NGO Support and Work for Human Rights
Inca Trail Adventure & Children Support Cuzco, Peru Volunteering Solutions
A specially designed 2 weeks program that offers a great blend of some meaningful volunteer work and exciting weekend trips. Witness a typical Peruvian lifestyle!
Help the Street Children New Delhi, Índia Volunteering Solutions
Spend some quality time and contribute for the overall development and welfare of unfortunate children, who lived on streets, but now are given shelter by local NGOs.
Travel Adventure & Buddy for Children New Delhi, Índia Volunteering Solutions
Experience the blend of exciting adventure tours and meaningful volunteering work under this specially designed 3 weeks program. Highly popular as a summer project.
Marine & Coast Conservation Supporter Denia, Espanha Volunteering Solutions
Learn new skills and contribute to minimize the adverse environmental impact of tourism and get involved in important conservation and research programs.
Supporter for Children's Education Valencia, Espanha Volunteering Solutions
Contribute towards the welfare of children from poor communities in the society & help them with their education. This is a great opportunity to support child education.
Medical & Healthcare Assistant Cuzco, Peru Volunteering Solutions
Looking for a great future in medical field, or already a certified doctor/nurse? Then, this program is tailor made for you. Join the Medical Program in Peru.
Support the Sea Turtle Ecosystem Galle, Sri Lanka Volunteering Solutions
The main focus of this project is to protect the turtle eggs as well as the baby turtles, and subsequently increase their population.
Childcare & Social Welfare Work Cape Town, África do Sul Volunteering Solutions
Work for the welfare of the local community and underprivileged children in Cape Town
NGO Support and Work for Human Rights Casablanca, Marrocos Volunteering Solutions
Under the NGO Support Volunteer Program, participants are placed with local NGOs working towards the upliftment of the society and the downtrodden in Rabat.
Wildlife Safari Experience & Day Care Arusha, Tanzânia Volunteering Solutions
If wildlife safari is akin to Africa, then Tanzania is a strong reason behind it. Experience a 3 weeks of adventurous safari and meaningful volunteer work in Tanzania.
Elephant & Beach Experience Chiang Mai, Tailândia Volunteering Solutions
The two most popular things about Thailand are Elephants and Beaches. Volunteering Solutions brings you a program that will provide you a comprehensive experience of both
Provide Healthcare Support to Locals Arusha, Tanzânia Volunteering Solutions
Medical volunteering in Tanzania will be a great opportunity for all pre-med, medical and nursing students to know about the healthcare scenario of a Third World Country
Teach English to Young Monks Chiang Mai, Tailândia Volunteering Solutions
Volunteers joining the Monks Teaching Volunteer Program in Thailand, Chiang Mai will teach novice Buddhist monks at five different monastery schools.
Supporting Orphan Children Nairobi, Quênia Volunteering Solutions
Spend quality time with children from the local communities who have faced the wrath of losing their parents at an early age. Share love and affection to show you care.
Work At Kindergarten Bali, Indonésia Volunteering Solutions
As a volunteer, you'll have to provide them with adequate warmth and care, and also assist the caregivers and teachers in their daily chores.
Support Healthcare Nairobi, Quênia Volunteering Solutions
Volunteers in this program work in medical clinics, dispensaries, and hospitals in and around the city of Nairobi.
English Language Helper & Teacher for Students Phnom Penh, Camboja Volunteering Solutions
Having a decent command over English language can be very useful for making a career, and this is what exactly the Teaching English Program in Cambodia aims for.
Support Girl Education Tamale, Gana Volunteering Solutions
The Girls Education Program in Ghana is an effort to empower the young girls of the village communities and help them make a better life for themselves.
Work For Community Development nosy komba, Madagáscar Volunteering Solutions
Join the Community Development Volunteering Program in Madagascar and contribute effectively towards making lives better for the people living in Nosy Komba.
Construction and Community Development Helper Kampala, Uganda Volunteering Solutions
Volunteer in Uganda to help the local community with construction work, assisting local Self Help Groups, assisting local civil society organizations
Work For Educational Development Arusha, Tanzânia Volunteering Solutions
Volunteer Teaching in Tanzania aims at the educational development and enhancement of underprivileged children and spread the knowledge among the younger ones
Contribute to the Healthcare of the Underserved Phnom Penh, Camboja Volunteering Solutions
Be a part of the Medical Volunteering Project in Cambodia, specially designed for medical students or practitioners who are looking for some international work exposure
Assisting In Public Health & Nutrition Initiatives Tacloban, Filipinas Volunteering Solutions
Join hands with on ground team of volunteers and nutritionists in breaking awareness about nutrition balance and feeding programs for malnourished children in villages.
Medical Internship in Hospital New Delhi, Índia Volunteering Solutions
Give your medical career a boost through this extremely useful and learning experience of volunteering under the medical internship program in Delhi
Caretaker in Amazon Wildlife Rescue Center Puyo, Equador Volunteering Solutions
Calling in all wildlife enthusiasts. Work for the conservation of Amazonian animals at the rescue centers, and help in sending them back to their original habitat.
Wildlife & Rescue Center Support San Jose, Costa Rica Volunteering Solutions
Here is one highly recommended program for all wildlife enthusiasts. Volunteers interested in animal conservation activities can take part in this program in Costa Rica.
Become a Dental Elective Intern Cusco, Peru Volunteering Solutions
Dental Elective Internship is designed for dentistry students who wish to gain valuable knowledge and skills by working along with professional dentists.
Football Coach Assistant Accra, Gana Volunteering Solutions
Work as a Football Coach in Ghana and help create the local passion for the game create a better future for the young ones

38 Project reviews of Volunteering Solutions

Project Details

Providing placements to overseas travelers under several different volunteer projects in 25 different destinations across Asia, Africa, South America and Europe.

Who we are?

Volunteering Solutions was established in 2006 with the aim of changing the face of volunteer traveling, and in the last 10 years, we have had more than 15,000 volunteers who completed their journeys with life changing experiences. Nicknamed as VolSol, we provide the best volunteer and intern opportunities to interested candidates from different parts of the world, and we ensure that each of them gets the maximum out of the program they choose.

As an organization, we have a cross-cultural set up in all our offices across the world. We have people from different countries, cultures and ethnicities working for us in order to make the process of volunteer traveling smoother and more flexible.

We have dedicated coordinators at each volunteer destination, coming from different countries.We take care of the volunteer’s placement, traveling, accommodation, meals and security. 

What we do?

Currently, Volunteering Solutions operates in more than 25 countries, providing more than 100 volunteering and interning options ranging from Child Care, Teaching, Medical and Healthcare, Community Development, Marine Conservation and much more. Most of our volunteers are high school students, couples, corporate groups and individuals on their summer break or gap year.

We are in collaboration with NGOs, schools, hospitals, orphanages, HIV/AIDS clinics, women groups and other social welfare organizations all across the globe. Each of these organizations have been working at the grassroot level for years, and successfully contributed towards the development of the concerned people. VolSol has ensured that the contribution of every volunteer is counted, and there’s sustainable growth.

Our mission/vision

Our mission is to offer the most comprehensive volunteer abroad experience to travelers from all walks of life, with a vision to promote ethical and sustainable travelling. We aim to make a difference in the lives of the unprivileged people in different parts of the world and to bridge the gap between the volunteers and the host communities to establish a 'Win-Win' situation for both.

Who are we looking for?

Travelers who are flexible in their approach, dedicated to provide their time and effort, and determined to make a difference in the society. Our volunteers come from all walks of life; be it a high school student or a retired professor. Any and everyone can join our projects, as long as they have the determination to be the part of volunteering brigade. The minimum age requirement to join our programs is 17 years, while, there's no maximum age limit. One need not have any particular degree or qualification to join our programs, and all we look for is the dedication and flexibility in the volunteer. 

Please Note: For our medical programs, volunteers need to be pre-med/medical/or certified doctors.

Why choose us?

Not only our placements are the safest, but also are one of the most affordable all over the world. Our credibility reflects from not only as a registered member of WYSE Travel Confederation, but also from the 11k+ satisfied volunteers whom we have placed in the last over a decade of our operations. 

For the internship programs, participants opting for Medical and Healthcare projects get to work with professionals and learn how to deal in emergency situations. Our internship programs are crafted and designed in a way that every participant gets to know about the medical scenario of the particular country. It is both an inward and outward journey - inward, as you’ll get to learn a lot through first hand experience, and outward, as the society will be benefitted by your contribution.

The main focus of the project is on
Foundation Year
Contact Person
Sahil Sabharwal
Spoken Languages

Social Impact

Our programs are focused on the overall welfare and development of the society. 

More than 15k volunteers, from across the globe, have joined hands together with us, to contribute around 0.74 million volunteer hours under 122 different volunteer projects

Several human wild lives have been developed over the last decade through continuous efforts of our overseas volunteers. Many children have improved upon their spoken English language, animals have been given proper care and attention, girls from village areas have been taught skills, and various other contributions have been made towards making this society better to live in for one and all. 

Our Values

Volunteering Solutions has a set of values, which has strengthened it over time and has helped the organization to grow many folds.


We always strive for excellence in whatever we do. Our focus is on continuous improvement in the process of interaction with people, efficiency at work, and the growth of the organization along with the development of the host communities. We aim to provide the best possible services to our volunteers at the most affordable costs .


Nothing in this world can be sustained without trust, and VolSol believes in this. We have always been true to our commitments, and that has made our volunteers trust us. We have had more than 15K volunteers, and many of them have travelled several times with us just because they trust our services.


Our team has always been dedicated to their duties, and makes sure to optimize their productivity with the given resources. It is the collaborative effort of our hardworking geniuses, who ensure to provide the best possible volunteer placements, local homestays and accommodations, as well as travel options for you


The aim of the organization is to focus on sustainable development, and we have been successfully carrying out our projects in a way that assures visible results. Volunteers dedicatedly work on their assigned projects and our coordinators keep supervising the project sites to ensure productivity.

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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