Animal Keeper Assistant Animal Keeper Assistant San Jose, Costa Rica Refugio Animal de Costa Rica
Hands on contribution with everyday chores like feeding, cleaning and giving animals any care they need, to help them recover and go back to nature!

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We rescue more than 1500 wild life animals per year, with the mission to give them the best treatment and release them back to nature.

The Shelter was created on 2010 to help any wild life animal in need, over the years, our non profit organization grew and in 2023 finished building  a beautiful housing volunteer option.

House Ewa; it is a modern construction where volunteers will find a beautiful space to live throughout their Volunteer Experience in the Shelter premises.

The project offers the opportunity to learn and help make a positive impact on the animals under our care. Lots of orphan babies come in daily, and they need lots of cares, and time to grow; animals like baby sloths take several months to be ready to go back into the wild, and it is in tasks like this where we need your help and hands. The rescue center is not the only place that needs help, as we also have more than 250 animals that for health reasons can not go back to the wild, and that deserve the best cares and love; this are our Ambassadors of Education in our Guided Tour through the shelter trails.

The organization also built a Veterinary Clinic and a Restaurant, all in the same property, making this a very complete project and a great option to learn and help a truly great mission, to save animals and free them back where they belong. 

We speak English and Spanish. 

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Alice Boracchia Caffaz
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Sociale impact

The cities are growing fast in Costa Rica, and with this growth the wild life that surround all the country has less and less spaces needed to continue their lives without interacting with humans around them... Every day interactions with this wild life end up in accidents like lightning on electric cables, animals run over by cars, animals attacked by pets, birds that crash into buildings, and the list goes on...

The shelter is located only 5 minutes from downtown San Jose, so we are constantly the first organization to the reach of people that rescue this animals in need.

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