Care and Education Volunteer Care and Education Volunteer Saint-Louis, Senegal Aider Sans Frontières
Work in a drop-in care centre for street children, run by knowledgeable locals, and help to care for and educate young children.
Microfinance Assistant Saint-Louis, Senegal Aider Sans Frontières
Work with women from poor backgrounds or young male adults, who have grown up on the streets, helping them build their own companies and gain their economic independence.
Renovation and Construction Saint-Louis, Senegal Aider Sans Frontières
Make a lasting difference by renovating schools or refurbishing or building shelters for street children.

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Aider Sans Frontières (ASF) is a charity organisation based in Saint-Louis, Senegal, founded in 2011. ASF runs a drop-in care centre in Saint-Louis for street children.

Aider Sans Frontières is a charity organisation based in Saint-Louis, Senegal. It was founded in 2011. It focuses on humanitarian aid and national and international solidarity. Aider Sans Frontières runs a care centre in Saint-Louis where street children, known as ‘talibés’, are able to drop in and receive medical care, food and a basic education. ASF has also expanded to helping older talibés launch their careers and has started a programme focused on environmental protection. ASF believes that cultural and linguistic exchanges are important for social and economic development. We are proud to have worked in volunteerism since 2011 – we believe that, when done ethically and correctly, volunteers can have a vital impact in developing communities.

The projects of ASF aim to respond to the Talibé problem. Talibé children are street-children who are educated in koranic schools, by Marabouts, koranic teachers. The children live under difficult conditions in ‘schools’ known as ‘Daaras’ and are forced to go out begging. The problem is complex and rooted in the religious and social context of Senegalese society. Aider Sans Frontières responds to this complex problem by offering complementary projects, approaching the problem from different angles. In the city of Saint-Louis, Senegal there are around 15,000 street children, mostly aged from 5 to 13, known as talibés, who have no access to healthcare, food or education. Due to the fact that their births are often not registered, they legally do not have the right to these things either. These children have no contact with their parents and they live in the Quaranic schools known as ‘daaras’ with up to 200 other children in one dirty room meaning that diseases spread really easily. They are required by the religious leaders to beg on the streets and to meet a certain quota each day in order to avoid punishment usually in the form of a beating, but at the moment, with less people out on the streets, this puts the children in huge danger. There are a few, though not nearly enough, charity-run drop-in care centres in Saint-Louis that these children are able to go to daily to be fed, to wash themselves and clean their teeth, to wash their clothes, to receive first aid and to receive a basic education. Aider Sans Frontières owns one such care centre and the work done there is vital to the wellbeing of the children who visit.

ASF has six projects available for volunteers. Care & education; Microfinance; Renovation & construction; Environment & ecology; Language courses (French & Wolof); and Teaching. Hereby I will provide a description of the projects one by one.

Care & education:

In this project you will work in a drop-in care centre for street children, run by knowledgeable locals, and help to care for and educate young children. The Care and Education project addresses the Talibé problem with a social approach. Talibé children (Senegalese street children) often experience precarious conditions and little affection in their daily life. For this reason, the aim of this program is to offer the Talibé children a safe and protected environment in which they can rest and play, learn and also experience appreciation and care. The program combines primary health care with games and creative activities. At the same time it includes educational elements that are taught in a supportive and playful way. In this program, volunteers work together with local Senegalese experts in the drop-in care centre in St. Louis, where Talibé Children are welcome to spend time during the day. The centre also provides the children with a good meal every Thursday.


In this project volunteers will work with young adults, who have grown up on the streets, helping them to build their own companies and find their feet. The Microfinance project aims to help disadvantaged young people who have little chance of entering the job market to become economically independent. The project grants loans from traditional financial institutions to former talibés (Senegalese street children) and occasionally disadvantaged women. The loans allow the individuals to build their own businesses. The project provides not only financial support but also works to assess the needs and unique situations of the beneficiaries. The aim is to promote economic independence, social development and dignity in vulnerable people. In this programme, volunteers work with the local Senegalese experts in the centre in St. Louis, accompanying beneficiaries on their path to becoming economically independent by organising loans and constructing financial plans.

Renovation and construction:

With this project, volunteers can make a lasting difference by renovating schools or building shelters for street children. The renovation and construction project aims to provide Talibés (and possibly other disadvantaged groups) with a better environment for educational and social development. The volunteers and the local staff will help paint, renovate and refurbish daaras (shelters for Senegalese street children) or build schools for the disadvantaged children and communities. An important aim is to create dignified accommodation in which the Talibé children (Senegalese street children) can find significantly improved living conditions.

Environment and ecology:

This project helps sustain the environment and nature in Senegal. Senegal is a country full of wildlife and national parks – help protect them in this ever-important project and play your part in saving our planet. Help our team to work on ASF’s garden. Our next environment project will involve the protection of the beaches in Saint-Louis!

Language course:

With this project, volunteers can learn French or Wolof in our intensive 1 on 1 language courses.

With this project, volunteers can teach English, French and Mathematics in schools, kindergartens and care centres to disadvantaged children.

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Sociale impact

ASF is one of the really fair and honest volunteer organisations. All resources and energies are used for helping improve the life's of the Talibés, while giving a true life experience to the local staff and the international volunteers.

The goals and values of our programs are:

  • To help Talibé children escape their situation, by providing them with a protected environment, appreciation and care. In our projects, the Talibés are recognised as valuable human beings. Special attention is given to their particular vulnerability.

  • To provide the Talibé children with stimulating games, education and support that is attuned to their background and their needs.

  • To help the Talibés achieve economic independence long-term and detachment from the problematic societal structures that they have grown up in.

  • To combat the Talibé problem from a broader perspective, seeing it as a complex phenomenon, deeply rooted in society. In this sense, ASF is constantly looking for ways to understand and approach the problem, and to find solutions that tackle the Talibé phenomenon at it’s root.

The drop-in care centre that ASF runs in Senegal, is successfully operating for more than a decade already. In these years, ASF has provided care for the Talibés, such as brushing their teeth, providing education by giving class in mathematics and English, take care of wounds they, reading to them, letting them play and being a child. Also the Talibés can get breakfast in the centre, this providing of food and care and education is something really critical, since without ASF, these children would not have had access to this. Also, ASF has helped renovating, cleaning, and painting of several schools in Saint-Louis. 

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