Sea Turtles Conservation Assistants Sea Turtles Conservation Assistants Kuala Besut, Malaysia Fuze Ecoteer
Sea turtle conservation project on the beautiful Perhentian Islands, Malaysia
Diving Supporter for Marine Conservation Perhentian Islands, Malaysia Fuze Ecoteer
Dive into marine conservation to assess the health of corals, carry out shark surveys, care for the coral nursery and improve the waste management system of the island.
Wildlife Rescue Centre Animal Carer Yogyakarta, Indonesia Fuze Ecoteer
Care for wildlife that is caught in the illegal animal trade. Help the Centre to rescue and rehabilitate the wildlife before they are released back into the wild.

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Project Details

A social enterprise that focuses on various areas of conservation that provides volunteering, schools and universities learning expeditions and team-building programmes.

Fuze Ecoteer works with the aim to connect people with nature! With 3 conservation projects under its belt in Malaysia and1 rainforest and wildlife conservation partner project in Malaysia and 1 wildlife rescue partner project in Indonesia, Fuze Ecoteer offers students, conservationists, aspiring conservationists and the general public a chance to volunteer for their favourite cause and learn and contribute to it. 

Alongside volunteer projects, Fuze Ecoteer also offers field trips for schools and universities and team building programmes and corporate volunteering programmes for businesses. Fuze Ecoteer programmes are focused on the conservation of endangered wildlife and enhancement of local communities across Southeast Asia. 

Always paying close attention to its environment, Fuze Ecoteer not only focus on nature and wildlife but also always work to empower and work with the local community. We approach a holistic view of improving our environment to ensure its sustainability. The local community plays an important part in all of our projects as we use their services, become part of their community and aid them in increasing environmental awareness and also provide education on environmental issues and conservation work.

We created Fuze Ecoteer with a desire to work outdoors, bring people from diverse backgrounds closer together, help people get involved with conservation and solve community issues. We want to make the world a better place through adventure programmes. -- Come along and be part of the journey!
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Daniel Quilter
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Social Impact

Since our establishment in 2012, we have had 6,592 volunteers at our projects. With their help, our team has saved 145,749 turtle eggs across various nesting beaches we protect from poachers, predators and from being consumed. Only 1:10,000 turtles will survive to adulthood and therefore, it is imperative that we work to protect them from the beginning of their life cycle - when the mother turtle is nesting.

From our partner project in Indonesia, we have managed to save 163 animals from the wildlife pet trade. We have also successfully released 43 animals back to the wild! All these are achievable through the rescue and rehabilitation work that they do. 

We have had 3,467 corporate participants involved in our nature-based and conservation-driven corporate programmes. These programmes vary from being a one-day event, a whole week event or even a few programmes throughout the year. We have organized both team-building and corporate volunteering events for corporations.

We also have had 4,478 school students in our programmes both international and local students. We believe in allowing kids to learn from nature by being in nature, observing and experience its magnificence to have a better understanding of themselves and their surroundings.

Through our weekly beach cleanups, we have collected 173,283 cigarette butts from the beaches. We have also collected 45,384 discarded plastic bottles!

In the course of all of our programmes, we utilize the services of the local community to ensure its success. To date, we have contributed RM1.8 million through the engagement of their services such as via meals, cooking lessons, transports, accommodations and more!

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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