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Volunteer abroad for business development and support local economies with your valuable knowledge...

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Volunteer Projects and Internships for Business Development

Why volunteer for Business Development?

Most volunteer projects are powered by NGOs. NGOs (non-governmental organizations) are non-profit organizations that have carrying-out-activities as their main purpose. Just to give you a heads up on NGOs, let’s take a look at some facts and figures that may surprise you:

  1. There are an estimated 10 million NGOs worldwide.
  2. The number of people worldwide donating money to NGOs increased from 1.2 billion in 2011 to 1.4 billion in 2014. By 2030, the number is expected to grow to 2.5 billion.
  3. The term “non-governmental organization” was created in Article 71 of the Charter of the newly formed United Nations in 1945. An NGO can be any kind of organization provided that it is independent of government influence and is not-for-profit.

This will give you an idea of the kind of influence NGOs have in the world. Although profit is not their main aim, they need funds and the support of motivated volunteers to be able to continue their meaningful cause. NGOs need business-savvy individuals that can raise awareness about their cause in order for them to do more for the community.

If you’ve always wanted work experience abroad, we have some excellent business volunteer opportunities. Apply for one of these programs and you’ll be involved in pushing the organization forward while forging a strong connection with the local community. This is a wonderful chance for those who are looking to apply for future jobs abroad. Combine this with a breathtaking location and you’re set for a life-altering adventure.

What will I do as a Business Development volunteer?

So many possibilities arise when you decide to volunteer for an NGO. Help is always needed and it’s likely that you will organically grow into the program abroad and end up doing the jobs that you excel at. Your activities will depend on the duration of your stay abroad.

Let’s look at some of the different activities you will be doing as a business development volunteer:

  • Managing the team
  • Focusing and implementing on marketing strategy
  • teaching
  • writing proposals for fundraising
  • doing research on future development opportunities.

The longer you stay, the more responsibilities and work you will get. More new opportunities will unfold the longer you stay and rest assured that future jobs will follow.

NGOs differ from profit organizations in the sense that their primary goal is to provide help. Their focus is on the activity while profit organizations focus on generating profits as their main goal. Although NGOs focus on their activities, they still rely on funds to be able to fulfill their purpose and support the communities.

An important aspect of these programs is creating awareness about their cause and attracting funds to ensure continuity. Volunteers will make great assets to the business development team when they are:

  • comfortable in sales
  • great at developing relationships
  • standing up for what they believe in.

If this sounds like you, volunteering for business development will bring great satisfaction. You will be part of the puzzle that enables the program to continue to support the local community and you will get the unique opportunity to apply your business skills in a unique setting.

There are some projects that focus on helping local communities set up their own businesses with the support of micro-financing. If you have an economics background and like coaching others, consider joining one of these programs. By volunteering for micro-financing projects you will help raise the standard of living of so many simply by empowering them with the ability to run a small business.

A day as a volunteer for Business Development

The jobs you will be doing as a business development volunteer will depend on the project and its location and can vary on a daily basis. It’s important that volunteers help out where necessary and are happy to pitch in. Teamwork is the keyword and allowing the program to perform at its best will require excellent communication between all members of the team. These are a few activities that you may expect from most programs:

  • General administration tasks (phone, paperwork, bills etc.)
  • Communication with volunteers and volunteer organizations
  • Creating proposals for fundraising
  • Teaching English to the staff
  • Attending meetings
  • Updating websites and social media
  • Writing articles and publishing pictures about the organization for fundraising
  • Setting up meetings, doing presentations
  • Organizing events to increase awareness about the project

Who can volunteer?

You might wonder if you are cut out for the project. We’re convinced you’ll do great as long as you’re excited about the program. In case you’re still in doubt, we have listed a few personality traits which are great to have as a business development volunteer:

  • a social mindset
  • empathy
  • a good work ethic
  • the ability to work as part of a team
  • great communication skills
  • adaptability to different types of tasks
  • administrative skills
  • management skills
  • hands-on approach
  • problem-solving ability
  • enthusiasm
  • resilience
  • a non-judgmental approach and respect for diversity
  • great cultural awareness
  • a professional attitude to work
  • willingness to establish a connection with the local community
  • a strong regard for health and safety
  • eagerness to travel abroad
  • dedication

It’s not necessary to tick all the boxes of course, but you get it by now. As a business volunteer, your greatest asset is your enthusiasm and the will to help. Check out the different business development volunteer projects and prepare yourself for a thrilling experience abroad. Africa, Asia or Latin America? Ghana? Cambodia? Peru? There’s so much to choose from!

A day as a volunteer for Business Development

English is the main language on all projects so it’s important that volunteers have a good understanding of English. This is important to communicate with the staff at the project center and other volunteers For projects in South America, it would be great to have a basic knowledge of Spanish prior to going. Knowing some Spanish words will definitely kickstart your volunteer adventure abroad and help you connect with the local community.

Best places to for Business Development volunteers

There are plenty of projects spread across the world. It’s just a matter of finding the right match for you and setting off for your adventure abroad. Africa, South America and Asia are possibilities to start your new adventure abroad.

Do you want to develop websites in Africa, take pictures of elephants in Thailand or lead a fundraising team in South America? Let’s take a closer look at the different places some of these projects can take you to. One thing is certain: a world full of opportunities has opened up for you!

Latin America

Volunteers who want to explore Latin America may want to brush up on their Spanish before starting on one of the programs abroad. It will make the experience more enjoyable. Volunteers lured by the call of the Caribbean can head to the Dominican Republic and end a rough day with a stroll on the beach. South America remains a touristic hotspot which gives volunteers endless opportunities to explore. Cultural gems like Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, and Peru are on the list so check out the different programs and decide on your best match.


If there’s a region in the world that requires help, it’s definitely Africa. Volunteer for a program and set out on a volunteer safari in pristine locations such as Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, or Tanzania. Grasp this opportunity to support a region which is underdeveloped and give them the support they need while you take in the astonishing landscape of the African savanna. Volunteers attracted to Africa, this is your chance to make a meaningful difference.


Volunteers who are drawn to Southeast Asia are in luck. There are projects in Nepal and Vietnam that are waiting for volunteers to strengthen their teams. Enjoy the friendly company and acknowledge the breathtaking scenery while you volunteer for a program located in one of these hotspots.

Top 5 benefits of volunteering

It’s hard to name drawbacks when talking about volunteering. It’s always associated with doing good and positive feelings. You’re aware by now that by contributing your time and effort at a business development volunteer project, you will help the program in countless ways while positively affecting the local community. But first, let’s take a look at what’s in it for you:

Learning Opportunities

Volunteering for an NGO program will give you practical hands-on experience which can earn you credits if it’s acknowledged as an internship by your university. Your work can also prove to be relevant for your CV and may land you future career opportunities. Above all, your experience abroad will teach you important life lessons that you are yet to discover.


Volunteering abroad is a great chance to meet people from different cultures and walks of life. You’ll connect with the local community and other volunteers who have similar values and interests as you. Get ready to forge some long-lasting bonds as you start out on this adventure abroad.

New Experiences

Volunteering is a brilliant way to expand your perspective of the world. Issues that seemed huge problems before, may seem trivial after your volunteer experience. Life experiences such as this give us more baggage that can prove helpful in the future. Volunteer for an NGO and watch how you become a stronger individual.

Health Improvements

Research has shown that volunteering leads to improved health and a better state of mind. Those who volunteer have lower mortality rates, function better and suffer less from depression. Get ready for a volunteer program abroad and reap some of the health benefits along the way.


This is your chance to explore the world and discover some of the most interesting places the world has to offer You’ll be doing this while contributing to a meaningful cause. What are you waiting for? Get out your luggage and start packing!

How do I get started as a Business Development volunteer?

You’ve decided you want to become a business development volunteer to support a meaningful cause. Select a few projects that spark your interest, to begin with. Once you’ve done that, let’s take a look at the first 3 steps which will send you on your way to volunteering for business development:

  1. Check whether there’s a match between the project abroad and your skills.
  2. Take a look at the location of the project and decide whether it would be a location you are willing to travel to.
  3. Get in touch with the organization abroad and see whether your expectations and your schedule match up.

Once you know your destination, take the following steps before setting off on your life-changing adventure!

  1. Look into the visa requirements for the country you will volunteer in.
  2. Make sure you have a valid passport.
  3. Be sure to get travel and health insurance for your time abroad.
  4. Check which vaccinations are required in the country you will be visiting.

As a business development volunteer, you will create an impact abroad. It will be a life-changing experience where you will get closer to the local community. Travel to Africa, Asia or South America and but your entrepreneurial skills to excellent use!