English Co-ordinator and Teacher Assistant English Co-ordinator and Teacher Assistant singaraja, Indonesia Bali Dyslexia Foundation
Make a profound difference in the lives of children from poor villages in Bali. Be creative, and lead your students to be inspired by you. A meaningful and rewarding role
Coral Reef Restoration Buleleng, Indonesia Bali Dyslexia Foundation
contribute to conserving and building a new coral reef in North Bali. Transplanting broken coral and growing new baby coral is the practical experience you'll receive.
Assistant teacher trainer and student assessor Buleleng, Indonesia Bali Dyslexia Foundation
Assist in organizing teacher training workshops for local Indonesian teachers. Coordinating with the project leader and following instructions prior and during the course

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Project Details

A Social Educational Program based on:
Reshaping Minds on Dyslexia and supporting disadvantaged children in remote locations in North Bali, Indonesia.

We are a non-profit organization situated in North Bali providing classroom support to dyslexic children and teacher-training programs which embody the latest research to ensure that literacy is taught effectively in the classrooms of Bali.

The population of Bali, Indonesia is over 4.2 million. Catering for a growing population there are hundreds of underfunded schools with little or no material to practice inclusive education.

Dyslexia in Bali is misunderstood for laziness leading children to feel frustrated and discouraged.

Bali Dyslexia Foundation is proud to be Bali’s first free service offering teacher training, student assessment, ongoing support, and student scholarships specifically for students with dyslexia.

                      Student Intervention

Opportunities for students with learning difficulties such as Dyslexia to progress and develop their knowledge at the same pace as their peers.
Students to access the same opportunities, such as employment and moving onto tertiary or further education.
Bali Dyslexia Foundation will enable children with dyslexia to become all that they can be without prejudice or shame.
Providing tailored resources to meet the needs of the learners.
Effective interventions ‘personalize learning’ by matching provision to meet children’s individual needs and quicken the pace of learning for those with literacy difficulties, thus narrowing the attainment gap with their typically developing peers.

Teacher Intervention

Our teacher training courses provide teachers, TA's and other education staff with the knowledge and skills to support their dyslexic students. Onsite training and tailored one to one programs are offered to all teachers who are on the program.
We are a non-profit organization that offers teacher-training programs which embody the latest scientific research to ensure that literacy is taught effectively around the world.

The main focus of the project is on
NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organization
Foundation Year
Contact Person
Andie Carroll
Spoken Languages

Social Impact


Extending far beyond enrolled students, the Bali Dyslexia foundation Social program has a three-fold impact in the wider community:


§  Improved Skills, Performance, and Family Functioning: 

As a child recovers self-esteem and masters important skills, difficult relations with family and peers move toward resolution.  

§  Tutors' Ripple Effect: Many teachers certified as tutors go back to their schools and use their training to help their students advance in the public system. Children whom Bali Dyslexia Foundation has professional has an annual impact on up to 80 children.


§  Public Awareness about Dyslexia: One of our deepest goals is to increase public awareness of the nature and characteristics of dyslexia and the hidden social costs of applying interventions and the options available for treatment. 

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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