Sea turtle and wildlife conservation trip

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Coördinator | Beatriz
Coördinator | Beatriz
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It is possible to experience one of the most amazing spectacles worldwide: thousands of sea turtles nesting at the same time along the beach in a phenomenom called arribada.
You will participate in several conservation actions led by local people: protecting sea turtles, crocodiles, deers, planting trees in the jungle, doing beach cleaning, ...
You will live as a local in three different indigenous communities in the coast of Oaxaca during 11 days.
People from the coast are the best for making you laugh. They will make a joke for everything and you won't be able to stop laughing
Your actions will impact to empower local people to conservate nature and its resources, making them aware of its value and threats through environmental education workshops.
11 days for experience Mexican life as a local travelling along Oaxaca coast & protecting turtles, crocodiles, deers, jungle wildlife, educating children, and more! This volunteer program is especially suitable for:
Leeftijd 18+

The mission of the project is to support and strengthen the conservation work of three community groups by supporting their activities, such as patrolling the beach, collecting nests to protect them from poachers, monitoring wildlife, feeding a small population of deers... And to wait for one of the most impressive phenomenon of the world: the Arribada, a mass nesting phenomenon of olive ridley sea turtle

In addition, the project will be focused in raising awareness in the community about endangered species and their threatened state.

This project covers one of the most important beaches for olive ridley sea turtle (Lepidochelys olivacea) worldwide, since they have a synchronous mass-nesting behaviour, which occurs just in twelve beaches over the planet, termed arribada. This beach is also relevant for the green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas) and the leatherback sea turtle (Dermochelys coriacea). 

The main activities of the projects will be:

  • Patroling beaches during the night protecting sea turtles and their eggs, collecting eggs to protect them in the hatchery. 
  • Environmental education with children of environmental brigades 
  • Fruit and medicinal tree planting
  • Placing/removing photo-trap cameras to monitor fauna
  • Maintentance and vigilance of the white-tailed deer population rescued by the environmental police
  • Baby crocodiles facilities cleaning during their first year of life
  • Camping in nature, as well as some ecotourism activities that fund conservation (observing arribada phenomenon, boat trip in the lagoon)
  • Accompaniment in rural entrepreneurship projects such as traditional bread making in a wood-fired oven

Dagelijkse activiteiten

Every day is different.

We are aware that many of you don't have many time to know what actually Mexico is. For that, we choose different activities to try to show you how amazing the coast of Oaxaca is, as well as choosing different traditional food, adapting it to a vegetarian diet.

During eleven days, you will visit different places, working with different people to protect different animals and natural habitats. We made this program to be able to involve you making an impact to local projects that share our values of protecting nature and wildlife, at the same time that you experience Mexico as they live it. You will live the authentic Mexico as if you were a local.

We will start our day early, with the rising sun, when birds are super happy singing for the new day. Our breakfast is simple, a coffee or tea with some fruits and a piece of bread or a mexican tortilla with cheese.

One day we support to the person in charge to feed at 8 am the deers rescued by the environmental police, after that baby crocodiles may need our attention to prepare their food too or to clean their pools until they grow large enough not to be depredated.

Other day, El Gavilan team will show us their amazing jungle, we will support them planting medicinal and fruit trees or locating photo trap cameras to monitor wildlife. We may camp there, sleeping in the forest that heal you from the inside.

We cannot forget to explain how beautiful is to educate children. They are environmental brigades that aim to protect their community, nature and the species. They are full of energy and good will to make their community better, so we will help them to be prepared to be changemakers!

Experiences don't stop there, patrolling at night is an amazing adventure, where the stars bright enough to show you the way. Waiting for a turtle to nest is a unique moment, but imagine if it's not one but thousands. In Escobilla and Morro Ayuta, we can see more than 10,000 sea turtles nesting at the same time!

Mexico is well known for their amazing sunsets, which we will enjoy while cleaning the beach from plastics, having the best landscape knowing that you are helping to keep the place wild and amazing as it should be.

We won't skip some sommunity work, strenghtening some entrepreneurs women in their production of traditional bread in a wood-fired oven, they welcome us with lot of love, making us feel as one more in their community.

We are improving and using opportunities during each call for volunteers, every month, new activities show up: birds monitoring, supporting traditional building for the conservation groups, sewing the netting of the hatchery for baby turtles, ... 

Depending on the season, you can experience:
  • Arribada, when thousands of sea turtles are nesting massively (few days per month from July to March)
  • Newborn sea turtles in natural habitat. After 45 days of an arribada, millions of sea turtles born in order to start their lifes in the Pacific Ocean (few days per month from July to April)
  • Leatherback sea turtle nesting, the biggest turtle in the world (from December to February)
  • Whales (From December to February)
  • Crocodiles hatching (June)
  • Deer hatching (June, July)
  • Bird breeding, signing like crazy (April, May)
  • A green, full of butterflies, Mexico (from June to December)
  • A 100% sunny Mexico (from January to May)


Close to Morro Ayuta Project:

  • Huatulco. It’s a city full of wonderfull things: coral reefs, beautiful beaches, waterfalls, a national park, … It is a place full of possibilities
  • Chipehua Dunes, a little-known beach very close to Morro Ayuta. There are some impressive dunes, it seems the Sahara but with a beach.
  • Barra de la Cruz, a small surfer village for their nice waves.

Close to Ventanilla Project:
  • Mazunte, certificated as pueblo mágico is full of life, in the mornings it is possible to do tours to see dolphins, whales, rays, etc.
  • Tours in Manialtepec, during the night is posible to see bioluminiscence. It’s like the water is shining in the dark! They also offer riding tours.
  • Puerto Escondido, a surfer city, full of travellers people who loves meditation and yoga, … It is a coastal city with a lot of beautiful beaches: Zicatela, Carrizalillo, Bacocho, etc.



Om deel te nemen aan het programma dien je tenminste 18 jaar oud te zijn op de startdatum van het programma. Er kunnen uitzonderingen gemaakt worden indien je een bewijs van toestemming kan aantonen van uw wettelijke voogd(en) of samen met je ouders deelneemt.
Je dient over volgende taalkennis te beschikken Engels (gemiddeld niveau) ou Spaans (basis niveau)
Vereiste documenten
Travel insurance, Passport copy, flight tickets en volunteering commitment signed
Geen beperkingen. Helpende handen van over de hele wereld zijn welkom.
Andere vaardigheden
Education; environment; anthropology; Marketing; Bussiness administration; Art; ...
Uw helpende hand wordt verwacht op dinsdag, woensdag, donderdag, vrijdag en zaterdag van 15:00 - 20:00

Diensten ingesloten

Diensten door Tartarukus

  • Shared cabañas in the indigenous community of Ventanilla, Morro Ayuta and Escobilla. 
  • Camping in the middle of the jungle.
  • Transport to the projects from the airport.
  • 2 meals per day elaborated by an Oaxacan cook and a simple breakfast (coffee or tea, fruits, bread or mexican tortillas)
  • Local guides who will teach you to understand nature in a completely different way. 
  • Activities coordinator to unlock your full potential. 
  • Basic material to work and for common using.

Afhaal aan de luchthaven op Huatulco Airport

It's possible to pick up you from 9 to 15:00 from Huatulco airport or bus station. We can see possibilities to pick you up from Puerto Escondido airport or Pochutla bus station.


Rooms are called "Cabañas". 

The rooms have three double beds and one bathroom in Escobilla. In Ventanilla, the bathroom is for common use and the have two double beds. They will be shared with part of your team, if you come in the 15 days group volunteering program :)

If you come during the individual volunteering, it's possible that you have to share your room with another volunteer.

Eten & Drank

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner will be provided and it's possible to serve vegetarian food.

The breakfast will be basic, some fruits, toasts, coffee/tea, maybe some seeds such as peanuts... The lunch and dinner will be prepared by a oaxacan cook and she will prepare us the traditional food (also adaptated to vegetarians when possible). In Ventanilla, our cook is Edi, a lovely and incredible woman who cooks very nice dishes! And I have to say that she loves zucchinis to make an amazing soup :) .

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Vlucht tickets
De dichtste luchthaven is Huatulco Airport (HUX) in Huatulco. We assisteren u met het vinden van goedkope vluchten naar Mexico.
Naar het buitenland reizen is een avontuur en het is best om goed voorbereid te zijn. Plots ziek worden of gewond raken, annulaties of diefstal - een reisverzekering voor Mexico biedt zekerheid en is een meerwaarde.
Als je de intentie hebt om als vrijwilliger aan de slag te gaan in Mexico dien je eerst medisch advies in te winnen alvorens je eropuit trekt. Kijk de benodigde vaccinaties na voor Mexico.

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🔆30 of October to 9 of November🔆 (Special call: Día de muertos)

🔆28 of November to 8 of December🔆

Pick up on the first date from 9.00 am to 15.00 in Huatulco airport or bus station

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1 - 2 weken


Kosten: Prijs in USD
1 week (min. verblijf)
11 dagen
2 weken (max. verblijf)
Gemiddelde kosten
$516 /week

De organisatie rekent haar tarieven in EUR. De prijstabel in USD is onderhevig aan valutaschommelingen. Tartarukus zal je op de hoogte houden over de finale kostprijs gedurende uw aanmeldprocedure.
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Sea turtle and wildlife conservation trip

11 days for experience Mexican life as a local travelling along Oaxaca coast & protecting turtles, crocodiles, deers, jungle wildlife, educating children, and more!


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