Girls Empowerment Girls Empowerment Accra, Ghana AFAWI
We are looking for volunteers to help us in our Empowering Girls Project, which focuses on supporting girls in Ghana.
Support the Livelihood of Women Accra, Ghana AFAWI
We are looking for volunteers to help in our LivelihoodProject, which focuses on empowering women in Ghana through provision of loans, saving accounts, business training.
Child Support Assistant Accra, Ghana AFAWI
We are looking for volunteers to support our project with focus on supporting vulnerable and sick children in Ghana trough financial and medical support.
Farming and Education Supporter Accra, Ghana AFAWI
We are supporting a school in Ghana to build and grow vegetables on its own farm and provide nutrition education for the students.

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AFAWI is a grassroots Ghanaian organization, that has been striving to narrow the gender gap and empower women and children in Ghana for over ten years.

Alliance for African Women Initiative (AFAWI) is a grassroots Ghanaian organization, striving to narrow gender gaps and create opportunity and prosperity to empower women and children in Ghana for over 10 years. We strongly believe in sustainable development and strive for our projects to become self-reliant.

AFAWI therefore takes a holistic approach to sustainable development through consulting and collaborating with communities to meet their needs and goals, to ensure projects will bring the most opportunity and success, to empower the communities as a whole.


We believe in sharing ideas and collaborating with people to bring about real positive change. Together we can change our world! 


​To create an enabling environment for the vulnerable in society, especially women and children.


​AFAWI seeks to ensure equitable development for both rural inhabitants and poor urban dwellers, especially women and children.

The main focus of the project is on
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Yes, registered non-profit organization
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Marlene Keller
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Social Impact

The Alliance for African Women Initiative (AFAWI) is a grassroots Ghanaian organization, founded in 2006. The background idea was, to stand up for others and work on eliminating existing stigmas, through targeted use of cultural knowledge and creation of local jobs. AFAWI later opened its doors for intercultural exchange and became a home for several students and volunteers from all over the world. Until now, the combination of grassroots work and lively international exchange distinguishes AFAWI from other institutions and makes the achieved results even more special. 

With our projects we are striving to narrow gander gaps and create opportunity and prosperity to empower the vulnerable in society, especially women and children. It is thereby overall important for us to always follow the principle of giving help to self-help and strengthen the country Ghana and its society from the bottom. 

Through a variety of projects within the last 14 years, we were able to bring out real positive change for several women and children. AFAWI´s projects are ever evolving and dependent on the communities needs, meaning we are constantly working on our main projects on site and on the same time trying to develop new contemporary ideas with a collective of engaged individuals from all over the world . This leads to a unique combination in our organization between field work in Ghana and accompanying (social) media performance. 

Evaluating the outcome and social impact of our work and projects, we are today counting several hundred community members as continuous benefiters. 

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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