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English teacher assistance

4 - 10 weeks  ·  Age 18 - 50+

rating  Excellent 4.8  · 
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  • Experience the Ugandan way of life and enjoy evening country walks through our typical rural based communities.
  • Gain Ugandan fluency by living with a host family and sharing daily life with the rural communities
  • Become more passionate about your major and propel your career with international experience.
  • Make memories you will never forget during weekend excursions and tours with your fellow participants seeing our abundant natural resources and tourist attractions in the pearl of Africa Uganda.
  • Visit our social cultural tourist attractions in the Buganda kingdom like the kasubi tombs the biggest grass thatched housed in the world,the Kabaka Man made lake and the Ugandan museum

Especially suitable

Age 18+
Wheel Chairs

About the program

The teacher will work with local teachers to teach our pupils the English language at different schools in the area ranging from kindergarten,primary and secondary .

The program is important because it is targeting the education of our young generation to be equipped with the basics of using the English language effectively and efficiently.The social issues that we face especially in the rural areas where we are located are lack of information due our people ...

About the program

The program is important because it is targeting the education of our young generation to be equipped with the basics of using the English language effectively and efficiently.The social issues that we face especially in the rural areas where we are located are lack of information due our people being not able to read by themselves because most of the information is found in English which the community members do not understand.We try to solve this issue by empowering the communities with quality basic education so that they can be able to communicate effectively and efficiently with the other communities and on different platforms and media.The program is mainly about teaching our children the English language which is our official language used by the people in all sectors of our country.English is the language that we use to teach children at all schools in the country and even exams are conducted in English but our rural based children are not well conversed with the English language.The main role of the volunteers will be to teach our children at different schools how to speak,write and use the English language effectively and efficiently.The place where the volunteers will be working is a typical rural area .The schools not equipped with the best teaching materials but we use the basic ones like pen and chalk on a black board.The volunteers will be working hand in hand with with our local teachers since the children have never been taught by a foreign person.Volunteers will be living with host families so that they can also learn our social cultural beliefs and practices.We expect the volunteers to be teaching our children how the English language is spoken written and used.We also expect volunteers to teach our children different songs and some sports.We also expect volunteers to come with any teaching materials that can be used to teach the children the language of English effectively and efficiently.We expect volunteers to learn from us our standards and conditions of living,our social cultural values,beliefs and practices and also our local language which is spoken by the people in the area.Volunteers can also learn our local music,dance and drama.
The tasks undertaken will depend on their level of experience and qualifications. Volunteers may include, but are not limited to teaching the English language to our pupils and students  at  our  community schools

Volunteers work for at least five hours a day.The rest of the hours especially in the evenings after 4.00 pm is free time. Weekends and public holidays are also free to all volunteers to go for touring to different places of their choice.

During the week we organize a variety of activities for volunteers in the evenings.  We often play football (soccer), cards and board games or chill out around the bar or go out for a dance getting to know fellow volunteers from around the world. 

Typical day

Volunteers are supposed to wake up before 09:00 and prepare themselves.We normally have breakfast between 08:00 - 09:00 .At 09:00 the volunteers walk to the school where they are supposed to work.The distance from the host family to the school is about one kilometer or less.At school,we normally ...

Typical day

Volunteers are supposed to wake up before 09:00 and prepare themselves.We normally have breakfast between 08:00 - 09:00 .At 09:00 the volunteers walk to the school where they are supposed to work.The distance from the host family to the school is about one kilometer or less.At school,we normally have parade at around 09:30 to brief the children about the days work.we also have prayers during the school parade and sing our national anthems like Uganda anthem,the Buganda kingdom anthem and the East African community anthem.Then we go to class.Normally our lessons take 30-40 lessons depending on the class and subject being taught.The lower classes from kindergarten-to primary three are normally conducted with some music and dance intervals.We normally go for break at 10:30 to 11:00.During break time the children get some drinks and eats brought from their homes packed .However,others,can just have water for drinking.At 11:00 we go back to class up to 13:00.The kindergarten children leave school at 13:00 after having something to eat or drink.The lower and upper primary get lunch in form of porridge and the others get reall physical food brought from home or prepared at school.During this time teachers also get their lunch either from school or at their residents.At 14:00 children go back to class up to 15:30 or 16:00 depending on their classes and I expect table.16:00 to 17:00 is sports time and children walk back to school at 17:00.This is the typical day description from Monday to Friday when we have school.Wekends and public holidays are free days for volunteers to go for their places of choice to tour or visit friends.

Free-time activities

Volunteers can be engaged in the following activities during their free time : Going for a walk through our communities to see different types of nature like the high rocks at KUNGU ROCK. They can go for sports like football during evenings They can go for tours in our tourists attractions the ...

Free-time activities

Volunteers can be engaged in the following activities during their free time : Going for a walk through our communities to see different types of nature like the high rocks at KUNGU ROCK. They can go for sports like football during evenings They can go for tours in our tourists attractions the Kasubi traditional tombs . They can go to our source of the Nile at Jinja. They can go to Mabira natural forests to see the different nature there. They can go to our wild life centre at Entebbe zoo. They can go to our national game parks like Queen Elizabeth national park,Kidepo national park,Bwindi Impenetratable forest,The Sippi falls,BUJAGAALI falls,the Kikagata hot springs,The Rwenzori mountain for mountain climbing ,The mountains of the moon. Volunteers can also for concerts and music shows in different recreation centres. They can go to Ssese islands to watch the different nature in the islands. They can go to our museum to see our reserved past activities. All the above activities can be done either in the evenings after work ,on weekends and during the official public holidays in the country.



Minimum Age: 18 years

In order to join the program you need to be at least 18 years old on the program start date. There might be exemptions if you can provide the permission of your legal guardian(s) or if your are accompanied by your parents.

Language Skills

You need to speak English (basic level)

Education Requirements

English at High school or College. level

Criminal Background Check


Required Documents

CV, Immunization certificate and motivation letter and current photo.

Nationality Restrictions

No restrictions. Helping hands from all over the world are welcome.

Other Skills

Education level should be a basic certificate at ordinary secondary school.But commitment to serve and share with others is much relevant and crucial.

Time Commitment

Your helping hand will be required on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 09:00 - 16:00

What's Included

What's Included

Services by MACERUDET Uganda Volunteers

Program fees is used for accommodation,feeding ,airport pick Up and drop back..50% goes towards the buying of scholastic materials like books and pens, school bags and shoes, school uniform for the socially and economically needy children and orphans.

Airport Pickup at Entebbe International Airport

We pick volunteers from the airport at their arrival schedule that should be communicated to us before arrival by the volunteer .The volunteer is picked by me the Program Manager or can be picked by another delegated person with a document /password that is being communicated to be used for proper identification of each other.It is always recommended not to travel to the project site during late hours in the night especially after 12.00 midnight.volunteers that arrive late at night are advised to stay at a hotel or guest house house at their expense.


Accommodation is basic but spacious in the heart of the community.The rooms are single ,double and can be shared depending on the volunteers need.The bath rooms are outside the rooms but very near.The water is drawn from the constructed rain water harvesting tank at the host family house.You are free to take a bathe at any time of the ,either using cold or hot water.The latrines are also outside the accommodation room.We have electricity and also use solar power energy for lights and other needs.

Food & Beverages

Food and drinks are provided at the following program :8.00 am to 9.00 am we provide break fast ,10.30 am to 11:00 break tea or coffee ,1.00 pm to 2:00 pm, we serve lunch.5.00 pm to 6.00 pm we serve evening tea or coffee. 8.00 pm to 9.00 pm we serve dinner.Our food is mainly the local organically grown food with a lot of greens,fruits and water which is free from inorganic particles.Vegetarians are mainly considered but if you take meat,pork ,mutton then we can consider you for that menu.

Internet Access

Limited access at the project site

What's NOT included?

What's NOT included?

Flight Tickets

The nearest airport is Entebbe International Airport (EBB) in Entebbe. We assist you to find cheap flights to Uganda. FIND CHEAP FLIGHTS

Travel Insurance

Going abroad is an adventure and it is always best to be prepared. Sudden illness or injury, cancellation or theft - a travel insurance for Uganda provides security and is a plus to have. GET A QUOTE


If you are intending to volunteer in Uganda you should seek medical advice before starting your social journey. Check your required vaccinations for Uganda. VACCINE CHECKER

Details on arrival

We host volunteers all the year round although we have holidays for three to four months during the year.Our academic term normally starts in February to the end of April.May is always holidays.Then second term starts in June to August and September is always holidays.We come back in October to early December.We get our third term holidays from mid December until January.

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

Program fees

4 weeks (min. stay) 1,164€
5 weeks 970€
6 weeks 1,164€
10 weeks (max. stay) 2,910€
Average fees 291€/week

Program fees

291€ per week 4 - 10 weeks Age 18 - 50+

Payment methods

Visa Master Card Maestro American Express PayPal



4 - 10 weeks


The deposit is simply to reserve your volunteer placement. Payments are handled by PayPal, our trusted global payment provider. If you don't have a PayPal account, you can also pay using a credit card.

Final Payment

Your final payment will be agreed with MACERUDET Uganda Volunteers during the application process. Common solutions are either via bank transfer or a cash payment at the project site.

Meet your organization

MACERUDET Uganda Volunteers

Excellent 4.8 rating (9 reviews)

Non-profit - founded in 1990

Verified by Volunteer World

  Below average response rate

Coordinated by


Spoken languages: English

About the project

MACERUDET Uganda accepts a variety of volunteers all the year including students,active professionals mainly teachers , health workers and retirees to work with us .

Meet your organization


The Mmanze Centre for Rural Development & Training (MACERUDET) is a local NGO located in Uganda. It is a community-based organization mainly developing and managing self-help community projects in all the welfare works related fields. MACERUDET has more than 30  years of experience in the field of welfare works implementing community based programs and activities.

MACERUDET takes its name from Mmanze community, which is located 22 miles north the capital city of Kampala along Matugga -Ssemuto road.. The area is typical of rural area’s in Uganda with families largely getting by on subsistence farming. It lies within the former famous Luwero Triangle, where the 1981 to 1986 bush war was centred resulting in many fatalities and virtually destroying all the social infra structures in the region. It was in this environment in 1987 that Macerudet (Mmanze Centre For Rural Development And Training ) was founded, with survivors organizing themselves on a self help basis to create this community based organization. The main aim of Macrudet was, and more than thirty years later still is, to contribute towards the rehabilitation, reconstruction and development of the area through self help initiatives. During the past thirty years Macerudet has worked with the local community to found and develop projects that promote education, health care and economic development.

Mmanze Community members face daily problems caused by poverty, low-grade water supply & sanitation facilities, insufficient funds for education, meagure nutrition & scant health care services, among a variety of other disadvantages. 

MACRUDET has no established paid staff and implements priority programs and activities utilizing the services of both local and international volunteers through an integrated holistic development approach with a high community spirit and a lot of enthusiasm.

Priority Programs include : Sustainable Agriculture & Income Generation; Community-Based Health Care; Functional Adult Literacy; Training & Education; Environmental Protection; Infrastructure Development; Rural Savings & Credit Scheme; Community Capacity Building; Rights Promotion & Protection; & Lobbying & Advocacy.We also recruit and host volunteers from the local and international community.


We work with the rural based communities in the typical rural areas in Mmanze community,Masulita subcounty in Wakiso district.
. Life is fairly laid back in the area and time is soon spent chatting with people in passing and visiting friends. The  area has an extremely low crime rate and volunteers are given the chance and encouraged to explore the area alone or in groups with our team.


As already mentioned ,we have an experience of more  than thirty years working with the rural based communities.Secondly ,we have the same experience working with both local and international volunteers from different countries  from different cultural back grounds.


To work with rural communities to alleviate poverty, ignorance, disease & illiteracy through implementing sustainable community based development programs.


We are looking for flexible, caring volunteers who have the drive to not only help but to familiarize themselves with the local culture and characters. We advise longer placements as it gives us and yourself a greater chance to get stuck into a program however we understand that short terms are sometimes preferred especially when visiting Africa or volunteering for the first time.

9 reviews · rating4.8

Muhammed Walton rating5

2019 at English teacher assistance

Wonderful institution providing education and development services to rural community in Wakiso district also Masulita sub county located in Kampala uganda. The Centre has two schools one primary and one secondary with students ranging in between the number of four hundred to five hundred students. ..
Lukas rating5

2016 at English teacher assistance

If you're looking for the true Ugandan life, you'll find it here I've volunteered with MACERUDET for six weeks during summer 2016 in the small village of Mmanze. It's a very rural area 2-3 hours away from Kampala, where you'll experience first hand what challenges people face there. You'll ...
Moritz Hennig rating4.4

2024 at Completion of students' dormitories

I really enjoyed my time in the Macerudet Community. Everyone was welcoming and I really felt at home. The kids will always love to show you around and to bring you some sugarcane or jackfruit. The accommodation and especially the toilets are really simple, which can be a little unusual at first, ...
Francois Loignon rating5

2023 at Sports/Physical Education Trainer

I initially was supposed to do 1 month of volunteering in the community of Mmanze. I got to meet the host family with Gorret, William and the kids. Their hospitability, kindness and generosity is so genuine and beautiful. It will make you feel right away at home with family members. I feel in ...
Alberto Brao rating4.2

2022 at Computer Training Teacher

The general impression was very good and the problems that arisen were managed and solved pretty well together with the staff. The context of the village is one hundred per cent rural and also the accomodation but you get in to it very quickly with no issues. The only problem that someone can find ...
Richard Ogutu rating5

2022 at Training in art, design and craft

Visiting Uganda was a dream come true. I enrolled for Communications and Marketing Volunteer at MACERUDET. Everything was enjoyable starting from the pickup at the Airport by my host, Mr. Mulindwa. He was very supportive. I got greatly prepared breakfast, lunch, supper. MACERUDET is the best place ...


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