchen. Engage in lively conversations over coffee or savor a refreshing beer with like-minded individuals from across the globe, all driven by a shared passion for grassroots development. Experience the warmth of bonfires and the delight of barbecues that bring our community together.
  • Venture beyond the school's embrace to hike amidst stunning landscapes and relish authentic meals in the homes of locals. Explore remarkable destinations like Bandipur, Gorkha, Chitwan, and Pokhara, which are easily accessible during weekends. The nearby town offers a refreshing swimming pool and a cinema for entertainment.
  • Surrounded by lush green forests teeming with wildlife, you'll forge genuine connections with grateful villagers who appreciate your presence and contributions. Prepare for an unforgettable experience that may inspire you to return or even consider Maya as your second home.
  • Your support is vital to our mission of nurturing quality education in rural Nepal. Join us, and let the allure of Maya captivate your heart as you embark on a transformative journey of personal growth, cultural immersion, and meaningful impact.

More activities for Volunteers at Maya

  • Morning Hike
Every Saturday morning, volunteers are welcomed to join a hike to the top of the hill, next to our Maya school. There, you'll find the grandparents of one of our student, waiting for you to share tea and breakfast!

  • Local Dinner
On Saturday night, volunteers are invited by villagers to their house to eat dal baht, the most Nepali food you'll ever find, and drink Raksi, the local alcohol, most of the time made by the hosts themselves!

  • Disco Night
When the students have holiday the next day, we are celebrating by dancing all together in the new kitchen!

  • Sports & Workshops
Everyday, the students are playing sports and volunteers can, of course, join and play with them! Appart from that, you can also organize and take part in workshops. Be creative and enjoy!

  • Exploring Around
On your days off, there is plenty of places to visit around Maya School. Damauli is the nearest city and, from there, you can hop on a bus to go to Bandipur, Pokhara or even Chitwan!



Età minima: 16 anni

Per partecipare al programma è necessario avere almeno 16 anni alla data di inizio del programma.

Competenze linguistiche

È necessario parlare di Inglese (livello intermedio)

Restrizioni sulla nazionalità

Nessuna restrizione. Gli aiuti da tutto il mondo sono benvenuti.

Altre competenze

Regarding the program in agriculture, no particular skills are needed. While experienced volunteers take on more work, first-time volunteers can request the coordinators to make it easier for yourself.

Impegno di tempo

Il vostro aiuto sarà richiesto lunedì, martedì, mercoledì, giovedì e venerdì da 10:30 - 17:00

Servizi inclusi

Servizi inclusi

Servizi per Maya Universe Academy

The fees cover the costs of food, accommodation, as well as a small contribution to help pay local staff and teachers salaries. Volunteers staying over 90 days can stay for free, after the first 90 days. 


Volunteers sleep in the main school building in a hostel setup and atmosphere. Basic bedding is provided – mattress, bed sheet, mosquito net, and pillow. Especially during the winter months (October - March) a sleeping bag is required. 

  • Other facilities - shared toilets / tap / wi-fi / volunteer kitchen & hang out spot / locker. 
  • Private rooms - are also available. 
  • Avocado rooms - we have two Avocado rooms. They are single rooms with attached toilets / showers ($8 each). 
  • Twin room - we also have two twin rooms. They each have two beds so it’s for couples / friends / family. You have more privacy and your own veranda ($8 each). 
  • Simple room - we have two simple rooms which do not have an attached bathroom or a veranda. It can fit up to two people ($5 each).
  • Laundry service - A laundry service is available for your clothes and bedding. Please speak with the volunteer coordinator if you are interested. 
  • Electricity and internet - The school has electricity from main supply and solar energy, which runs for the best part of the day. There is wifi available at the school. Most Nepal telecoms companies offer portable Internet solutions. You can buy Internet data for your mobile SIM card; we usually recommend NCELL or NTC. These two companies also offer Wifi device solutions. We recommend you to get a SIM card before coming to Maya (at the airport or Thamel). 
  • Water - There is a freshwater spring (commonly referred to as the tap or dhara in Nepali) near the hostel’s kitchen, where we get our drinking water. It’s set up like a mini waterfall/tap so we also shower and do laundry there. The water comes from an underground aquifer so it’s quite pure. Some volunteers especially those staying a short period may prefer to filter/purify. It is free of course. The dhara is a public area! Please respect other people’s space and the time you take using the water. Girls must wear a ‘lunghi’ to bathe in, which can be purchased from school. A lunghi is a ‘sarong- type’ cloth, which is stitched together. It should be wrapped around the body to cover the body from the chest to the knees. Boys must wear loose-fitting shorts. You can also buy bottled water at the old kitchen.

 Please inquire about this. 

Cibo e Bevande

We provide three meals daily. Breakfast and dinner are Nepali-style cooked Rice, Lentil soup, and seasonal vegetables, occasionally we eat eggs and meat. We use our own grown organic vegetables from nearby villages and students' homes. Fruits can be bought from the nearby town, Damauli. 

  • We drink water from a pure and natural water source, three minutes walk away from the main school building.  You must bring your own water bottle. This is a communal tap where all volunteers and locals take shower, collect water, and do laundry. You can also buy mineral water very easily. 

We have two kitchens (New kitchen and Old kitchen)

  • New kitchen: This kitchen is open to all. Students and staff eat all three meals of the day here. The kitchen is run by Chitra Didi. It's a great place nearby the water and student hostel to meet everyone. Alcohol and cigarettes are strictly prohibited here and only allowed in the old kitchen. 
  • Old kitchen: This kitchen and service area is only open to volunteers. Volunteers may bring their own food and snacks if they wish to cook in the volunteer kitchen. It has cooking stoves, an oven, and a fridge. We provide free lunches to volunteers in the old kitchen.  Volunteers are welcome to cook. You can meet people from all over the world here over coffee or beer. It's also a good place to lounge in between classes or holidays. 
  • We eat breakfast and dinner together with the hostel students in the school’s main kitchen. Variations of Nepali traditional dish ‘daal bhat’: rice, dhal (lentil soup), and vegetables is served for breakfast, and dinner. 
  • Lunch is served in the old kitchen for the volunteers. We try to cook different kinds of lunches every day to cater to different international tastes. Its a more private lunch where other staff members and students do not join. You can also use the old kitchen fridge. Volunteers are welcome to join the cooking process and cook. Please let the volunteer coordinator know accordingly. 
  • The old kitchen is also a good spot to hang out in the evening with coffee or beer. Volunteers often throw a going away party with barbecue, bonfire, songs, and dances. Its a great place to meet and get to know each other after a long day of work. 
  • The organic vegetables we eat are from our own produce! Fruits and other supplies can be purchased in Damauli. You can also find cereals, bread, meat, fast food and junk food in Damauli. The volunteer coordinator can help you get to and from Damauli according to the school bus which goes to Damauli every day. 
  • Volunteers assist in meal preparation, according to a roster stipulated by the coordinator, with the ‘kitchen lady”. Volunteers also have the option to cook their own meals if they wish to do so. A small kitchen is provided for volunteers with an oven and gas stove. Basic supplies like rice and vegetables are available.

Accesso a Internet

Buon accesso al sito del progetto

Cosa NON è incluso?

Cosa NON è incluso?

Prelievo dall'aeroporto a Tribhuvan International Airport

Neanche il prelievo dall'aeroporto è incluso nel costo del programma.

Biglietti aerei

L'aeroporto più vicino è Tribhuvan International Airport (KTM) a Kathmandu. Vi aiutiamo a trovare voli economici per Nepal. TROVARE VOLI ECONOMICI

Assicurazione di viaggio

Andare all'estero è un'avventura ed è sempre meglio essere preparati. Malattia o infortunio improvviso, annullamento o furto: un'assicurazione di viaggio per Nepal offre sicurezza ed è un vantaggio da avere. OTTENERE UN PREZZO


Se avete intenzione di fare volontariato a Nepal dovete chiedere un parere medico prima di iniziare il vostro viaggio sociale. Controllare le vaccinazioni richieste per Nepal. CHECKER PER I VACCINI

Dettagli all'arrivo

The assistant volunteer coordinator will help you with all logistics before and during your stay. He will introduce you to others and give you a tour upon arrival. He will also organize local dinners and hike for you to know the surroundings better. You may request him to introduce you to the senior volunteer coordinator or the agriculture manager if you find it necessary. All instructions on how to reach the school by private/public transport will also be provided. 

Plan your arrival - Maya’s volunteers can benefit from rates at hotels in Kathmandu. Some volunteers try to go straight to the school from the airport, however we do not recommend this. Staying a few days in Kathmandu allows you to take some rest after your long flight and explore the city becoming accustomed to the culture and the people. Please ask your coordinator for their recommendation on transfers, hotels, sight seeing etc.

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Tariffe del programma

1 settimana (soggiorno min.) 102€
8 settimane 815€
12 settimane 1.164€
50 settimane (soggiorno max.) 1.310€
Tariffe medie 64€/settimana

Tariffe del programma

64€ tariffe settimanali 1 - 50 settimane Età 16 - 50+

Modalità di pagamento

Visa Master Card Maestro American Express PayPal



1 - 50 settimane


Il deposito serve semplicemente a prenotare il vostro posto di volontario. I pagamenti sono gestiti da PayPal, il nostro fornitore globale di fiducia. Se non avete un conto PayPal, potete pagare anche con carta di credito.

Pagamento Finale

Il pagamento finale sarà concordato con Maya Universe Academy durante il processo di candidatura. Le soluzioni più comuni sono il bonifico bancario o il pagamento in contanti presso la sede del progetto.

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Maya Universe Academy

Brillante 4.7 rating (45 recensioni)

Agenzia - fondata nel 2011

Verificato da Volunteer World

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Lingue parlate: Inglese, Francese, Hindi, Nepalese

Sul progetto

Maya Universe Academy: Empowering Rural Communities through Education. A social entrepreneurship project bridging the education gap in rural areas.

Incontra il tuo ospite

Ignite Hearts, Transform Lives: Join the Educational Movement at Maya Universe Academy!

Welcome to Maya Universe Academy, an inspiring educational movement that is revolutionizing the way we empower rural Nepal. We invite passionate volunteers from around the world to join us on this transformative journey.

At Maya Universe Academy, education is more than just classrooms and textbooks. It's a movement that ignites change, fosters community, and empowers individuals to create a brighter future. As a volunteer, you become part of this powerful movement, making a tangible impact on the lives of children and their families.

For over a decade, Maya has been at the forefront of educational innovation. Engage in thought-provoking discussions, collaborate on creative projects, and immerse yourself in the rich cultural tapestry of Nepal. Together, we inspire personal growth and unlock the potential within each individual.

Behind our movement stands a dedicated team of coordinators, mentors, and professionals who believe in the transformative power of education. Together, we create an environment that nurtures grassroots development, sustainable progress, and social change.

Maya Universe Academy is not just a school; it's a catalyst for a brighter future. With around 300 children from diverse backgrounds, we provide a quality education that transcends borders. By joining us, you become a vital part of our mission to break barriers and create equal opportunities for all.

From humble beginnings in the heart of the jungle, Maya has grown into an educational movement. We cultivate a vibrant ecosystem of learning, innovation, and social impact. Our graduates, fueled by their Maya experience, become ambassadors of change, driving progress in their communities.

Join the educational movement at Maya Universe Academy. Apply now and become part of a remarkable journey, where education becomes a catalyst for positive transformation, and together, we shape a world where every individual can thrive.

45 recensioni · rating4.7

Myriam Détraz rating5

2023 at Green Farming Assistant

I stayed at Maya for approximately 3 weeks. During this time, I met some wonderful people. The kids are really heartwarming and the others volunteers make sure you’re well integrated. I had the occasion to help on many things such as agriculture, construction and cooking. I will definitely come ...
Mercè Vargas rating5

2023 at Green Farming Assistant

Increíble, solo puedo recomendar este voluntariado. Estuve haciendo principalmente construcción, agricultura y cocina. Construcción es liderado por un Manoj, un chico nepalí muy risueño que con mucha paciencia te explica y te guía en todas las tareas que debes realizar. Agricultura es ...
I didn't stay long at Maya Universe Academy, as I was traveling with my brother who was busy with college prep during the summer of 2023. While we could only stay for a week, the experience at Maya made us wish we had stayed for longer. Not only did the location and daily work refreshed my mind and ...
While at the beginning it was a bit hard to adapt to the practical life conditions, after a little it turned out to be one of the best experience I ever had. We loved every aspect of our 2 months at Maya, especially the teaching and social part with the kids. The integration of everyday life with ...
Ada Wong rating4.6

2023 at School Construction Associate

Our family (2 boys 12 and 11 year old) volunteered at Maya Universe for a week, and it was truly an eye-opening experience. I had the opportunity to work on the construction of a school and also helped out with farming in the local community. It was amazing to meet and interact with many interesting ...
MAXIME fillodeau rating4.6

2023 at School Construction Associate

J'ai passé 1 mois au sein de maya academy Universe et ce fut une experience incroyable , n'hésitez pas vous serez incroyablement bien là-bas, un grand merci a Bisham pour son accueil et surtout à Manoj incroyable de bonne humeur ainsi qu'à Deffy pour sa gentillesse et le meilleur pour la fin ...


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