Sports Coaching & Workshops Marine Conservation Expedition with PADI training Cap Ternay, Seychelles GVI
Get your PADI Advanced Open Water and PADI Coral Reef Research Diver qualifications as a member of an expedition team working on critical marine conservation
Jaguar Conservation Jalova, Costa Rica GVI
Discover the Costa Rica rainforest and assist in the research of the endangered Jaguars.
Marine Conservation & PADI training Puerto Morelos, Mexico GVI
Earn your PADI diving certificate when you join this conservation team and discover Mexico’s Mesoamerican coral reef and its abundant wildlife.
Turtle Rescue & Conservation Giannitsochori , Greece GVI
Discover historic Greece and make a real contribution to the conservation and protection of one of the most important loggerhead turtle nesting areas in the region.
Island Conservation Expedition Victoria, Seychelles GVI
Travel to the Seychelles and contribute to critical research and conservation efforts within a national park.
Women's Empowerment Initiative Luang Prabang, Laos GVI
Travel to city of Luang Prabang, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and contribute to sustainable women’s empowerment initiatives in the local community.
Climate Change & Island Habitats Seychelles, Seychelles GVI
Travel to the tiny tropical island of Curieuse to learn about the effects of climate change on Small Island Developing States
Lemon Shark and Turtle Conservation Mahe, Seychelles GVI
Spend time on the stunning island of Curieuse while you contribute to vital conservation efforts to preserve some of the islands most important species.
Tropical Island & Coastal Environment Restoration Curieuse Island, Seychelles GVI
Contribute to the removal of invasive species on Curieuse Island to help native species recover.
[Remote] Marine Conservation Virtual Internship Devon, United Kingdom GVI
Most conservation organisations agree that marine species are under threat. Join this online Internship to kickstart your career and help solve this problem.
Climate Change & Coral Bleaching research Suva, Fiji GVI
Assist with marine conservation initiatives, like surveying corals for recovery after previous coral bleaching events and tropical storms
International Development and Teaching Internship Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica GVI
Become TEFL certified, gain work experience, learn Spanish, and explore Costa Rica in your free time.
TEFL and Teaching Internship Luang Prabang, Laos GVI
Earn a TEFL certification and gain work experience teaching children and young adults abroad in Laos.
Social Media & Wildlife Conservation Internship Curieuse Island, Seychelles GVI
Gain work experience in an environmental communications role while contributing to the conservation of Curieuse island.
Reptile & Amphibian Diversity Research San Jose, Costa Rica GVI
Hike through the Costa Rican rainforest identifying reptile and amphibian species.
Marine Conservation & PADI Divemaster Internship Suva, Fiji GVI
Earn your PADI Divemaster certification while exploring the waters surrounding the islands of Fiji and Thailand.
[Remote] Global Public Health Virtual Internship Devon, United Kingdom GVI
Join this Online Internship to gain real-world experience and a contextual understanding of the day-to-day responsibilities of a public health professional.
Teaching and Early Childhood Development Cape Town, South Africa GVI
Gain practical experience in the early childhood development field, while being based in the city of Cape Town, South Africa
Under 18's Turtle Conservation Giannitsochori , Greece GVI
Record nesting activity and protect hatchlings from predators as they make their first journey to the ocean, making a difference to the conservation of the population
Bird Research & Wildlife Conservation Jalova , Costa Rica GVI
Assist in the protection and study of both aquatic and forest birds, whilst living and working in a Costa Rican rainforest.
Community Healthcare Initiative Dawasamu, Fiji GVI
Healthcare support is a major benefit to any local community. This program aims to enrich the Dawasamu community through encouraging a healthier way of living.
Global Public Health Short Term Internship Devon, Thailand GVI
Improve health and well-being in the community of Ban Nam Khem in Southern Thailand through education.
Women's Empowerment & Gender Equality Siem Reap, Cambodia GVI
Contribute to sustainable and long-term gender equality initiatives in Siem Reap, a charming riverside town in Cambodia.
Wildlife Expedition Jalova, Costa Rica GVI
Join a team of international participants in Tortuguero National Park on Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast. Your hands on work will contribute to the long-term management and
Marine Conservation & PADI Training for Teens Puerto Morelos, Mexico GVI
Learn about ocean conservation and receive your PADI Open Water Diver certification in Mexico.
[Remote] Climate Crisis & Clean Energy Internship Devon, United Kingdom GVI
Join us on the Climate Crisis and Clean Energy Virtual Online Internship to gain experience in projects that help to prevent the climate crisis.
Elephant Research Karongwe Reserve, South Africa GVI
Witness African bush elephants in the wild while working with an international team on ongoing wildlife conservation efforts.
Youth Empowerment Short-Term Internship Siam Reap, Cambodia GVI
Help contribute to educational projects in the Cambodian province of Kampong Cham.
Wildlife Conservation Internship Karongwe Reserve, South Africa GVI
Complete a three month training program then gain another three months of field experience with a South African conservation organisation or private nature reserve.
Plastic Pollution & Conservation Phang Nga, Thailand GVI
Lead beach cleans, analyse data collected, conduct plastic awareness workshops in the local community, and assist with sea turtle conservation in Thailand.
[Remote] Wildlife Conservation Virtual Internship Devon, United Kingdom GVI
Join this online Internship today to gain real experience contributing to the work of NGOs, government organisations and social enterprises that focus on key issues.
Turtle Conservation & Research Khao Lak, Thailand GVI
Take part in crucial conservation efforts by getting involved with turtle research in Phang Nga.
Teaching English & Community Development Manuel Antonio , Costa Rica GVI
Travel to Costa Rica to teach English in Quepos.
Sports Coaching & Workshops Cape Town, South Africa GVI
Participating in sports from a young age has lifelong health benefits, including reduced risk of obesity and so much more!
Coral Reef Conservation Research Phang Nga, Thailand GVI
Contribute to coral reef conservation research in Southern Thailand.
Local Wildlife Conservation & Research Limpopo, South Africa GVI
Travel to a private reserve in South Africa, home to lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo, and rhino, and become part of an international research team
Marine Expedition and PADI Divemaster Internship Puerto Morelos, Mexico GVI
Get your PADI Divemaster qualification and boost your career when you join a scuba diving and marine conservation internship in Mexico’s picturesque Yucatan peninsula.