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Community Turtle Protection

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Punti Salienti

  • Contribute to the conservation of sea turtles by doing daily beach patrols and working in our sea turtle hatchery, protecting nests and assisting babies to the ocean.
  • Exchange skills with, teach and learn from our amazing local community who help us protect the turtles.
  • Work in one of the wildest and most bio-diverse places in the world!
  • Gain Spanish fluency by living with locals and sharing daily life with other Spanish speaking volunteers and research assistants.
  • Experience living in our sustainable base camp that is located in one of the most biodiverse areas of the entire planet and only a few hundred meters from Playa Rio Oro!

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Età 18+

Sul programma

Join us as we work with our community to protect sea turtle nests on our beach and in our hatchery.

Our community focused turtle conservation project is located on the incredible Osa Peninsular, Costa Rica. Home to a huge amount of biodiversity the peninsular is also home to communities trying to make a living in this isolated area. Unfortunately, this often leads to illegal activities such as ...

Sul programma

Our community focused turtle conservation project is located on the incredible Osa Peninsular, Costa Rica. Home to a huge amount of biodiversity the peninsular is also home to communities trying to make a living in this isolated area. Unfortunately, this often leads to illegal activities such as gold mining or poaching.  This is why we strive to improve the employability skills and options for our local community by providing training and employment as much as we can. 

COPROT is a fairly new project, founded in 2018 to protect the sea turtles and support the community in our area. We require driven and innovative individuals that are looking to make a real impact in a developing rural area in Costa Rica. You must be able to live in minimal conditions and survive off of a mostly vegetarian diet while on camp.

Volunteers require no previous experience and all are encouraged to apply. We are looking for volunteers who are excited to collect data on nesting female turtles during morning or night patrols, teach and plan English lessons for our local people, take part in hatchling release days, learn how to garden, and are keen to be more involved with nature.

As a volunteer, you will participate in daily turtle patrols, morning patrols (3-5 hrs) or night patrols (4-7 hrs). On the patrols you will protect new nests, record data on the nesting female, excavate hatched nests, assist in the tourism element and release hatchlings! Our beaches are some of the most important in the region with almost 7,000 sea turtle nests each year. We strive to collect as much data and protect as many of these nests as possible.

If you are looking for a project that will give you the chance to experience one of the most biodiverse places on earth, encounter and protect sea turtles everyday and get involved in the local community, then COPROT is the project for you. Join us as we open our new project site, Mariposa Azul in our local village of Carate.

Kit List 2023/24

The items listed below are suggested for you to bring with you to Costa Rica during your stay with us. Please keep

in mind that the Osa Peninsula is hot and humid even during the rainy season, so choose light, quick-drying

materials where possible. We are also based on a rustic camp where our wastewater goes directly into the

environment, so please consider carefully what products you bring with you (must be environmentally friendly

and biodegradable wherever possible!!). We are promoting sustainability and eventually want to have our camp

as a completely zero waste environment, therefore as little packaging, and plastic as possible would be greatly

appreciated. Additionally, we ask that you take any personal waste with you when you leave (old batteries, aerosol

cans, dead electronics etc.) as this is one of the hardest places on the planet to dispose of waste!

General Kit List (Essential)

  • Small backpack (for turtle patrols/day bag, preferably a dry bag backpack)
  • Drybag (especially important in wet season, can be a smaller size to keep your electronics in if you already have a dry bag backpack)
  • Hat and sunglasses
  • Water bottle (at least 1L capacity)

- Wash kit:

  • Toothbrush (2), toothpaste, hairbrush
  • Tweezers, small scissors, nail file
  • Sanitary products (a menstrual cup/reusable pads are preferred to reduce waste)
  • Talc powder (very important to keep your feet dry during rainy season) 
  • Antibacterial soap, shampoo/conditioner, deodorant (all shampoos/soaps etc. must be fully biodegradable)
  • Natural insect repellent (must be DEET-free)
  • Suncream (factor 50+), after sun/moisturizer, aloe vera/coconut oil (both very useful as after sun, for
  • mosquito/sandfly bites)

  • Headtorch WITH RED LIGHT FUNCTION (in all night patrol work we use red light only, rechargeable’s preferred and if you are staying for a long period, it’s a good idea to bring a spare) and its batteries 
  • Waterproof wristwatch

- Medical kit (highly recommended if you are staying for 1+ months):

  • Antiseptic spray/wipes or iodine, pack of plasters, rubbing alcohol (for any wounds), oxygen water 
  • Antihistamine tablets and cream (for allergies, mosquito bites),
  • Antifungal cream (for athlete’s foot etc.)
  • Rehydration salts, ibuprofen/paracetamol
  • Antibiotics, antibiotic cream (staph infections on your skin are very common)

- Travel documents (passport, copy of medical insurance, personal medication information, vaccine card)

General Kit List (Recommended / Optional)

- Cell phone and charger (ideally that is unblocked for Costa Rican SIM card)

- Two pairs of earbuds

- Back-up charging device/solar charger (charging may not always be available, so good to have an extra

battery device for charging phones etc.)

- Correct adaptors/chargers (ones with multiple USB sockets are very useful)

- Laptop (helpful for independent work; conducting research, making presentations, entering data etc.)

- Sleeping bag liner – note this is liner, not the whole sleeping bag.

- Penknife

- Sewing kit

- Beach towel

Clothing List (Essential)

- (3+) Long dark pants (for night patrol)

- (3+) Dark long-sleeved tops (for night patrols)

- (5+) Long socks

- (2+) Hiking socks

- (3+) Lightweight shorts

- (4+) T-shirts/tank tops

- (2+) Lightweight long sleeved shirts

- (1+) Pair of waterproof sandals/shoes (Crocs style or similar are perfect!)

- (1+) Lightweight raincoat

- (3+) Quick drying towel (for your body, your hair and your feet are recommended) 

(1) Beach towel

- (7+) Underwear

- (2+) Swimsuit

- (1+) Long lightweight pajama (for the mosquitos at night)

This list will depend on how long you are staying with us. Shorter stays may not need as much as this, longer stays may need more.

Clothing List (Recommended)

- Wide brimmed hat

- Hiking boots/rubber boots (if you want to go walking on the trails or in the National Park) 

Any casual clothing/evening wear/sports clothes for free time, trips/tours and fiestas!

Optional Extras

- Hammock (lots of great trees to swing in!)

- Books/Kindle

- Playing cards/group games

- Camera

- Downloaded films, music, and TV shows!

- Favorite snacks from home! You can buy snacks in Puerto Jimenez before arriving, the largest supermarket is called BM. Make sure all your snacks can be closed as the kitchen is open and insects can get into your food (the fridge is currently not working, and it can be very hot and humid, so keep that in mind when choosing what to bring!)

- Seasoning, spices, drinks etc – you may want to bring some additional flavors to throw on your camp food or bring some special teas or coffees that will keep you going on camp!

Remember that you can wash your clothes here (although we don’t have washing machine and you’ll have to

wash it by hand).

Remember to check the baggage allowance with your airline before flying, both international and domestic flights

(domestic flights tend to have a much lower allowance and extra baggage costs will vary). Also, some credit cards

do not work with the atm in Puerto Jimenez for withdrawing money, so it is recommended to withdraw cash

(colones or American dollars) before arriving.

Giornata tipica

As a volunteer, you will participate in daily turtle patrols, morning patrols (3-5 hrs) or night patrols (4-7 hrs). On the patrols you will protect new nests, record data on the nesting females, excavate hatched nests, assist with tourist experiences and release hatchlings! During the day, we will ...

Giornata tipica

As a volunteer, you will participate in daily turtle patrols, morning patrols (3-5 hrs) or night patrols (4-7 hrs). On the patrols you will protect new nests, record data on the nesting females, excavate hatched nests, assist with tourist experiences and release hatchlings! During the day, we will also have beach clean-ups, plastic upcycling, community workshops/English lessons, presentations, gardening and general camp maintenance! In our Mariposa camp we will be managing a sea turtle hatchery, volunteers will help us relocate nests that are in danger of predation by dogs in to our hatchery. After 50 days of incubation the volunteers will be able to help assist the baby turtles to the ocean. 

An example of a typical day

Morning Patrol - 5am - 07.30am

Breakfast - 8 am

Gardening workshop - 09.30 - 11.30 

Lunch 12

Post Hatch Inspections - 15.00 - 17.00

Dinner 19.30

Attività del tempo libero

In your free time you can go hiking around the jungle, go walk or swim at the nearby beaches (Playa Peje Pero, Rio Oro, Carate) where you can also play some sports such as soccer or volleyball! We also have yoga mats that can be used for yoga or doing some exercise. We also make bowls, pots, jewelry ...

Attività del tempo libero

In your free time you can go hiking around the jungle, go walk or swim at the nearby beaches (Playa Peje Pero, Rio Oro, Carate) where you can also play some sports such as soccer or volleyball! We also have yoga mats that can be used for yoga or doing some exercise. We also make bowls, pots, jewelry (bracelets, earrings, rings) and some functional items (soap holders, toilet brushes) out of the plastic that is collected at the beach. Additionally, there are some shared books available to read on our bookshelves. 

Sea turtle monitoring can be quite physically demanding (lots of walking on soft sand), and in order for us to be able to collect the best data possible we are also mainly working during early mornings and late nights. This is awesome though, as the night sky is like no other, and we can never get tired of sunrises over pristine beaches...

We expect volunteers to support on the beaches as much as possible, and collaborate in other environmental activities that we may be conducting during the day. This is not a vacation location, it's a conservation station!!

We are also a POSITIVE VIBES ORGANIZATION :D which means that we expect everyone to bring the best version of themselves, and treat everyone on the project and in the community with love and respect.  

We normally work very hard on the project, but there’s still always plenty of time to relaxn and explore. There are a lot of different activities around the Osa Península that can be arranged in advance and may have discounts for volunteers. Here you have a list of some of these activities (these prices are just for guidance and may be subject to change) and also an example of how your week could be in the last page:

- Corcovado National Park

- Surfing in Matapalo

- Horse-riding

- Chocolate tour

- Whale and dolphin tour

- Waterfall hike

- Guided gold-mining tour

- Plus a lot of free activities: night walks, jungle walks, beach cleans, game and movie night, pizza nights, etc.



Età minima: 18 anni

Per partecipare al programma è necessario avere almeno 18 anni alla data di inizio del programma. Potrebbero esserci delle esenzioni se si è in grado di fornire il permesso del proprio tutore legale o se si è accompagnati dai propri genitori.

Competenze linguistiche

È necessario parlare di Inglese (livello intermedio)

Restrizioni sulla nazionalità

Nessuna restrizione. Gli aiuti da tutto il mondo sono benvenuti.

Altre competenze

Any experience in teaching, gardening, building or scientific skills would give volunteers a huge advantage.

Impegno di tempo

Il vostro aiuto sarà richiesto lunedì, martedì, mercoledì, giovedì, venerdì e sabato da 07:30 - 16:00

Servizi inclusi

Servizi inclusi

Servizi per COPROT

This amount covers food and lodging, as well as their training during their stay. Volunteers must cover their transportation costs to reach and leave COPROT, and any extra activity that they want to do during their free time.


Our Mariposa Azul site opening in Dec 2022. This beautiful conservation camp is in the heart of Carate, near the local school and church. The base camp is surrounded by a wide range of tropical plants where we often see many tropical birds and sometimes monkeys! If you are really lucky you can see tapir and big cats, as we are very close to Corcovado National Park. 

Our volunteers stay in cute little cabins that sleep up to 8 people in bunk beds. 

Our communal kitchen is open with a panoramic view of the garden. There are 2 tables where we like to cook and eat our meals together.

There are 2 bathrooms and 2 showers that are shared.

All the facilities get cleaned on a daily basis!

Project members can expect to sleep in open air dormitories in bunkbeds fitted with mosquito nets. Both camps have bathrooms with western toilets and showers as well as lovely, large and open communal kitchens. All of our buildings are made primarily with sustainable and/or upcycled materials in order to have the lowest possible impact on the environment. Both camps have simple solar systems to offer small amounts of power to light the camps and charge appliances. The use of this solar system for guests will depend on how many people are on camp and how much sun we have, as this effects how much power we will have available to the project sites. For those that are worried about collection, we recommend getting yourself a Kolbi sim card that has some signal in certain places. we are very conscious about our waste, so everything needs to be reused, recycled or sent back to Puerto Jiménez as trash. One of our goals is to become a zero waste facility within the next 5 years, and have the least possible impact on the environment. Please consider this when planning your trip, and think about what you’re bringing to the camp. It will be your responsibility to get rid of the big waste articles (like shoes, big containers, batteries...) before your arrival, or bring them back with you when you leave. During your stay, please reduce the use of plastic and bring biodegradable soaps and shampoo when possible.

Cibo e Bevande

We provide breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks! All of our food is vegetarian/vegan. Some examples include:

Breakfast : - oatmeal with fresh fruit and peanut butter
                     - pinto beans and rice with fresh/pan fried vegetables
Lunch/dinner: - vegetable curry with rice/naan bread
                          - bean chili with rice and lettuce
                          - pasta with lentil bolognese
                          - minestrone soup with veggies, beans and pasta
Snacks: - fresh cut up fruit (papaya, pineapple, starfruit, oranges, grapefruit)
               - fresh cut up vegetables (red bell peppers, carrots)
               - salty crackers

Accesso a Internet

Accesso limitato al sito del progetto

Cosa NON è incluso?

Cosa NON è incluso?

Prelievo dall'aeroporto a Puerto Jimenez

Neanche il prelievo dall'aeroporto è incluso nel costo del programma.

Biglietti aerei

L'aeroporto più vicino è Puerto Jimenez (PJM) a Puerto Jimenez. Vi aiutiamo a trovare voli economici per Costa Rica. TROVARE VOLI ECONOMICI

Assicurazione di viaggio

Andare all'estero è un'avventura ed è sempre meglio essere preparati. Malattia o infortunio improvviso, annullamento o furto: un'assicurazione di viaggio per Costa Rica offre sicurezza ed è un vantaggio da avere. OTTENERE UN PREZZO


Se avete intenzione di fare volontariato a Costa Rica dovete chiedere un parere medico prima di iniziare il vostro viaggio sociale. Controllare le vaccinazioni richieste per Costa Rica. CHECKER PER I VACCINI

Dettagli all'arrivo

Volunteers can join the program from July - February. 

All volunteer arrivals are on Monday to match the local transport service and our training schedule. 

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Tariffe del programma

2 settimane (soggiorno min.) 490€
3 settimane 735€
4 settimane 980€
8 settimane 1.960€
50 settimane (soggiorno max.) 12.250€
Tariffe medie 245€/settimana

Tariffe del programma

245€ tariffe settimanali 2 - 50 settimane Età 18 - 50+

Modalità di pagamento

Visa Master Card Maestro American Express PayPal



2 - 50 settimane


Il deposito serve semplicemente a prenotare il vostro posto di volontario. I pagamenti sono gestiti da PayPal, il nostro fornitore globale di fiducia. Se non avete un conto PayPal, potete pagare anche con carta di credito.

Pagamento Finale

Il pagamento finale sarà concordato con COPROT durante il processo di candidatura. Le soluzioni più comuni sono il bonifico bancario o il pagamento in contanti presso la sede del progetto.

Incontra il tuo ospite


Brillante 4.7 rating (19 recensioni)

Non-profit - fondata nel 2018

Verificato da Volunteer World

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Ospitato da


Lingue parlate: Inglese, Spagnolo

Sul progetto

COPROT is a community-driven conservation sea turtle project that aims to address the conservation/community issues that occur in the Osa Peninsula.

Incontra il tuo ospite

Who we are? 

We are a community driven sea turtle conservation project on some of the busiest beaches in the South Pacific region of Costa Rica.

What we do?

We patrol our beaches for nesting mother turtles. We have both olive ridley and green sea turtles nesting on our beaches, least we we recorded almost 7,000 nests! We work to collect data on the populations and protect the nests. This is not our only focus, we also work with our local community to develop and improve the local area through sustainability projects (plastic and food) as well as giving English lessons and support to our local community.

Where we work?

We are based on the incredibly biodiverse Osa Peninsula on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Our camp is around 100m from the beach, and nestled in surrounding secondary rainforest. It is a safe area with very few people around, we are often the only ones on the beach. There are no special health requirements to visit the area.

Our mission

We strive to protect the sea turtle populations in our area whilst enhancing the scientific knowledge of these populations and the prosperity of the local community.

Our goals

  • Increase scientific reports of the sea turtle populations in this area
  • Improve livelihoods and sustainability of local communities
  • Protect the populations of sea turtles nesting on our beaches
  • Upcycle plastic from our beaches to create an income for local community members. 

Who are we looking for?

People who want to experience this amazing environment and help protect it whilst working within the local community. Good physical fitness and capacity to work in a hot and humid environment. Sea turtles are mainly active at night, which means we need volunteers that are happy to work late nights and early mornings.

Why choose us?

With our large turtle nesting populations you are practically guaranteed to see turtles in your stay with us whilst also being able to get fully involved in all of our conservation and community work.

19 recensioni · rating4.7

Marine Feron rating5

2023 at Turtle Biologist

Ce fut une magnifique expérience de conservation et de protection des tortues. Je suis restée un peu plus de deux semaines et j'ai pu rencontrer des personnes incroyables (assistants biologistes et volontaires), on apprend beaucoup sur les tortues et l'environnement en général. L'organisation ...
Marta Ciccolari Micaldi rating5

2023 at Turtle Biologist

It is a very intense experience, from all points of view. Firstly because it forces you to completely detach from your normal life (which very soon becomes a memory) and adapt to a lifestyle in total communion with nature in which, for example, wakefulness and sleep are regulated by the cycle of the ...
Tanya Narshi rating4.8

2022 at Turtle Biologist

My time with this organisation has taught me much more then I thought possible. I am an aspiring ecological conservationist. I came to COPROT hoping to gain fieldwork skills working with Marine species, in this instance turtles. Although the living conditions have been at times challenging, the ...
Jordan Gledhill rating4.8

2022 at Turtle Biologist

An amazing month of turtles, wildlife and adventure. I had an awesome time and made lots of new friends. The research was awesome and I was able to get really ...
Molly Mitchell rating5

2022 at Turtle Biologist

My time here what such an amazing experience I gained so much knowledge working alongside the coprot team. There are many volunteering experiences in Costa Rica to choose from but I definitely recommend visiting ...
Megan Gledhill rating5

2022 at Turtle Biologist

I had the most amazing experience visiting coprot tortugas I will definitely be back again. I recommend this place to anyone looking to volunteer. The coprot team are all really friendly and ...


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