Environmental Education for Young People Agricultural Entrepreneurship Hoedspruit, South Africa Nourish Eco Village
Providing business and entrepreneurship skills through strategic workshops to develop small businesses through agriculture.
Environmental Education for Young People Hoedspruit, South Africa Nourish Eco Village
Our Green Kidz programme is our Environmental Education focus, where kids from the local village come to learn about conservation and sustainability.
Early Childhood Development Focus Hoedspruit, South Africa Nourish Eco Village
Our Rise Creche focuses on Early Childhood Development and local training. The program is focused on playbased learning to provide the best development opportunities.

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Project Details

We engage with our communities through an Eco Village model with a variety of programming initiatives that fall under benefaction, education, enterprise and tourism.

Nourish is a non-profit organization registered with the Department of Social Development in South Africa and has been running since 2011 in a village on the border of the Greater Kruger Park area. 

Our focus is on growing resilient communities. We believe in fighting poaching through fighting poverty - and thus all our projects are integrated, holistic and sustainable: to grow a better tomorrow...

Our goal is to create sustainable change - and have long-term impact in the spheres of both conservation and community upliftment. We believe that by working to grow resilient communities, that are healthy, educated, and have access to opportunities, we can break the poverty cycle and thus impact the poaching coming out of rural areas.

Our projects are all interlinked and holistic, in order to help a community grow in all aspects. We focus on early childhood development, food security, English literacy, social integration,
environmental education, conservation experiences, and entrepreneurial training.

We have a programming structure at Nourish as follows:
- Green Kidz (our environmental education programme-We support 11 elementary-schools around the area)
- Social Enterprise, where we support and grow small businesses through an incubator
- Agro-Ecology training, very similar to permaculture, but more suited to African conditions
- Rise creches (Our Early Childhood Development programme. We support 6 pre-schools around the area)
- Eco Village (this includes our recycling programme and our general day to day outreach into the village around us).
The main focus of the project is on
NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organization
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Loren Barougier
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Social Impact

The community of Sigagule and the surrounding rural villages in the Acornhoek area of Mpumalanga struggle daily with even the most basic elements of life. Access to running water, and electricity is a difficulty most face daily. And sanitation, and access to employment is a luxury. There is a high unemployment rate, as well as many children orphaned by HIV, who now live with grannies or extended families. Many children have access to schooling, but as education levels are low at schools, and duties are many at home - people"s lives are in a constant struggle just to provide for basic needs such as food, fire and water. Itsis in this poverty cycle - context in which Nourish works.

The conservation area of the Kruger National Park and the surrounding private nature reserves (near Sigagule) have issues just as big as those that lie in the communities. Poaching/illegal killing of wildlife has become a daily threat to conservation, with rhino poaching (as well as lion, elephant, pangolin, and vulture) threatening on a daily basis. Animals are being killed for their horns, hide, bones or skins. Many anti-poaching units in this area are on patrols to keep the fence lines safe. This area is a tourism Mecca with the Kruger and its neighboring reserves drawing hundreds of thousands of tourists a day to see the incredible South African wildlife - which is under daily threat.

Nourish works to connect conservation issues and community issues, believing that we can fight poaching through fighting poverty. Our goal is to grow resilient wildlife communities that have the ability to grow their own food, speak good English, and can access jobs. 

This creates empowered individuals who can make their own decisions about the custodianship of their African heritage. Much of our time is focused on linking tourism to our communities, thus unlocking the ability of tourism to bring in income and opportunities at a local level, making conservation and tourism important. 

We believe that conservation and communities cannot exist in isolation of each other - hence our goals through all our projects to interlink, grow, conserve and uplift. The holism of Nourish is important as it works with the community as a whole - as sees the problems in a bigger picture.

Started in October 2016, the Nourish creche is for the most vulnerable children (many from broken families) who could not afford school fees. These 52 children come to the preschool daily for two warm meals and developmental learning games.
As we learnt the importance of early childhood development, good hygiene, food security, educated interactive teachers and a sanitary environment, we created the RISE outreach to assist six village creches to better their standards for their children.

Every day 40-70 children from the local village of Sigagule walk to Nourish for our aftercare programme. We do an hour of reading daily in English, and then have various activities including our Eco Club, crafts, homework, yoga and sport.

We provide the concept, implantation, training, mentorship and support for community SMME's such as Nourish Social Enterprise, which not only financially supports Nourish but also creates jobs. With providing business skills and financial literacy is a vital part of empowering and capacity building. Through strategic and basic workshops we equip people with the ability to run their businesses and lives.
Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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