Wildlife Conservation for Teenagers Building for the Community Akuapem Hills, Ghana Projects Abroad
Get your hands dirty and assist with hands-on construction work while volunteering in Ghana.
Medical Internship for Teenagers Chitwan, Nepal Projects Abroad
Join our medical internship for teenagers and learn directly from doctors. You’ll shadow them on their rounds and rotate through different departments.
Conservation and Community Work (50+) San Cristóbal , Ecuador Projects Abroad
Travel to the Galapagos Islands with a group your age and do hands-on conservation and community work.
Sea Turtle and Wildlife Conservation Assistant Cuyutlan, Mexico Projects Abroad
Travel to Mexico and carry out vital sea turtle conservation. You’ll work with expert conservationists to protect endangered species like the Olive Ridley Turtle.
Sea Turtle Conservation Group Cuyutlan, Mexico Projects Abroad
Live and work with a group in Mexico and become part of our ongoing efforts to protect endangered sea turtles.
Football Coaching Assistant Accra, Ghana Projects Abroad
Live in West Africa and get coaching experience by helping local children improve their football skills
English Teacher & After School Activity Assistant Heredia, Costa Rica Projects Abroad
Improve the English language skills of primary school students and inspire local teachers with new teaching techniques
Medical Internship for High School Students Arusha, Tanzania Projects Abroad
Gain valuable medical experience learning from professional doctors and nurses in vibrant Tanzania
Classroom & School Construction Arusha, Tanzania Projects Abroad
Build classrooms and other school buildings for children in a Maasai community
Human Rights Law & Awareness Internship Arusha, Tanzania Projects Abroad
Get practical legal and human rights work experience while helping protect the rights of women and children
International Development & NGO Internship Guadalajara, Mexico Projects Abroad
Work with local and international NGOs to address problems facing local communities in Guadalajara
Himalayan Conservation Expedition Annapurna Mountain Range, Nepal Projects Abroad
Join our Himalayan conservation project in Nepal and help with our ongoing efforts to protect the Annapurna Conservation area.
Giant Tortoise & Sea Lion Conservation San Cristobal Island, Ecuador Projects Abroad
Live on the Galapagos Islands as a conservation volunteer. Care for Giant Tortoises and plant tree saplings. Exclusive access to the Galapagos National Park.
Basic Public Health Internship Phnom Penh, Cambodia Projects Abroad
Gain practical healthcare experience and help improve the overall health of people in disadvantaged communities
Birds, Butterflies and Bats Conservation Barra Honda , Costa Rica Projects Abroad
Live in Costa Rica’s dense tropical dry forest and work with animals on the frontlines of conservation.
Giraffe & Lion Conservation Soysambu, Kenya Projects Abroad
Help protect endangered animals in the Savannah. Work with conservation experts and preserve biodiversity for future generations!
Human Rights Protection Internship Accra, Ghana Projects Abroad
Gain hands-on human rights work experience while empowering and educating marginalised communities in Accra
Medicine Internship North-East Tanzania, Tanzania Projects Abroad
Learn directly from doctors and do health checks during outreaches in this vibrant African country
Sea Turtle Conservation for Teenagers Cuyutlan, Mexico Projects Abroad
Work with conservation experts to help protect turtle nests and eggs, do biodiversity studies in the lagoon, and travel to a crocodile centre to study the animals there.
Medical & Rehabilitation Internship Kathmandu, Nepal Projects Abroad
Gain invaluable medical experience while working alongside knowledgeable nurses and doctors in Nepal.
Nursing Assistant Internship Kathmandu, Nepal Projects Abroad
Shadow nurses in hospitals or clinics and gain practical work experience during outreach work.
Building Classrooms Kathmandu, Nepal Projects Abroad
Travel to Nepal and help rebuild and repair classrooms damaged by earthquakes.
Nature Conservation for Teenagers Barra Honda, Costa Rica Projects Abroad
Team up with teenagers from around the world to protect the majestic wildlife of Costa Rica
Human Rights & Justice Internship Córdoba, Argentina Projects Abroad
Join our Human Rights Internship in Argentina and gain practical experience raising awareness about justice and dignity for all in marginalized communities.
Diving & Coral Reef Protection Krabi Province, Thailand Projects Abroad
Dive into the sky blue waters of Thailand and become part of our coral reef conservation efforts
Public Health Assistant Internship Cebu Island, Philippines Projects Abroad
Gain practical experience conducting basic medical checks and raising awareness to prevent diseases
Medical Work Internship Western Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka Projects Abroad
Gain medical work experience learning directly from doctors in hospitals and doing health checks
Animal Rehabilitation Assistant Cape Town, South Africa Projects Abroad
Gain practical experience with animals and support staff at a shelter or help rehabilitate seabirds at a rescue centre
Lemur Research and Protection Andasibe, Madagascar Projects Abroad
Work at the forefront of rainforest conservation in Madagascar beneath lush and green canopies. Explore the forest trails and identify beautiful wildlife along the way.
Law and Human Rights Internship Cape Town, South Africa Projects Abroad
Live and work in Cape Town and gain work experience while learning from lawyers and human rights professionals
Medical Department Internships Hanoi, Vietnam Projects Abroad
Gain medical work experience by learning directly from skilled doctors in a hospital department of your choice
Animal Caretaker in a Shelter Ambergris Caye, Belize Projects Abroad
Work at a shelter and help local staff care for stray animals and prepare them for adoption
Barrier Reef Conservation Placencia, Belize Projects Abroad
Dive with the Belize Barrier Reef animals and do vital coral reef conservation work in Central America
Shark Conservationist Viti Levu, Fiji Projects Abroad
Explore the underwater world of South Pacific sharks in our marine conservation program
Nutrition Internship Viti Levu, Fiji Projects Abroad
Help disadvantaged communities whilst working alongside professionals and gaining practical work experience
International Development Internship Hanoi, Vietnam Projects Abroad
Live in Hanoi and work with local NGOs to support vulnerable communities
Wildlife Conservation for Teenagers Tuli, Botswana Projects Abroad
Work on a reserve in the heart of Africa and help conserve wildlife and bush ecosystems
Africa’s Big 5 and Wilderness Conservation Tuli Wilderness Campsites, Botswana Projects Abroad
Explore the African Bushveld and help us achieve our mission to create a space where animals can roam freely and thrive!
Medical Internship in Hospital & Community Cebu Island, Philippines Projects Abroad
Learn directly from doctors in professional medical settings while experiencing life in the Philippines