Teaching Children And Assisting Our Local Teachers Teaching Children And Assisting Our Local Teachers Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Samaritan Volunteers
We run a school which help children from low income families to have access of getting free education where local teacher and volunteers conduct lessons to our children

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We are non profit organization based in providing and supporting free education to the children from low income families and access them with better education and future

Samaritan Volunteers is an Organization registered under the Non-Government Organization Act with Registration Number 00NGO/R/2581. The Organization based in providing and supporting education for children from low-income families in Chamazi community. We run a school know as Samaritan Education Centre which provide free education for a maximum of 100 children from kindergarten level to secondary education. The school was founded in September 2018 with the help of international volunteers who are regularly visit our project throughout the year. We are located in the South party of Dar es salaam region in a village called Chamazi. Our village is one of the safety place to be, people here are very friendly and welcoming and they always like to share our tradition and culture with people from abroad. The local life experience here is amazing since you will get immersed with our culture and experience the everyday life of locals

Our mission and vision is to ensure that every child in Tanzania wants to study and have the opportunities for that. We believe that a child future success and advancement in life is greatly influenced by their early educational experience as those who go to school early develop an interest in education more than those who have not participate in early learning education.

Our goals is every child to have access to a vibrant safe and stimulating place to study. Every neighborhood should have a modern school area that is suitable for children, whatever their family's income. We believe that education is a necessary and a human right, not a luxury. 

We are looking for volunteers international and local volunteers with education skills and those who are willing and passion to help and supporting education for our children. We are sure that truly helping children requires cultural exchanging with people from different countries and by inviting volunteers we will be able to improve the mindset and motivation of each and every child. 

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Yes, registered non-profit organization
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Emmanuel Peter
Emmanuel Peter
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The population of the Chamazi village is about 20300 residents. Children and teenagers represent up to 50% of the village’s residents. Most of the local families have 3-6 children and the majority attend public schools which are found in Chamazi and the villages nearby, there are 6 publics schools supporting the average of 3000 students each. Even though there are still many children and youth who spend most time in the street and loosing opportunity of getting education due to high population in our public schools, poor infrastructures and less motivation from parents to take their children to school. Another issue is that there are not enough teachers in public schools. One teacher can have more than 100 students per class. In addition, children have no motivation to attend school due to the less attention from their parents, poor life and unstable income from their parents.

Spurred into action by the huge number of children and youth who spend all-time on the streets, Emmanuel founded the charity project intending to motivate kids for education and inviting volunteers from around the world to showcase how knowledge and education create opportunities to improve quality of life. To date, the Samaritan Volunteers Organization run Samaritan Education Centre and Samaritan Kindergarten school where 100 children from low income families are studying every day. For the last four years more than 70 volunteers have visited and shared their knowledge with kids. More than 80 children graduated from our Kindergarten school and now they are students of primary schools. Over 400 children from Primary and Secondary schools benefited from our school through evening class and improved their English language, Mathematics and Computer skills. We also managed to support public schools around our village through volunteering activities in different projects which benefits the education of our children

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