Village Children Caretaker

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Koordinator | Philip
Koordinator | Philip
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Volunteer in Cambodia and help with the education of neglected children
Organise English lessons and express your creativity
Provide the children with better prospects for their future
Make unforgettable experiences when helping villages' children
Discover Cambodia in you free time with other volunteers
PMGY’s Childcare Volunteers Programme in Cambodia provides volunteers with the chance to educate and work with children between the ages of 4-7 years. This volunteer program is especially suitable for:
Alter 18+

 Tourism in Cambodia contributes a tremendous amount to the economy. This means those who are able to converse in English with foreigners have far more prospects than those who do not. Exposure to the English language during a child’s early years helps initiate the development of this life-long skill of multilingualism. Exposure to native English speakers, therefore, provides a great starting point for this.

Our programme in Cambodia is based in Takeo Province, south of the country’s capital, Phnom Penh. The kids attending our Childcare Programme are from villages nearby, dropped off either by their working parents or collected by our team’s minivan. The childcare centre is located on the same campus as our team’s English Teaching programme for older children and teenagers. As the children progress and grow older at the Childcare project, it is hoped that they will continue their journey with our team with the help of our English Teaching Volunteers. The childcare project therefore aims to also help with this eventual transition and integration.

Participants on this programme will be based within a classroom setting. In addition to developing core English skills, this project focuses on promoting social interaction and routines from a young age. Volunteers will work to advocate all of these aspects through itineraries set by the local team.

There is an office of resources and textbooks, usually managed by longer-term volunteers on site, which you can use to assist you. Volunteers are encouraged to introduce creative and engaging ways to manage the class.

Volunteers and co-ordinators have also introduced a Fun Friday aspect to the programme. This is where if volunteers wish too they come together to organise social activities, plan games and perhaps even organise an afternoon trip outside of the programme for the children. Volunteers usually contribute a small expense to facilitate this, but contributing and participating in Fun Fridays are by no means compulsory.

Volunteers on PMGY Cambodia’s Childcare Programme make an impact by caring for these children and representing a positive influence that is much needed at their tender age. The kids on the project will carry the skills they learn during their time in the programme for the rest of their lives.


 Volunteers of PMGY Cambodia’s Childcare programme can expect to spend between 3-4 hours on the project each day. Time on the project will include various roles and tasks for the volunteers. Days will usually begin with a lively and energetic first hour of songs, games and basic hygiene tasks like teeth brushing. After burning off any excess energy, approximately one-hour will be dedicated to learning. This may include activities such as learning and recognising the alphabet, understanding phonics and the coaching of basic greetings. Combined, these types of tasks help to familiarise the children with this foreign language and also advances their learning ability for other subjects in the future. A typical day on the childcare project will end with various activities that focus on practicing fine motor skills and dexterity. This may be through arts and crafts or group games. Participants on this programme will also have the opportunity to assist or lead an older class on our English Teaching project. However, this is optional and not a mandatory requirement of the programme.



PMGY volunteers are based 90 minutes away from central, exotic Phnom Penh. Set along the banks of the mighty Mekong, Cambodia’s capital is the Asia many dream about as well as an attack on the senses. And that’s all part of the attraction!

From the glimmering spires of the Royal Palace to the trendy café culture, the city is one of the hippest in the region and fast becoming an essential feature in the itinerary of anyone travelling to South East Asia.

PMGY’s volunteer programmes in Cambodia allow you to engage with some of the most disenfranchised members of the community and see a side of this magnificent country to which the average visitor will be totally oblivious. Whilst you’re not volunteering there a number of wonders throughout the whole country that will keep you entertained.



Um an diesem Programm teilzunehmen, musst du zu Programmbeginn mindestens 18 Jahre alt sein. Es kann Ausnahmen geben, wenn du die Erlaubnis deines/r Erziehungsberechtigten vorlegen kannst oder wenn du von deinen Eltern begleitet wirst
Du brauchst folgende Sprachkenntnisse: Englisch (Fließend)
Polizeiliches Führungszeugnis
auf high school Niveau
Es gibt keine Beschränkungen. Helfende Hände aus aller Welt sind willkommen.
Deine Hilfe wird an folgenden Tagen benötigt: Montag, Dienstag, Mittwoch, Donnerstag und Freitag von 09:30 - 13:30


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Abholung vom Flughafen Phnom Penh International Airport



 During your time with PMGY you will live in our volunteer accommodation which is just around a 20 minute tuk tuk from the centre of Takeo where you will find local restaurants, convenience stores and ATMs. You’ll be living with other volunteers from around the world, so you’ll make plenty of friends along the way. The accommodation is very basic, based in a remote location and in a dormitory like form. Each room has bunk beds with up to 16 people per room usually in same-sex rooms. Fans are available in the room as well as mosquito nets and bedding. Volunteers are advised to note that mattresses are not provided due to hygiene issues and come with a wooden bottom, thin duvet sheet and pillow. Therefore, you are also welcome to bring your own mats, travel pillows or blow up mattresses if you want some extra comfort. There is social areas spaced out around the accommodation compound for volunteers to relax and unwind. Bathrooms are shared, have a shower and western style toilet. The water is cold but this shouldn’t be a problem as Cambodia is hot and humid all year-round! Volunteers are advised to bring their own toiletries from home as a lot of the products in Cambodia (for example shampoo and shower gel) have bleach in them, so it may be better to bring these kind of products from back home. Each volunteer is provided with a trunk to place their items. These trunks can be locked, therefore we encourage you to bring some small padlocks for these. Alternatively, valuables can be stored with our local team in their private area. There will also be fridge space available for volunteers to store any items they need to keep chilled. Volunteers are advised to note that cupboard space is not available within the dorm. The volunteer accommodation is located right next to where our local team live and on the same site to where we run our afternoon teaching programme. Although volunteers have their own private space there is still the security of living next to our local team who can assist you if need be. It is also a great way to learn more about Cambodian culture and practise your new-found language skills!Please note that the accommodation volunteers live in is within very close proximity to a lot of animals, including dogs, cats, cows and chickens.

During our busiest months (June to September) you may be placed at alternative accommodation. This could be a nearby guesthouse or one of our summer Volunteer Houses.


Each day we will provide you with breakfast and dinner (Monday-Friday) at the accommodation which will be prepared by the cook – all cutlery and crockery etc is provided. For breakfast, you’ll be provided with toast, eggs, jam, noodles, coffee, tea. In the evening you will be provided with a traditional Cambodian dish with the odd western meal. Filtered drinking water is available free of charge for you to help yourself as you please.

You will need to purchase your own lunch. Volunteers are advised to budget around $3 each day for lunch. You will need to purchase your own lunch. Volunteers will usually head into town/the local market a couple times a week and stock up on lunch supplies such as noodles, pasta or snacks to bring back and store at the accommodation.

All meals at the weekend are at volunteers expense and not included in the Programme Fee. Volunteers will usually travel at the weekends anyhow.

Vor Ort gibt es leider keine Internetverbindung
Was ist NICHT inklusive?
Visa, Flüge, Reiseversicherung und Impfungen sind NICHT in den Programmgebühren enthalten.
Der nächstgelegene Flughafen ist Phnom Penh International Airport (PNH) in Phnom Penh. Wir helfen dir günstige Flüge nach Kambodscha zu finden.
Ins Ausland zu gehen ist ein Abenteuer, auf das man sich stets gut vorbereiten sollte. Plötzliche Krankheit oder Verletzung, Stornierung oder Diebstahl - eine Reiseversicherung für Kambodscha bietet die nötige Sicherheit.
Bevor du deine Freiwilligenarbeit in Kambodscha antrittst, solltest du dich noch einmal von deinem Arzt beraten lassen und deine erforderlichen Impfungen für Kambodscha überprüfen.

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Informationen zur Anreise


Jan Feb Mär Apr Mai Jun Jul Aug Sep Okt Nov Dez
4 - 24 Wochen


Kosten: Preise in USD
4 Wochen (Mindestaufenthalt)
6 Wochen
8 Wochen
10 Wochen
16 Wochen
24 Wochen (Maximaler Aufenthalt)
Durchschnittliche Gebühren
$117 /Woche

Bitte beachte, dass die oben angegebenen Gebühren geschätzt sind. Plan My Gap Year wird dich während deines Bewerbungsprozesses über die endgültigen Programmgebühren informieren.
Anzahlung (15%)
Mit der Anzahlung reservierst du deinen Platz beim Freiwilligenprogramm. Zahlungen werden von PayPal abgewickelt, unserem vertrauenswürdigen globalen Zahlungsanbieter. Falls du keinen PayPal Account hast, kannst du die Anzahlung auch mit einer Kreditkarte bezahlen.
Restzahlung (85%)
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Volunteer World ist die weltweit führende Vergleichsplattform für internationale Freiwilligenarbeit. Wir führen dich durch einen sicheren und einfachen Bewerbungsprozess. Plane deine nächste sinnvolle Reise mit Volunteer World und erhalte freien Zugang zu:
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Village Children Caretaker

PMGY’s Childcare Volunteers Programme in Cambodia provides volunteers with the chance to educate and work with children between the ages of 4-7 years.


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