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Coördinator | Laura
Coördinator | Laura
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Care for over 15 primates species!
Work in conservation and rehabilitation centre. Our aim is to one day release the animals in our care!
Since its start in 1993, the LWC has rescued more than 4,500 animals of various species!
Explore the local village with fellow volunteers!
Meet like-minded volunteers from all over the world!
Assisting our keepers during their daily tasks including cleaning cages, preparing food, monitoring animals, preparing enrichment, repairing climbing structures. This volunteer program is especially suitable for:
Leeftijd 18+

The basic volunteer job is one of an assistant animal keeper. This will involve shadowing our keepers during their daily tasks (cleaning cages, preparing food, monitoring animals, preparing enrichment, repairing climbing structures, etc...). The LWC houses many species and each species has its own section. However, depending on your field of expertise or interests you can, at the discretion of the management, become involved in other areas too, such as our education program, the veterinary care of the animals, enclosure construction projects etc... The work is physically demanding and often dirty. There are numerous rules which volunteers must follow.

While volunteering at the centre, it is important to remember that most of the animals were a victim of illegal poaching, captured as innocent youngsters and their mothers often brutally killed before their eyes. Most were subjected to a harsh, cruel and lonely life before being rescued by the LWC where they can now enjoy a rich nutritional diet, large enclosures and the company of their own species, resulting in good health, both physically and psychologically. In addition to this we would like to highlight that all funds received from volunteers go directly to paying for animal care at LWC.

Since its start in 1993, the LWC has rescued more than 4,500 animals of various species. Although we focus on primate rescue and rehabilitation, we accept all species that arrive as a result of confiscation by authorities or surrender by individuals.

The Limbe Wildlife Centre is a conservation and rehabilitation centre, and our aim is to one day release the animals in our care. If you are expecting to interact directly with animals (touching, petting), this project is not for you. For the welfare of the animals in our care, we have very strict rules regarding animal interaction and you may be asked to leave the project if these rules are broken. 

Currently we care for 15 species of primates:
  • Central and Nigeria-Cameroon Chimpanzee
  • Western Lowland Gorilla
  • Drill
  • Mandrill
  • Olive Baboon
  • Agile Mangabey
  • Red-Capped Mangabey
  • Mona Monkey
  • Moustached Guenon
  • Crowned Monkey
  • Preuss Monkey
  • Two subspecies of Putty-Nosed Monkey
  • Red-Eared Monkey
  • Tantalus Monkey
  • Patas Monkey

In addition, we care for a variety of non-primate species, including:
  • African Grey Parrot
  • African Rock Python
  • Home’s Hinged Tortoise
  • Black Hinged Terrapin
  • Serrated Tortoise
  • Blue Duiker
  • Red Duiker
  • Bushbuck
  • African Civet
  • Dwarf Crocodile
  • Nil Crocodile
  • And others....
All new volunteers are expected to do a 5 day quarantine period when they arrive in Limbe. You can still explore the bustling seaside town of Limbe and Cameroon, but whilst the COVID-19 pandemic is ongoing we want to protect our animals and our staff.

Working Days 1 -3:
All new volunteers are required to work in the animal food preparation area / kitchen. This not only gives volunteers the chance to learn and
understand the importance of nutrition at the LWC, but also allows management to ensure that each new person is in good health before
coming into contact with the animals.

Working Days 4 - 13:
You will be allocated to a section in which to shadow a keeper. 

The five sections are as follows:
1. Guenons and Mangabeys
2. Drills, Mandrills and Baboons
3. Chimpanzees
4. Gorillas
5. Quarantine

Whilst working in each section, you must ensure that you carefully follow the guidelines given by the keeper you are working with. Do not approach animals unless you are given permission.

Days 14+:
After completing all five sections you will have the opportunity to discuss with the head keepers any areas you are particularly interested in. Depending on the needs of the centre at that time, the head keepers will try to offer you the opportunity to work in the area(s) of your choice.

There may also be the opportunity to participate in our education programme depending on what time of year you volunteer. Our programme runs from October - March. 

Dagelijkse activiteiten

Days start at 8am. After the morning meeting you will be assigned to a section to begin the daily work. During the morning volunteers work with the keepers to clean the enclosures, provide food and browse to the animals, and undertake any other necessary tasks. 

Break for lunch 12pm - 1pm. Cameroonian lunch is provided but volunteers are welcome to bring their own lunch if preferable. 

Some hours in the afternoon are less busy, and sometimes the keepers will be involved in activities that you cannot be a part of. During the afternoons we ask volunteers to undertake activities including: making enrichment, working in the gift shop, helping to cut browse, assist with construction, and any other activities that may take place in the afternoons. The head keeper will tell you what time you will do each activity. They will need to assist you when handing out your enrichment items.

Afternoon feeding 4pm. 

Work day ends between 4:30pm - 5pm. 


The Limbe Wildlife Centre is located in the town of Limbe in the South West Province of Cameroon, about an hour and a half drive away from Douala. The nearest airport is in the city of Douala. Limbe is a bustling fishing town, population approx. 50,000 people. Limbe is a very friendly town, with beautiful botanic gardens, bars, restaurants and a good atmosphere. The beaches outside of town are good for swimming.


Om deel te nemen aan het programma dien je tenminste 18 jaar oud te zijn op de startdatum van het programma. Er kunnen uitzonderingen gemaakt worden indien je een bewijs van toestemming kan aantonen van uw wettelijke voogd(en) of samen met je ouders deelneemt.
Je dient over volgende taalkennis te beschikken Engels (gemiddeld niveau)
Vereiste documenten
CV, Cover letter, TB test, HIV test en Health check
Geen beperkingen. Helpende handen van over de hele wereld zijn welkom.
Andere vaardigheden
Some relevant experience is beneficial but not necessary.
Uw helpende hand wordt verwacht op dinsdag, woensdag, donderdag, vrijdag, zaterdag en zondag van 08:00 - 16:30

Diensten ingesloten

Diensten door Limbe Wildlife Centre
The cost of volunteering at the centre depends on the length of your stay. This fee covers accommodation costs and helps to provide adequate food, enrichment, infrastructures and care for the animals. Be aware that when you transfer money to the LWC,there may be transfer fees involved. The amount differs and depends on your bank.
Afhaal aan de luchthaven op Douala Airport

We will arrange airport pick up but at an additional cost. 

Usually, volunteers choose to stay in the volunteer house, located a short 10-minute walk from the project. Volunteers are provided with a clean basic room in a large house with a shared bathroom (cold shower) and self-contained kitchen. 

There are also local hotels for an additional cost. The volunteer house is the property of LWC and all fixtures and furniture must be respected and treated accordingly so that other volunteers can enjoy them in the future. If there are any issues with materials in the house, you must inform management. The volunteer house is quite spacious and you should be able to cohabit with everyone peacefully. All volunteers share use of the kitchen and other common areas. There are three common bathrooms: two inside the main house and one outside, reserved for outside rooms.

When staying in the volunteer house, it is important to remember that you are living with other volunteers. It is of the upmost importance to respect one another, clean up after yourself and keep the house and compound clean.

Keep all food tightly contained, as bugs can get very bad, especially if there are sugary foods unsealed. Consider buying plastic bags or Tupperware to further seal foods, and keep what produce you can in the fridge if there is room. Label your foods and try to keep track of what are yours and others’. Volunteers may be willing to share things but always ask first and make sure to repay them or trade as soon as you are able. Try to share the kitchen space equally. Always clean up your dishes after using them, as dirty dishes make the bugs much worse. There are often some cooking oils and spices for everyone’s use, and all dishware and cutlery is to share, unless otherwise labelled. Make sure you arrange whose space is whose in the fridge. There is also a small oven and two double gas stovetops.

Three times a week, a house cleaner will clean the house and wash the bed sheets. It is up to volunteers to do their own laundry unless you arrange it specifically with the cleaning woman prior. She generally charges 2,500CFA per load, depending on the size. Detergent can be bought at most
Slaapkamer (Dubbel)
Eten & Drank

Cameroonian lunch provided on work days. 

Internet toegang
Beperkte toegang op de project site
Wat is er NIET inbegrepen?
Visum, vluchten, reisverzekering en vaccinaties zijn NIET inbegrepen in de programmakosten.
Vlucht tickets
De dichtste luchthaven is Douala Airport (DLA) in Douala. We assisteren u met het vinden van goedkope vluchten naar Kameroen.
Naar het buitenland reizen is een avontuur en het is best om goed voorbereid te zijn. Plots ziek worden of gewond raken, annulaties of diefstal - een reisverzekering voor Kameroen biedt zekerheid en is een meerwaarde.
Als je de intentie hebt om als vrijwilliger aan de slag te gaan in Kameroen dien je eerst medisch advies in te winnen alvorens je eropuit trekt. Kijk de benodigde vaccinaties na voor Kameroen.

Data & Kosten


Gegevens over jouw aankomst

The management or other volunteers will be able to help you in your first days. They will show you around at the centre and tell you where to buy things and exchange money. 

Volunteers can arrive any day. We arrange for a driver to collect volunteers from the airport and drop them off too. This is for an additional fee. 
jan. feb. mrt. apr. mei jun. jul. aug. sep. okt. nov. dec.
2 - 12 weken


Kosten: Prijs in USD
2 weken (min. verblijf)
3 weken
4 weken
6 weken
8 weken
12 weken (max. verblijf)
Gemiddelde kosten
$320 /week

Houd er rekening mee dat de hierboven getoonde kosten worden geschat. Limbe Wildlife Centre zal je op de hoogte houden over de finale kostprijs gedurende uw aanmeldprocedure.
Waarborg (15%)
De waarborg dient om je plek als vrijwilliger te verzekeren. Betalingen worden door PayPal behandeld, onze betrouwbare betalingsprovider. Indien je niet over een PayPal account beschikt, kan je ook met een credit kaart betalen.
Finale betaling (85%)
Uw finale betaling zal worden goedgekeurd door Limbe Wildlife Centre gedurende de aanmeld procedure. Veel voorkomende oplossingen zijn een banktransfer of contante betaling op de projectsite.

Waarom Volunteer World

Bijkomende zekerheid geboden door Volunteer World
Volunteer World is 's werelds leidende vergelijkingsplatform voor internationale vrijwilligerswerk projecten. Wij begeleiden jou door een betrouwbare aanmeldingsprocedure - inclusief de nodige betalingen. Plan jouw zinvolle reis met Volunteer World en krijg gratis toegang tot:
Hoge ethische standaarden & transparantie in de sociale impact
Wijzig jouw reservatie zonder extra meerkost
Garantie op terugbetaling
We betalen je kosten terug als Limbe Wildlife Centre jouw reis annuleert
Ondersteuning & tussenkomst
Wij steunen je, wat er ook gebeurt, je kan altijd contact opnemen met ons
Onze diensten zijn gratis!
Alle programmakosten worden rechtstreeks gefactureerd door Limbe Wildlife Centre

Wat vertellen de mensen over Volunteer World?

Assistant Animal Keeper

Assisting our keepers during their daily tasks including cleaning cages, preparing food, monitoring animals, preparing enrichment, repairing climbing structures.


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