V2 Volunteer & Vacation

V2 Volunteer & Vacation combines volunteering programs that respond to local concerns with a unique vacation experience in the Caribbean.

About the Project

V2 Volunteer & Vacation works with partners and volunteers through a process based on shared principles, collaboration and mutual respect. We strive to make a positive contribution to the communities that our volunteer programs serve.
At V2 Volunteer & Vacation we specialise in two-week immersion placements. Through our programs, volunteers gain an understanding of the critical work that their placement organisation carries, as well as the culture and communities they serve. V2 Volunteer & Vacation offers the opportunity to contribute ideas and skills with a mutual commitment to working and learning together.
No volunteer experience would be complete without spending time truly getting to know the surrounding area. V2 Volunteer & Vacation focuses on the volunteer placement - we want our volunteers to have their most meaningful volunteer experience. But we also want to give our volunteers the opportunity to explore the Islands with us. Caribbean people are proud of their beautiful islands, their culture, and their heritage. Through the V2 Experience, you will share an authentic Jamaican or Tobagonian experience.

Social Impact

V2 Volunteer & Vacation partners with local organisations in order to develop sustainable initiatives that showcase the resilience and resourcefulness of local people and tackle issues like poverty, education, the environment and animal welfare. Combining volunteering with a vacation allows people to enjoy all the attractions that the region has to offer with a unique opportunity to delve deep into local life.

Foundation Year
Contact Person
Jade Whyne
Where can you volunteer?
What can you do?
Appreciate the stunning historical sites Learn all about the Tobagonian culture! Animal shelters carry out vital work Veterinary surgeries are often underfunded. Ready to get stuck in! Prepare to make lots of new friends! Enjoy the beaches on your downtime Supervise playtimes and get to know the kids Support teachers in the classroom Make the most of living by the sea Making therapy a fun environment Relax on Tobago's idyllic beaches Learning to groom the horses Enjoy all the beautiful scenery on the island Help the children build up trust Camera shy! Make the most of living by the sea Enjoy Tobago, the Caribbean's eco-tourism hotspo

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