Colobus Conservation

Colobus Conservation focuses on the conservation of the nationally threatened Angolan black and white colobus, other primate species, and the coastal forests of Kenya.

About the Project

The forest ecosystem of the coastal areas of Kenya is listed as one of the top global biodiversity hotspots. With high levels of endemic and near endemic species. Included in the primates are the nationally threatened Angolan black and white colobus. Their distinctive appearance has given them a unique place in local cultures and their reduction in number is partly because they have long been hunted for their skins which have special significance in local African tribal customs.
Today however, the greatest threat to these primates is habitat destruction. In Kenya the once extensive coastal forests on which the Angolan colobus depend, has been reduced to a fragmented patchwork along a narrow coastal strip. Sadly, forest loss and degradation is continuing due to pressures from agricultural expansion, urban development, tree cutting for firewood, charcoal and carving wood.
Colobus Conservation began in 1997 as a not-for-profit organisation. The organisation works in partnership with local communities to promote the conservation of the colobus, programmes focus on habit conservation, community links as well as human/primate conflict management, welfare, education and research.

Social Impact

Colobus Conservation responds to welfare cases for all local primate species. The organisation has installed primate canopy bridges along the main road, reducing the number of primates killed. The centre opens its doors to nearly 1,000 school children annually, where they get to learn about local wildlife and the importance of the forest and many community outreach projects.
The organisation has several projects to encourage people to plant indigenous trees and organise tree planting days.

NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organisation
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Kelly Martin
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