A horse lovers adventure in Incredible India A horse lovers adventure in Incredible India Gurgaon, India Natural Horsemanship India
Spend some time with us and our amazing Marwari horses for a unique opportunity to be trained in natural horsemanship in the beautiful Indian countryside.

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We teach and train people in the non-violent methods of Natural Horsemanship

The organisation was created by two advanced students of the world renown horse whisperer Monty Roberts. After spending some time training at his school in California, we set up a Natural Horsemanship Centre in India's capital. We are India's only natural horsemanship school. Horses have long been part of India's history and culture but a lot of the methods used are traditional and can be painful and cruel for horses. Horses are also used in construction sites or markets as working animals, owned by people who are not educated as to how to best take care of them. We work in partnership with local NGOs to help train rescued horses as well as spread the word on non-violent ways of training and being on and around horses. We also work with stud farms and other equestrian organisations training their horses as well as teaching their teams. 

We also use horses for equitherapy, personal developments and corporate leadership trainings. 

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Charlotte Kingsman
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Social Impact

Many people in India who work with horses use traditional and harsh methods. A lot is due to a lack of awareness so we work to spread the knowledge and methods to reduce the occurrences of horse abuse and neglect. We work with local animal rescue organisations to help them rehabilitate rescue horses as well as train their ground staff to handle horses. We have rescued horses ourselves too, and either kept them or found good homes after training them to be safe. We train grooms to handle horses in a gentle way. We also have therapy sessions with children who suffer from autism or cerebral palsy. We host plenty of ‘introduction to natural horsemanship’ sessions so that as many as people as possible can learn about the benefits of these gentle, natural methods. 

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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