Biorock Coral Reef Restoration Biorock Coral Reef Restoration Gili Trawangan, Indonésia Gili Eco Trust
Learn how to successfully restore damaged coral reefs using Biorock technology. Learn how to monitor and assess reef health using Reef Check methods.

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Project Details

To restore all coral reefs around the Gili Islands using Biorock technology, monitoring health and diversity using Reef Check method for long term conservation

Originally established in 2002 to protect the Gili Matra marine reserve from destructive fishing practices, the Gili Eco Trust has grown and expanded its activities from marine conservation to waste management, sustainable eco tourism and animal welfare.

From 2004, Gili Eco Trust started the Biorock project, creating artificial reefs and restoring the natural habitat of thousands of fish in previously destroyed areas of reef. Now, we also supervise responsible waste management on Gili Trawangan of more than 500 businesses from daily collection to processing recyclable materials and transporting them off the island.
Alongside these huge campaigns, there is a lot going on with smaller environmental projects , such as working horse healthcare clinics since 2009 and educational workshops and lessons in school for kids, tourists and hospitality staff.
Our mission is to create a sustainable island. To promote ecotourism and provide a healthy environment for working animals. To restore our coral reefs and to replenish our natural fish populations. To ensure that all waste created on Gili T is reduced to minimum levels and managed and separated properly for recycling projects where materials can be transported off the island.


Restore and protect the coral reefs around the Gili islands by building more Biorock structures, installing moorings to prevent further anchor damage and provide education and marine workshops to successfully transplant juvenile corals back to damaged reefs.
Prevent and manage waste and rubbish on Gili Trawangan by recycling and educating both locals and tourists. (Get ready for our GETWasted event 2019 for ALL Gili businesses)
Clean up Gili Trawangan by organizing weekly beach clean-ups every single Friday 5-6pm at a different location.
Reducing the amount of plastic on the island by motivating businesses to provide water refill stations and get locals and tourists to stop buying bottled water,.and encouraging the ban of plastic bags and single use items such as straws and takeout containers.
The main focus of the project is on
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Yes, registered non-profit organization
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Sian Williams
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Social Impact

We take a holistic approach to the conservation and preservation of a tropical and highly touristic island. 

  • Engaging with the local community to offer long term sustainable initiatives, taking action through classes, games and workshops in the local schools
  • Reforesting Gili Trawangan with a tree planting program to improve soil quality, improve root structure and reduce surface runoff, provide shade and cool areas among the concreted paths and concrete hotels.
  • Working with marine police to monitor illegal activity in the oceans - fishing, anchoring, turtle egg poaching and irresponsible tourist behavior
  • Holding awareness events for tourists to ensure their footprint on our island is minimal
  • Debris Free Friday movement where community, tourists and divers get together every Friday to clean the beach in different locations and earn a free beer.
  • Established free welfare clinics for horses for cidomo drivers to learn how to look after their animals with care and longevity, providing free safe riding equipment and padding. Offering free dental and horse shoe services.
  • Established free cat clinics with the Cats Of Gili to ensure free sterilizations for stray cats, vaccinations basic first aid and advice for cat carers
  • Responsible daily collection of waste from businesses from all sectors and categorized waste removal in a 5 bin strategy.
  • Established in 2016 a recycling centre to maximize the amount of recyclable plastic materials processed and sent off Gili Trawngan.
  • Maintaining more than 150 Biorock artifical reef structures to create a barrier reef and erosion protection for beaches and coral reefs previously destroyed by illegal anchoring.

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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