Assistant Animal Keeper Assistant Animal Keeper Limbe, Kamerun Limbe Wildlife Centre
Assisting our keepers during their daily tasks including cleaning cages, preparing food, monitoring animals, preparing enrichment, repairing climbing structures.

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A rescue, rehabilitation and release centre for primates and other animals seized from the illegal wildlife trades.

The Limbe Wildlife Centre (LWC) is a conservation education centre based in Limbe, Cameroon. It is managed by the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife (MINFOF) and the Pandrillus Foundation, an US non-profit NGO also registered in Nigeria and Cameroon. Our aims are to:

• Rescue, rehabilitate and release wildlife rescued from the illegal bush meat and pet trades, and ensure high quality animal husbandry standards and veterinary care for all animals.

• Help secure the long term survival of threatened and endangered species native to Cameroon through conservation education and alternative employment programmes to hunting for the local community.

• Work with law enforcement agencies to combat the illegal bush meat and wildlife trades.

Degradation of habitats, poaching and the live animal trade has led to the rapid decline of hundreds of species. In the Central African region alone, which harbours one of the most diverse populations of primates in the world, monkeys are hunted or poached at alarming rates, including all three African great apes (bonobo, chimpanzee and gorilla). The LWC is one of only three sanctuaries in Cameroon providing a second chance to orphaned, injured and abused wild animals.

We provide care to 250+ animals which have been victims of the illegal bush meat and wildlife trades. These animals include the Western Lowland Gorilla (critically endangered), Central and Nigeria-Cameroon Chimpanzee (endangered), Drill (endangered), Preuss Monkey (endangered), and other threatened species including the African Grey Parrot (endangered).  Since 1993, we have rescued and provided acute care to more than 4,500 animals of various species.

Every year we receive approximately 50,000 visitors, of which 90% are Cameroonian. Through our trained eco-guides we aim to engage local and international visitors in conservation education to raise awareness of the bush meat and pet trades and prevent further decline of wild animal populations in Cameroon.   

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Social Impact

Our main focus is to rehabilitate these animals with the aim, where possible, to release them back into the wild. Many of the animals arrived as orphans after their mothers were killed, and many others were kept as pets in inhumane conditions (some for many years). Upon arrival they are often in extremely poor condition physically and emotionally, suffering from malnourishment and dehydration, parasite infestation, and sometimes wounds from shotgun pellets, snares, ropes, machetes, or sheer abuse, requiring immediate medical attention from our veterinary team. 

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