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Wildlife Rescue, Rehab and Veterinary Clinic

2 - 12 semanas  ·  Idade 18 - 50+

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  • Assist with preparing the sick, injured and orphaned rescued animals food to ensure all their nutritional needs are met. Learn how to provide animal enrichments to alleviate boredom while in care.
  • Have the opportunity of giving a second chance of life to a diverse range of indigenous animals for example, birds, antelope, wild cats, genet, monkeys, baboons, mongoose, meerkats and more
  • Help with the care, treatment and monitoring of each animal’s recovery and progress and ensure their enclosures are clean and maintained for the best environment for their physical needs
  • Those studying veterinary medicine or qualified, may assist the veterinary nurse in the onsite clinic and a private practise veterinary doctor can sign off if needed for university practicals
  • Immense fun in your free time from golden beaches with warm waters for swimming to wildlife reserves for Big 5 viewing or even a boat trip on lake St Lucia. Durban is a multicultural experience!

Especialmente adequado para

Idade 18+

Sobre o programa

Volunteer with an amazing team of wildlife rescue and rehabilitation experts that are dedicated to giving sick, injured and orphaned wildlife a second chance.

This project benefits the animals enormously. You will need to be prepared to muck in with all jobs, such as maintenance of the centre, cleaning out cages as well as feeding and caring for the animals. There is also quite a lot of manual work that you will get involved with such as digging, ...

Sobre o programa

This project benefits the animals enormously. You will need to be prepared to muck in with all jobs, such as maintenance of the centre, cleaning out cages as well as feeding and caring for the animals. There is also quite a lot of manual work that you will get involved with such as digging, building, and cleaning. A perfect project for animals physio or veterinary medicine students and professionals too that are looking to expand into wildlife.

Because we are working with nature, it is extremely difficult to predict each day’s tasks.  A flexible approach is therefore required, as some tasks may be routine, while others will change day by day.  Please remember that we are unable to control nature and cannot promise that there will be “exciting” tasks each and every day. It is important to remember that every little task performed is one step closer to getting the wildlife back into their natural environment.

Volunteer duties are varied so there is something for everyone, from feeds to grounds work and the building of suitable enclosures to assisting in rescues and releases. These releases can take place on various game reserves a few hours’ drive away from the centre. 

You may also have the opportunity to assist in creating items for the wildlife enclosure enrichment programme. You will have to be imaginative as well as creative, as each day the previous day’s item must be removed and replaced by a new one. Volunteers have really enjoyed this aspect of their daily tasks and have had a lot of fun designing tools and toys for the animals to investigate and either eat from or play with.

Those volunteers qualified or studying veterinary medicine, nursing or animal physio, may assist the full-time veterinary nurses in the onsite veterinary clinic. Please let us know if you would need practical credits for your studies as it is possible that this can be used as a veterinary nursing internship. For those studying veterinary medicine, this project can be used towards your university degrees practical credits as there is a local private practise veterinary doctor who also attends to any wildlife that needs more diagnosis, care and specialised treatment not available in the onsite veterinary clinic.

On arrival at the centre in the morning, there will be a list of duties that need to be done will be written up on the whiteboard in the reception area daily – please refer to that and ask if you are uncertain about anything. 

The duties will include:

  • All cages need to be checked for the animal’s previous night’s food and water consumption.
  • All cages in the clinic and in the outside quadrant need to be given fresh newspaper/bedding, fresh water, and food of food for the outside feeds and the delivery.
  • Kitchen to be cleaned after food preparation has been completed.
  • Animal enrichment – you will use your imagination to create entertainment tools for the animals on a daily basis. This alleviates the boredom the animals sometimes feel, and you will be so rewarded at the delight displayed when they investigate their new “toys”. Certain animals, such as the Egyptian Geese, need to be walked/ exercised daily.
  • Tortoise Checks – The health of the tortoises under our care must be examined daily. You will need to check the health and well-being of all the tortoises each morning.
  • General cleaning – Volunteers are also required to assist in the cleaning of the cages, enclosures, carrier boxes and linen used in caring for and rescuing the animals in our care.
  • The following duties also need to be completed daily:
  • Stacking of dishes in the food prep kitchen
  • The sorting of newspapers
  • Preparing the nest boxes for the baby room.
  • Collect and put new branches into all the bird cages in the clinic and the quad.
  • Check that all the cages are stacked and packed away into the storage area and all dry laundry is folded and stored in the clinic alcove.
  • All fridges to be cleaned.

Note on food preparation:  The centre accommodates a wide range of animals including carnivores which need to be fed protein/meat.  Vegetarian volunteers need to be aware that food preparation will include the cutting up of meat and poultry for these animals

We need volunteers who understand and respect the principles of wildlife rehabilitation and want to contribute towards giving the animals the best chance of getting back out into the wild where they belong. Therefore, please understand that with some of the wildlife, human contact is kept to an absolute minimum to ensure a successful release. The essential thing to realise here is that you are contributing to an extremely valuable conservation effort that provides medical care (where required), temporarily homes, and releases wild animals back into their natural environment. It’s therefor important that these animals are not ‘humanised’ during their stay at the project for their own safety when released back into the wild.

Dia típico

The description given is of a typical day (EXAMPLE) but as with working with wildlife, this can change

07:00: Report for duty

07 to 07.15: Morning meeting with staff and volunteers to plan the day ahead

07.15 to 9.00: Morning feeding & cleaning session (Preparing food for all animals and assisting ...

Dia típico

The description given is of a typical day (EXAMPLE) but as with working with wildlife, this can change

07:00: Report for duty

07 to 07.15: Morning meeting with staff and volunteers to plan the day ahead

07.15 to 9.00: Morning feeding & cleaning session (Preparing food for all animals and assisting Clinic Nurses with feeding the animals and cleaning out their enclosures) Assisting with rescues and releases as needed.

09 to 09.15: Tea break

09.15 to 12.00: Assist Clinic Nurses with catching animals that are going to be released, prepping empty enclosures for new arrivals, any ad hoc repair and maintenance tasks. Assist with daily animal enrichment activities such as gathering natural greens, berries and bugs to supplement animals' diets & making a variety of natural treats and stimulating "toys" for the animals from natural materials. Assisting with rescues and releases as needed or any other duties you may need to be required to assist with

12.00 to 13.00: Break for lunch

13.00 to 15.00: Afternoon feeding & cleaning session (Preparing food for all animals and assisting Clinic Nurses with feeding the animals and cleaning out enclosures) Assisting with rescues and releases as needed.

15.00 to 17.00: Relax, read a book or catch a quick power nap

17.00 onwards: Time to prepare dinner and catch up on how your day was

Actividades em tempo livre

The province of KwaZulu Natal (KZN) is renowned for its Wildlife Reserves and traditional Zulu Culture : The attractions range from vibrant cities to rolling hills, from long stretches of beaches to outstanding Big 5 Wildlife Parks and Nature Reserves. These are just some of the sites you ...

Actividades em tempo livre

The province of KwaZulu Natal (KZN) is renowned for its Wildlife Reserves and traditional Zulu Culture : The attractions range from vibrant cities to rolling hills, from long stretches of beaches to outstanding Big 5 Wildlife Parks and Nature Reserves. These are just some of the sites you shouldn’t miss:

  • Big Five Wildlife Reserves for unbelievable wildlife viewing. Nothing better than seeing animals in their natural habitat by vehicle
  • Beautiful St Lucia with its hippos and crocodiles…take a boat trip to view them even closer
  • Hike one of the smaller nature reserves
  • uShaka Marine centre has a wealth of fantastic activities and marine species viewing plus plenty eateries...make a whole day of it
  • Fantastic golden beaches with warm waters thanks to the Indian ocean perfect for swimming, sunbathing, snorkelling and scuba-diving.
  • Try your hand at a surfing lesson…hang 10! Or just hit one of the beautiful beaches on the Golden Mile. Umhlanga beach is a favourite! 
  • Incredible food with a spicy flavour influenced by the large population of South Africans with Indian ancestry….try a traditional “bunny chow” – no it is not made with bunnies
  • Spend a little time shopping at Gateways shopping centre and pop into the local Sharks Board for an educational tour
  • The incredible culture of the Zulu nation. Take a tour to experience their craft, food, dance and music
  • 4 x 4 the Sani Pass up to the highest country in Southern Africa, Lesotho

Private tours can be arranged with a local tour company that we have used for many years. 



Idade mínima: 18 anos

Para aderir ao programa é necessário ter pelo menos 18 anos de idade na data de início do programa. Poderá haver excepções se puder fornecer a permissão do(s) seu(s) tutor(es) legal(ais) ou se estiver acompanhado pelos seus pais.

Habilidades linguísticas

Precisa de falar Inglês (nível básico)

Restrições de Nacionalidade

Sem restrições. São bem-vindas as mãos que ajudam de todo o mundo.

Outras Competências

Veterinary medicine, veterinary nursing, animal physiotherapy, animal husbandry, animal behaviour, animal studies, zoology etc students or professionals would be a bonus

Serviços incluídos

Serviços incluídos

Serviços por Volunteer Int. Adventures

Food for your three meals, shared volunteer accommodation, meeting you at the airport, airport collection and drop-off, pre-departure support and admin, in-country staff, 24- emergency help, donation to the project and your own branded t-shirt.

Discounts available on group bookings

Recepção no aeroporto em King Shaka International Airport

When you arrive, you will be welcomed at King Shaka International airport in Durban at Arrivals. Your name will be on a board. You will then be taken to your project by your driver. At the end of your project, you will be collected at your project, and returned to the same airport, in time for your flight. Please book arrival flights in daylight hours before 15:00 and NOT at night. Please do not book flights until you have booked your project and we have confirmed your dates. 


There is a fully furnished volunteer house that accommodates up to 10 volunteers sharing, at a time. There are three bedrooms and two bathrooms and living areas with an outside patio, fire pit and a braai (South African BBQ). The house is on the grounds of the rehabilitation centre and clinic with other staff also living in separate accommodation right next door to the volunteer house.

Where possible, couples, friends or family who would like to stay together in the volunteer house are given their own room, but this is obviously dependant on how many volunteers there are in the house at the time.

The volunteer house is cleaned once a week by a staff member, but volunteers are responsible for keeping the house clean and tidy on a daily basis and a roster is in place for things like cooking duties and washing dishes. A washing machine is available in the house too so volunteers can do their own laundry. Bedding is provided.

A safe is available in the house with 10 individual safes should you wish to lock away your passport, money or any valuables. Mobile phones do operate with full reception on-site and there is WiFi

Alimentos e Bebidas

Food is provided on this project. Volunteers cook and eat their meals together in the volunteer house as this is a great way to get to know your fellow volunteers and learn a little about their nationalities and cultures. A weekly grocery shop to provide volunteers with 3 meals per day is done by staff and volunteers. 

Any special dietary requirements e.g. vegetarians, vegans are met within reason, however luxury food items are at your own expense.

Acesso à Internet

Bom acesso no local do projecto

O que NÃO está incluído?

O que NÃO está incluído?

Bilhetes de avião

O aeroporto mais próximo é King Shaka International Airport (DUR) em Durban. Ajudamo-lo a encontrar voos baratos para África do Sul. ENCONTRAR VOOS BARATOS

Seguro de viagem

Ir para o estrangeiro é uma aventura e é sempre melhor estar preparado. Doença ou lesão súbita, cancelamento ou roubo - um seguro de viagem para África do Sul proporciona segurança e é uma vantagem a ter. OBTENHA UMA COTAÇÃO


Se pretende ser voluntário em África do Sul deve procurar aconselhamento médico antes de iniciar a sua viagem social. Verifique as vacinas necessárias para África do Sul. VERIFICADOR DE VACINAS

Detalhes à chegada

This project is available all year around with arrivals and departures from Mondays to Fridays (not weekends) and you choose your dates. You would fly into Durban's King Shaka International Airport before 15:00 to be collected by your driver with your name on a board. Space is limited so please try book early. 

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Preços do programa

2 semanas (estadia min.) 850€
3 semanas 1.225€
4 semanas 1.600€
5 semanas 1.975€
6 semanas 2.350€
7 semanas 2.725€
8 semanas 3.100€
9 semanas 3.475€
10 semanas 3.850€
11 semanas 4.225€
12 semanas (estadia máx.) 4.600€
Preços médios 404€/semana

Preços do programa

404€ por semana 2 - 12 semanas Idade 18 - 50+

Métodos de Pagamento

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2 - 12 semanas


O depósito é simplesmente para reservar a sua colocação como voluntário. Os pagamentos são tratados pelo PayPal, o nosso fornecedor de pagamento global de confiança. Se não tiver uma conta PayPal, também pode pagar usando um cartão de crédito.

Pagamento final

O teu pagamento final será acordado com Volunteer Int. Adventures durante o processo de candidatura. As soluções comuns são ou através de transferência bancária ou pagamento em dinheiro no local do projecto.

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Volunteer Int. Adventures

Excelente 4.8 rating (63 revisões)

Agência - fundada em 2020

Verificado por Volunteer World

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Línguas faladas: Afrikaans, Inglês

Sobre o projecto

We are a small, personal, hands-on volunteer organisation with 15 years experience of working with volunteers in conservation and humanitarian projects on the ground.

Conheça seu anfitrião

Volunteer International Adventures is dedicated to youth and animal projects, which are areas of great passion for us. We recognize the need for assistance from international volunteers in developing countries and have witnessed the transformative impact of their hands-on involvement on communities and conservation efforts.

Our core priorities are as follows:

1. Culture and Cultural Sensitivity:

We encourage our volunteers to fully immerse themselves in the culture of the country they are volunteering in, understanding that volunteering differs significantly from being a tourist. By working closely with local communities and project partners, our volunteers gain profound insights into the challenges faced by the country. We actively support and facilitate opportunities for volunteers to engage in various activities, interact with locals, and educate themselves about the nation's history, no matter how difficult it may be. Cultural sensitivity is paramount, and we ensure that our approach is collaborative rather than imposing our own ideas. We welcome suggestions and creative ideas from our volunteers, as they often prove to be feasible and enrich the communities we serve.

2. Fulfilling Volunteer Experiences:

We strive to ensure that all our volunteers leave with a sense of accomplishment. Whether it is helping a child grasp mathematics, teaching cricket to school children, providing sewing classes to uplift youth, participating in wildlife conservation efforts such as satellite collaring African wild dogs or rhino relocation, collecting data on great white shark populations, treating sick indigenous wildlife, assisting with animal sterilization in disadvantaged communities, instilling a love for reading in children, or teaching marimba classes—the list is diverse and extensive. We want our volunteers to develop a deep connection with the country they are assisting and forge lifelong friendships that can serve as future ambassadors for their respective nations.

3. Ethical Projects:

We strictly oppose trophy hunting and the breeding of lions for commercial gain. Our wildlife and animal projects take place in free-roaming reserves, registered rehabilitation centers, or sanctuaries where the animals are non-releasable due to injuries, human habituation, or being non-indigenous to the area. We support local and ethical animal sanctuaries and reserves, which our volunteers can visit during their free time. When working with children in teaching, care, or youth development projects, we require a recent paper copy of a background check (CRB check) from volunteers' countries of origin. This precaution ensures the safety and well-being of the children we serve, who often come from challenging socio-economic backgrounds and have been let down by adults in the past. We prioritize the protection of innocent animals and children who cannot advocate for themselves.

4. Responsible and Sustainable Approach:

We take pride in implementing responsible and sustainable projects that involve local community members, ensuring the continuity of operations even when volunteer numbers are low. While some projects rely heavily on volunteer support due to limited funds, we strive to strike a balance by involving sufficient local participation.

5. Cost Effectiveness:

Having collaborated with volunteers on projects for nearly 15 years, we recognize that volunteering can come at a significant cost. Therefore, we are committed to making volunteering more accessible, reasonable, and inclusive. Our projects encompass various extras, and we maintain affordability by keeping costs low and encouraging increased hands-on assistance. We offer negotiable family, friends, and group discounts, as volunteering together enables us to further reduce expenses. Loyalty is rewarded, and returning volunteers receive special recognition in our projects. Additionally, our costs include donations to our projects, contributing to their sustainability and impact.

6. Safety:

The safety of our volunteers is of paramount importance. We thoroughly vet and assess all our projects, ensuring adequate safety measures are in place. While certain areas may be off-limits due to potential risks, it is important to note that complete safety guarantees are impossible in any location. We have established channels for reporting incidents and maintain close relationships with in-country support on the ground. Furthermore, we possess liability insurance and require all participants to have personal travel insurance. To provide comprehensive support, we arrange airport collections and drop-offs, ensuring our volunteers are assisted throughout their entire journey. We pride ourselves on delivering a personal touch and remain available 24/7 to address any emergencies.

Please remember to arrange your comprehensive travel insurance at the time of booking your trip, as it is an essential aspect of ensuring your well-being and peace of mind.

We sincerely appreciate your interest in Volunteer International Adventures and our commitment to making a positive impact through responsible volunteering. Should you have any further questions or require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

63 revisões · rating4.8

Wildlife rescue, Rehabilitation and Veterinary Clinic is am amazing organization. Great staff and volunteers. Well organized. Clear instruction and support. I was hugely privileged to go on an release expedition for a troop of 25 vervet monkeys, which was hands down the best part of the ...
Laurence Genhart rating2

2024 at Vervet Monkey Rescue & Rehabilitation

J'ai été excessivement déçue de mon séjour à Durban. Je m'attendais à être avec d'autres volontaires, partager des expériences, faire des activités communes et me suis retrouvée toute seule, loin de toutes autres activités, avec des passionnées de singes (qui sont néanmoins très ...
I have absolutely loved my experience in South Africa volunteering with Endangered Wildlife Monitoring and Research, and I am sad that I have to leave in a few days. By the time I leave I will have spent six weeks in South Africa, so I've been lucky enough to volunteer at all three of the reserves ...
Giulia Sanders rating4.8

2024 at Whales, Sharks and Penguins Conservation

I had a wonderful time in Kleinbaai. From cage diving with sharks to feeding the African penguins to whale and dolphin watching, everyday brought something new and amazing! I love being on the ocean and seeing the wildlife which this program offered plenty off. We got to assist clients on the trips ...
Karine Bottiglieri rating5

2024 at Whales, Sharks and Penguins Conservation

truly exceptional, Where to start, the warm and sincere welcome. I am French, my English is average, but they made themselves available to me, they took the time to explain to me so that I understood, always with a smile and patience. the whole team goes out of their way to show you the wonders of ...
Anja Jutta Scharer rating4.4

2024 at Vervet Monkey Rescue & Rehabilitation

If you would like to get involved in an animal project and have a love for monkeys, Carol and Steve are the right people for you. They are incredibly experienced, dedicated and care about every single animal life. It is important to know that they can only pursue their passion with many helping ...


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