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Allround Caretaker

2 - 6 weeks  ·  Age 20 - 50+

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  • Meet Moses the cat and his tribe - the Masters of Heart Coherence
  • Experience minimalism - and enjoy simple greek lifestyle
  • Make an impact - show us your skills and creativeness
  • Create beauty - Artists and Creatives welcome
  • Meet animals on eyesight - and learn to talk to them

Especially suitable

Age 20+

About the program

I am looking for caretakers, interested in the beauty of simple greek lifestyle who would like to make this healing place a more beautiful and functional one.

"Living like Dr Dolittle" - the program not only for animal lovers and animal caretakers. My name is Marie-Anne. I am a retired bavarian vet and animal whisperer. When I first came to Greece I was stunned by all the suffering I saw - in humans, animals and nature. A lot of violence here, ...

About the program

"Living like Dr Dolittle" - the program not only for animal lovers and animal caretakers. My name is Marie-Anne. I am a retired bavarian vet and animal whisperer. When I first came to Greece I was stunned by all the suffering I saw - in humans, animals and nature. A lot of violence here, maltreating each other seems to be usual. Meaning each spring the strays at the beach are poisened and killed out of mere despair and lack of knowledge. 

My project is about creating a difference and showing that it is not so complicated to do so. I moved to Greece and rented a little neglected olive groove house nearby. First step was to create a livable place there. We now have 50 qm with bath, sleeping room, main room with kitchen, sun terrace and garden. The house is in a deserted area, no noise, 300 m up the mountain and 2,5 km from the Ionian sea. Wild and beautiful surroundings. 

Short after the place was there, stray animals came searching for help and food. We now have a group of 5 cats living in the house, 1 stray cat in the process of moving in, a few stray cats that want to be wild, 1 watch dog, 1 dog for adoption, wild turtles and other animals passing by looking for medical care, water, food and a bit of love. We respect their will and do what we are called for.

Now that the place and the animals are there in a basic form, we need to make it beautiful, repair, recycle, do landscape and garden work, make it a better place and give it back it's natural beauty and order. That is a lot of work to do that sometimes needs specialists and sometimes needs all round caretakers.

The olive groove house is the place where you as volunteer are ment to live. It is apt for a single person or a couple. Depending on your talents and knowledge you can help to take this place to the next level - make it beautiful, give it a natural touch and still improve the situation of the animals living there or passing by there. We are always looking for skilled craftsmen, artists, photographers, social media specialists or caretakers - there is nearly nothing we won't find helpful. Your stay will be 2 to 6 weeks - time to leave your footprint here. In case you are doing maintenance or garden you will be with our Albanian gardener Ilia, in case you are cleaning, painting or doing art you will be with our Iranian house manager Nasrin, in case you are doing online work, you will work with me. 

As said before: essentials are honesty, truthfulness and reliability. We expect you to communicate open and non violent. We prefer quiet and clean people. It is a non smoking area and house, no drugs, no noise, no excess of alcohol. Visits of foreigners in your time here have to be talked about and approved in advance. You are supposed to be at the house each night, as you need to care for the animals. 

What we offer is a healing place, silent nature, purity, empathy, heartfulness and any transfer of knowledge or healing advice you may need. At least two of the stationary cats already have healing abilities and enhanced heart coherence. We offer animal contact on eyesight. 

Equipment: please bring your own laptop if you want to do online work and bring your own art equipment, if you want to do artwork. 

NOTE: Plan 6 months upfront as we are usually booked 4 months upfront - we do not offer LAST MINUTE Programs or stays. 

NOTE: We need to talk to you via video conference upfront to your stay once you applied. We will not take volunteers without having talked to them at least online. 

NOTE: Do not apply if you can't walk dogs or can't do gardening.

NOTE: Our summers are hot. After 15th of July you might face 38-42 °C daytime and 25 °C nighttime. it will not rain from mid of June to mid of September - so water is very preciuos here. The winters are stormy and rainy. We do not have snow and barly have freezing temperatures.

Typical day

  • 8:00 animal feeding, changing the water, cleaning animal plates - give medication if necessary
  • 8:00 animal care such as grooming, caretaking, walking the dog, playing with them 
  • 9:30 Q&A talk with Marie-Anne 
  • 10:00 house keeping and cleaning in your place - we expect you to be a clean person
  • 10:30 - ...

Typical day

  • 8:00 animal feeding, changing the water, cleaning animal plates - give medication if necessary
  • 8:00 animal care such as grooming, caretaking, walking the dog, playing with them 
  • 9:30 Q&A talk with Marie-Anne 
  • 10:00 house keeping and cleaning in your place - we expect you to be a clean person
  • 10:30 - 13:30 find yourself work to do in maintenance, painting, repairing, gardening, beautfying accourding to the list we made for the week - in summer a lot of gardening is to do - in winter we go for maintenance.
  • 14:00 make sure of your resting time with the animals or go to the sea for a swim, or use this time for shopping
  • 16:00 walk the dogs - we now have a stationary watch dog and 1 dog we care for untilits adoption
  • 18:00 water the garden (in summer it may take 90 min) or do some harvesting, planting or weeding anything that needs to be done in the garden accourding to the list
  • 19:00 feed all animals, change water, give medication if necessary
  • 19:30 cook and enjoy the fireplace in winter or the roof terrace in summer
  • late: let the dogs out for a pee before you go to sleep

  • After waking up and having your greek cup of coffee you will start with animal feeding and animal care. At 9:30 I am there for you to plan the day or answer the questions and needs you have. You are quite sure to go through an emotional process while staying here. This place has high energy quality, is full of nothingness, so you will meet yourself and your shadows and Moses will be your cat therapist through all the time. 

    In the forenoon you are expected to do your housekeeping, washing etc and then go for the volunteer work you selected. The thing to accept is that your animal care and garden care is on daily base. It is not too much to do but daily. Your free time is mainly in the early afternoon. The evening feeding time alters due to sunset time. The watering too alters due to season and temperature.

    Garden watering can be work in summer, and you are supposed to care for the plants, look at their needs and not do watering automatically. It is about plant care too. 

    In the evening you are free after feeding the animals - the only thing is to let the dogs out for a pee before you go to sleep. You will meet a lot of nothingness, maybe the first time realize how loud your normal life is, because here you will hear nothing but nature. 

    The guesthouse has no TV and no Radio - on purpose. But is has good and free internet. You are expected to be quiet and not noisy.

Free-time activities

Your free time will usually be in the afternoon and after evening feeding. This place is best for people who love nature, the sea, sunsets and enjoy quiet introspection. Great place for reading, writing, painting, meditating, doing yoga or Qi Gong.

Free-time activities

Your free time will usually be in the afternoon and after evening feeding. This place is best for people who love nature, the sea, sunsets and enjoy quiet introspection. Great place for reading, writing, painting, meditating, doing yoga or Qi Gong.



Minimum Age: 20 years

In order to join the program you need to be at least 20 years old on the program start date.

Language Skills

You need to speak English (fluently)

Criminal Background Check


Nationality Restrictions

No restrictions. Helping hands from all over the world are welcome.

Other Skills

I really appreciate any knowledge in gardening, general maintenance, DIY and of course genuine creativity.

Time Commitment

Your helping hand will be required on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 08:00 - 20:00

What's Included

What's Included

Services by FutureLink Earth

The fees include:
  • accomodation in the 50 qm guesthouse with bathroom incl. washing machine, sleeping room, main room with kitchen, sunterrace. The house has a woodstove for the heating in winter and an aircondition for the cooling in summer.
  • cleaning of the house after your stay
  • basic foods of the region for vegeterian cooking
  • basic houshold goods
  • towels, bed cloth, kitchen equipment
  • Pickup at Kyparissia bus station during daytime preverably 12 pm (that is the time the bus from Athens arrives)

Airport Pickup at Kalamata Airport

As we live in the middle of nowhere we provide at Kyparrisia KTEL bus station during daytime. It is not reasonable to drive up the hills here once it is dark. So we cannot pick you up during nighttime.

If you think of renting a car, go for front wheel drive or 4x4. 

If you need to spend a night in Athens before taking the 8 am KTEL overland bus from Kifisos bus terminal to Kyparissia we recommend Socrates Hotel which is cheap, good and near to the train station you will drop off coming from Athens airport. 

We can provide payed pickup at Kalamata airport cheaper than a taxi but in daytime only.


  • 50 qm privacy for yourself
  • sleeping room
  • main room with kitchen
  • bathroom
  • sunterrace and roof terrace
  • garden
  • It is simple greek style, no TV, no radio but speedy internet.

Food & Beverages

  • coffee, tea, water and 1 bottle of wine per week
  • greek olive oil
  • basic vegeterian food such as rice, potatoes, lentils, chick peas, vegetables, fruits, cheese and joghurt
  • We provide the food (a full fridge) but you need to cook for yourself.

Internet Access

Good access at the project site

What's NOT included?

What's NOT included?

Flight Tickets

The nearest airport is Kalamata Airport (KLX) in Kalamata. We assist you to find cheap flights to Greece. FIND CHEAP FLIGHTS

Travel Insurance

Going abroad is an adventure and it is always best to be prepared. Sudden illness or injury, cancellation or theft - a travel insurance for Greece provides security and is a plus to have. GET A QUOTE


If you are intending to volunteer in Greece you should seek medical advice before starting your social journey. Check your required vaccinations for Greece. VACCINE CHECKER

Details on arrival

We will try to do a bridge over of at least 2 h with your predecessor so that you can have a easy start and know things before getting responsable on your own. We have a shared google drive with lots of information and a whatsapp group where you can connect to other volunteers.

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Program fees

2 weeks (min. stay) 900€
4 weeks 1,600€
6 weeks (max. stay) 2,300€
Average fees 416€/week

Program fees

416€ per week 2 - 6 weeks Age 20 - 50+

Payment methods

Visa Master Card Maestro American Express PayPal



2 - 6 weeks


The deposit is simply to reserve your volunteer placement. Payments are handled by PayPal, our trusted global payment provider. If you don't have a PayPal account, you can also pay using a credit card.

Final Payment

Your final payment will be agreed with FutureLink Earth during the application process. Common solutions are either via bank transfer or a cash payment at the project site.

Meet your organization

FutureLink Earth

Outstanding 5 rating (19 reviews)

Agency - founded in 2020

Verified by Volunteer World

  Moderate response rate

Coordinated by

Ursula Ingrid

Spoken languages: Italian, German, English, Greek

About the project

UPDATE: loking for a long term volunteer Dec/Jan/Feb - please ask for special conditions - painting, gardening and animal care are the tasks

Meet your organization

My name is Marie-Anne, and I am a retired animal doctor and animal whisperer. In early 2020, due to the changes induced by COVID in our social lives, I founded FutureLink Earth, an organization meant to provide a link to a future world worth living in. While the rest of the world focused on the virus and methods to combat it, I focused on the message and impact on conscious living that mankind was given during that time. I had shifting helpers in all the fields FutureLink Earth touched and brought into awareness. Main credits go to Sandra and Eike Stehr, Neil Dougan, Sophie Mayrhofer and Daniel Glück, Dr Priya Subramanian, Zachuas Ogonji, Patricia Hatherly, Nasrin Sharifpour and Immo Heinrich.

FutureLink Earth works in human welfare, animal welfare, health education, and intercultural understanding. Since 2020, we have held three online summits - the Cat Online Summit, the Homeopathy Online Summit, and the 2020 Online Summit - and created a YouTube channel with over 500 videos and 100 live streams on topics of animal health, human health and immunostimulation, permaculture, sustainable living, and related topics. We founded the FutureLink Academy for Consciousness Training, with four courses, and founded the "Dr. Dolittle Sanctuary". In 2022, we published our FutureLink WebApp, which contains free and non-free material, ranging from a free consciousness training to a very complex self-study program on how to regain "Trust in Life" for traumatized people.

FutureLink Earth is situated in the Greek mountains on the Peloponnese Island in Greece. From my office, I have a marvelous view over the Ionian Sea while staying alone on the top of the hill, enjoying Greek olive groves and the sounds of the cicada amidst wild and lonely nature. This place is suitable for people who want to learn about a very simple and natural Greek lifestyle and want to stay in pure nature. We have poisonous animals here, such as vipers, centipedes, black widow spiders, and scorpions, which help us to keep up our instincts and awareness in nature. We are 2.5 km from the sea and its natural sandy beach and 300 m up the mountain, far away from any town or village.

Our vision is to be part of the creation of a future world that is worth living in and provides good living for all inhabitants on earth. Nonviolent communication and lifestyle, conscious living and awareness, consciousness training, permaculture, and healthcare for humans and animals (especially traumatized ones) are essential to us. We seek to enhance human and animal welfare by providing and sharing knowledge (health knowledge), connecting cultures, and promoting peace and understanding in any way open or possible at the moment.

"Be the change you are looking for" is a motto I have always followed, and now, it is a motto I teach in many ways. The FutureLink Earth goal is to take action and be part of a world worth living in, a world with social connection, peaceful action, mutual understanding, and unconditional caretaking for each other.

I am looking for different kinds of volunteers who share one thing: heart connection. Those who want one thing: heart wisdom. Those who see the world through the eyes of their hearts. I do not mean pink glasses or romanticism :-) - I address people who place mind over matter and heart over brain, who are coherent, able to share, communicate, co-work and cooperate. Honesty, truthfulness, and reliability are the basics required of any volunteer who wants to visit.

If you want to enhance your heart field, heart wisdom, intuition, emotional and social intelligence, regain trust in life and living beings, heal inner brokenness, share your special gifts and knowledge, or express your creativity and talents, you are welcome.

19 reviews · rating5

Kerstin Mohsenzada rating5

2023 at Allround Caretaker

I volunteered for two weeks and had a really great time here. For me it was a journey to get to know me better far away from the noise of the city and from the everyday life that often occupies one. I had an amazing time with the cats and Juliette; the best guard dog. She really is a special dog ...
Carolina Molina Prescott rating5

2023 at Allround Caretaker

This volunteer experience was just lovely. Marie Anne together with the animal family have created the perfect atmosphere in the midst of nature for those who need peacefulness and joy. The cats from the sanctuary are truly healers who make sure you find yourself cared of during your stay. If you ...
Claire Leech rating5

2022 at Allround Caretaker

I made the decision to come to 'FutureLink Earth' in Greece after a breakup. I was left without a home and unsure where to take my life next. Marie Anne offered this beautiful place to heal in exchange for caring for the animals and her garden. I noticed straight away how cared for and loved these ...
Max Berresheim rating5

2022 at Allround Caretaker

Ive stayed a little over 2 weeks with Marie-Anne and the Animals. She is a loving Person and ive always felt welcome and safe. I got introduced to the animals and the routine by a fellow Volunteer that stayed there before. Ive taken care of a stray Dog and a number of cats while i stayed on top of a ...
Julia Giesselmann rating5

2022 at Allround Caretaker

I had a wonderful time with all the cats and especially Angelo is my favorite cat and he liked to cuddle all day and all night. Miss him and the other ones as well ...
Johanna Meier rating5

2022 at Allround Caretaker

I volunteered here for a month and can wholeheartedly recommend this place. If you want to be in touch with nature, find inner harmony as well as do something good and worthwhile, this is the place to be! The cats are great teachers, and you will not only learn how to take care of them, but also ...


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