Construction of a community library Construction of a Swimming Pool Kampala, Uganda MACERUDET Uganda Volunteers
The program needs potential people that maybe willing to work with us to construct the swimming pool in our area.We shall need multiple people to work with to construct.
Construction of Improved Pit Latrines at Schools Kampala, Uganda MACERUDET Uganda Volunteers
The volunteers will be responsible to construct improved pit latrines at schools, in conjunction with the local community and financially contribute
Solar Powered Piped Water Supporter. Kampala, Uganda MACERUDET Uganda Volunteers
Volunteers will work with local community to extend solar powered piped water system to Mmanze Secondary School, Mmanze Primary School and BusaawaMmanze health Centre III
Computer Training Teacher Kampala, Uganda MACERUDET Uganda Volunteers
The volunteer trainer will be responsible to train teachers ,community and students at MMANZE COMUNITY SECONDARY SCHOOL in computer application,usage and management .
English teacher assistance Kampala, Uganda MACERUDET Uganda Volunteers
The teacher will work with local teachers to teach our pupils the English language at different schools in the area ranging from kindergarten,primary and secondary .
Construction of a Fish Pond Kampala , Uganda MACERUDET Uganda Volunteers
This will need multiple volunteers to work with the local community to dig a fish pond in our community using local tools.
Construction of a volunteer house Kampala, Uganda MACERUDET Uganda Volunteers
The assignment requires to construct a volunteer house that will be utilized to accommodate volunteers in our community;that will be working with the local builders .
Training in art, design and craft Kampala, Uganda MACERUDET Uganda Volunteers
The volunteers will train women/children in different skills of making/designing locally made handcraft like baskets ,wallmats,table trays and mats using local material
Construction of a classroom block Kampala, Uganda MACERUDET Uganda Volunteers
This is a new School in our community that is offering quality basic education to the children at kindergarten level/lower primary before joining formal primary level.

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Project Details

MACERUDET Uganda accepts a variety of volunteers all the year including students,active professionals mainly teachers , health workers and retirees to work with us .


The Mmanze Centre for Rural Development & Training (MACERUDET) is a local NGO located in Uganda. It is a community-based organization mainly developing and managing self-help community projects in all the welfare works related fields. MACERUDET has more than 30  years of experience in the field of welfare works implementing community based programs and activities.

MACERUDET takes its name from Mmanze community, which is located 22 miles north the capital city of Kampala along Matugga -Ssemuto road.. The area is typical of rural area’s in Uganda with families largely getting by on subsistence farming. It lies within the former famous Luwero Triangle, where the 1981 to 1986 bush war was centred resulting in many fatalities and virtually destroying all the social infra structures in the region. It was in this environment in 1987 that Macerudet (Mmanze Centre For Rural Development And Training ) was founded, with survivors organizing themselves on a self help basis to create this community based organization. The main aim of Macrudet was, and more than thirty years later still is, to contribute towards the rehabilitation, reconstruction and development of the area through self help initiatives. During the past thirty years Macerudet has worked with the local community to found and develop projects that promote education, health care and economic development.

Mmanze Community members face daily problems caused by poverty, low-grade water supply & sanitation facilities, insufficient funds for education, meagure nutrition & scant health care services, among a variety of other disadvantages. 

MACRUDET has no established paid staff and implements priority programs and activities utilizing the services of both local and international volunteers through an integrated holistic development approach with a high community spirit and a lot of enthusiasm.

Priority Programs include : Sustainable Agriculture & Income Generation; Community-Based Health Care; Functional Adult Literacy; Training & Education; Environmental Protection; Infrastructure Development; Rural Savings & Credit Scheme; Community Capacity Building; Rights Promotion & Protection; & Lobbying & Advocacy.We also recruit and host volunteers from the local and international community.


We work with the rural based communities in the typical rural areas in Mmanze community,Masulita subcounty in Wakiso district.
. Life is fairly laid back in the area and time is soon spent chatting with people in passing and visiting friends. The  area has an extremely low crime rate and volunteers are given the chance and encouraged to explore the area alone or in groups with our team.


As already mentioned ,we have an experience of more  than thirty years working with the rural based communities.Secondly ,we have the same experience working with both local and international volunteers from different countries  from different cultural back grounds.


To work with rural communities to alleviate poverty, ignorance, disease & illiteracy through implementing sustainable community based development programs.


We are looking for flexible, caring volunteers who have the drive to not only help but to familiarize themselves with the local culture and characters. We advise longer placements as it gives us and yourself a greater chance to get stuck into a program however we understand that short terms are sometimes preferred especially when visiting Africa or volunteering for the first time.

The main focus of the project is on
NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organization
Foundation Year
Contact Person
Mulindwa William
Spoken Languages

Social Impact


We have managed to improve the standards and conditions of living of the people that we work with by imparting skills to them ,providing quality basic education to the children in the area,especially the socially and economically needy,by providing primary health care at our local health unit.


MACERUDET recognizes and appreciates the services of seriously committed and dedicated volunteers who have diligently contributed their time, skills, resources, experience and expertise towards the development of the education, healthcare and other development programs in our area of operation that have resulted into creation of :HOLY CROSS NAMUTENGA COMMUNITY ORPHANAGE PRIMARY SCHOOL ,MMANZE COMMUNITY SECONDARY SCHOOL ,BUSAAWA MMANZE HEALTH CENTRE THREE,CONSTRUCTION OF OUR VOLUNTEER HOUSE .


We work with the typical rural based communities that have been marginalised by not receiving the social economic services that they are supposed to receive through different bodies that concerned .

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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