English Teaching Community Service English Instructor for Children Chitwan, Nepal Nepal Friendship Society
Help to improve the teaching of English as a foreign language at a governmental school of Nepal. Contribute your ideas and share your expertise.
English Teaching Community Service Chitwan, Nepal Nepal Friendship Society
Do you ever get a feeling that you have a special purpose on this Earth? In fact, if you had a chance, you would surely save the world. Here’s your opportunity to start.

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If you had the chance, you would surely save the world ...., well may be not the world, but some small part of it. Join our campaign give us a hand.

Nepal Friendship Society’s working areas are in various districts of Nepal. We aim on empowering the marginalized communities, children and youth through

  • education, workshops and trainings
  • supporting green sustainable environment
  • supporting peace and harmony
  • as well as providing awareness on HIV/ Aids and drug related activities.


Nepal Friendship Society’s vision is to improve the quality of life of poor and marginalized people and to raise awareness in the community of Nepal by enabling sustainable development.


Our mission is to enable equitable and sustainable development by improvement of skill management and rising awareness on a local level.

The main focus of the project is on
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Yes, registered non-profit organization
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Birendra Poudel
Birendra Poudel
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Social Impact

Problems and challenges:

  • There are marginalized and poor children living in the community, who can’t effort any private education in Nepal.
  • Gender inequality. (Discrimination between boys & girls and men & women)
  • Level of awareness is very low
  • Girl trafficking
  • Drug peddling


Nepal Friendship Society wants to empower marginalized communities with the focus on children, youth & women through an awareness program and community training to promote basic human rights, equity and economic well-being.


  • Empowering and helping children and youth within their communities through education.
  • Promoting community based sustainable development and friendly environment practices.
  • Campaigning against HIV/AIDS and rising awareness against drugs and smoking.
  • Providing a Youth Leadership Program, helping youth role for peace and harmony to promote basic human rights, equity as well as economic well-being.
  • Organizing youth exchange and support a better exchange on a local level through volunteering.

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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