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We believe real change can happen when people find life-enhancing opportunities.

Who we are

Global Nomadic empowers positive change by connecting people with projects

Global Nomadic was founded in 2008 with one clear goal – to empower change by connecting people. We believe real change can only come about when people are able to find the right opportunities with the right ...

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Who we are

Global Nomadic empowers positive change by connecting people with projects

Global Nomadic was founded in 2008 with one clear goal – to empower change by connecting people. We believe real change can only come about when people are able to find the right opportunities with the right organisations. Over the past years, we have grown to offer high-quality international internships in a wide range of professional fields, but our aim is still the same; connecting people with projects.

We provide aspiring young professionals with exactly what is needed to set them apart in the very competitive world we live in. We exist to help you further your career through educational international work experience placements, but also to help NGOs around the world carry out their community-building work, by connecting them with you. By working with local NGOs, charities, and communities you will gain excellent experience and valuable skills, aiding you to further your ambitions – whilst making a difference where it’s needed most.

This world is not a perfect place – and we don’t claim to be able to fix it. But what we can do is provide a bridge between you and the people who can. Our mission is to work towards a better and more stable world by connecting people with projects. We believe we work better together than apart. We believe travel and exposure to other cultures, beliefs and ways of life are the best ways to achieve this. We believe you can travel the world and travel your career.

What we do

We provide access to vetted, worthwhile international internships in a wide range of professional fields.

We work in a range of different fields from veterinary medicine and environmental conservation to journalism, public health, business development and education – matching you with reputable, worthwhile organisations around the world. Unlike many other volunteer organisations, we have personally visited and vetted our project partners, to ensure you a safe and worthwhile international experience.

We also choose to only work with partners whose projects contribute to their local community in a sustainable manner. We do not support, nor advocate orphanage tourism or irresponsible wildlife conservation projects. Our aim is to help our project partners focus on their core work by offering an easy way to find committed interns and volunteers to support their daily activities.

Our volunteers

Global Nomadic is a trusted community meeting space connecting people with NGO projects around the world.

We also offer helping you to source and organise the best flights, insurance, visas and all the many other things you will need before you reach your project destinations, including country guides, packing lists and much more! We want to make sure that you have the volunteering time of your life.

Global Nomadic personally visits all volunteer sites to ensure a quality experience for volunteers. You will receive support before, during and after your placement.

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Jeremy Freedman

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Enya Niedermeier rating4,8

2024 at Teaching and Sports Education

The Green Lion staff are some of the nicest people I have ever met. The other volunteers were so nice too and it was very easy to find likeminded people to hang out with. The program itself was amazing and also educational. Doing sport with the children was so fulfilling and everyone was polite and ...
Dominic Aeschlimann rating4,8

2024 at Construction & Renovation of Community Facilities

I have been two weeks in the project to help in diffrent stuff like painting and prepairing bricks. I enjoyed it a lot and the locals were so happy when they saw it. The stuff is lovley and the other voulenteers too. i would do it immediately ...
Beatriz Nicolau rating5,0

2023 at Whale & Dolphin Conservation in Italy

I had the privilege of participating in this program which I can only describe as the best experience of my life. Angelo, the driving force behind this initiative, is an incredible individual dedicated to making the world a better place. My week on board was nothing short of amazing, offering me a ...
Hannah Lühr rating4,4

2023 at Teaching Placement in Local Schools

I did the Programme for 4 weeks, starting with the introduction week. The introduction week, was an absolute blast, exploring different aspects and sights of Balinese culture. After that, the teaching Programme started, which was at least as good. The kids were very welcoming and even though ...
Solange Lodomez rating4,2

2023 at Lemur Conservation Experience

I fell in love with these wonderful little animals 🥰 I didn't know that I was going to work at LemuriaLand and it has been a great surprise. The staff there is wonderful. Work begins at 7am, not 8am. Volunteer center is located in the town of Hell-Ville, unfortunately. Staff at the center ...
Joyce Anderson rating4,8

2019 at Working at a Local Food Shop

My experience in the food shop is one that I will remember. It was arguably the most tiring thing I’ve ever done. Even if the job was just for half a day, I found it very tiring and labor intensive. I was assigned to food prep and cleaning. It was a tiring job. Despite this, I found myself ...

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  • Zero Hunger
  • Good Health And Well-Being
  • Quality Education
  • Reduced Inequalities
  • Sustainable Cities And Communities
  • Responsible Consumption And Production
  • Life Below Water
  • Life On Land