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Coordinator | Patrick
Coordinator | Patrick
Take this great opportunity to volunteer at one of our husky ranches throughout Canada! Your main tasks will involve working directly with the dogs. This volunteer program is especially suitable for:
Age 18+
When volunteering for more then 4 weeks you will require a working holiday visa as this program is not with a registered charity! 
Your tasks will involve plenty of dogsledding trips where you will help guiding trips and train the huskies as well as working directly with the dogs.
Take this great opportunity to volunteer at one of our husky ranches throughout Canada! 

Did you ever want to explore the world of dog sledding and the unique way of living the ‘bush life’? You will be placed at on of our ranches located in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario or the Yukon. All our ranches are located located deep in the interior of one these provinces and are far away from any town. These ranches are looking for volunteers year round! The work and tasks for all the projects are in general similar the main difference being the location of the ranch which will be chosen based on availability and your preferred location. The work with the huskies and on the ranch is physically demanding and it is by no means an’ easy holiday option’! All accommodations are very back to basic and are for those who like to "rough it up" in the outdoors. The minimum duration of stay is 4 weeks with a maximum duration of 12 weeks. Please consider that you will be surrounded by nature & wildlife (no bars and shopping malls here) this for the real outdoor lover who wants a real Canadian experience!

Typical day

Volunteers are very important for the organization and will be involved with many aspects of running a dog sledding kennel.  Volunteering work at the different ranches all involves caring for the dogs and running dog sledding trips.

  • Feed, groom and walk the dogs
  • Helping with maintenance around the ranch
  • Dogsledding and snowmobiling
  • Clearing and preparing the dogsled tracks
  • Cleaning, cooking and other household chores
Keep in mind that volunteering at a the ranch er can be very intense due to the weather conditions.

Free-time activities

During your days off, volunteers can enjoy a number of activities : hiking, wildlife watching, skiing/snowboarding, biking, rafting, kayaking and many more. However, these activities will be covered by the volunteers own expense.

Water Sports
Winter Sports


In order to join the program you need to be at least 18 years old on the program start date. There might be exemptions if you can provide the permission of your legal guardian(s) or if your are accompanied by your parents.
Language Skills
You need to speak English (intermediate level)
Required Documents
CV, Resume, Letter of Motivation and Two pics and Signed Policies and Liability form
Nationality Restrictions
No restrictions. Helping hands from all over the world are welcome.
Time Commitment
Your helping hand will be required on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 07:00 - 17:00

What's Included

Services by Fronteering Travel
The fees includes:
  • Accommodation: Shared room
  • Meals: 3 meals a day included
  • Airport pick up Service & Transfer to the project: We will be waiting for you at the airport and transfer you to your hostel or directly to the project.
  • Mail-holding service: You can use FRONTEERINGS office as a reliable address to have your mail delivered
  • Ongoing service and 24/7 Emergency Contact
Airport Pickup at Castlegar Airport

We will be waiting for you at the airport and transfer you to your hostel or directly to the project.


Your accommodation will vary depending on the husky ranch you have been placed at you will either share accommodation with other volunteers in a cabin/trailer or live in the ranch house as part of the family.

Dorm Room Guest Family
Food & Beverages

Food is provided for all the husky ranches. In some cases you will have to be involved in cooking the food and helping to buy groceries.

Internet Access
Limited access at the project site
What's NOT included?
Visa, flights, travel insurance or vaccinations are NOT included in the program fees.
Flight Tickets
The nearest airport is Castlegar Airport (YCG) in Castlegar. We assist you to find cheap flights to Canada.
Travel Insurance
Going abroad is an adventure and it is always best to be prepared. Sudden illness or injury, cancellation or theft - a travel insurance for Canada provides security and is a plus to have.
If you are intending to volunteer in Canada you should seek medical advice before starting your social journey. Check your required vaccinations for Canada.

Dates & Fees


Details on arrival

There are no specific start/arrival dates for this project, however, we recommend that you arrive on a Monday.

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
4 - 12 weeks

Program fees

Costs: Prices in USD
4 weeks (min. stay)
$ 1,395
6 weeks
$ 1,495
8 weeks
$ 1,595
10 weeks
$ 1,895
12 weeks (max. stay)
$ 2,095
Average fees
$ 262 /week

Please note that the above shown program fees are estimated and subject to exchange rate fluctuations. Fronteering Travel will let you know about the final price during your application process.
Deposit (15%)
The deposit is simply to reserve your volunteer placement. Payments are handled by PayPal, our trusted global payment provider. If you don't have a PayPal account, you can also pay using a credit card.
Final Payment (85%)
Your final payment will be agreed with Fronteering Travel during the application process. Common solutions are either via bank transfer or a cash payment at the project site.

Why book with Volunteer World

Extra security layer by Volunteer World
Volunteer World is the world's leading comparison platform for international volunteer opportunities. We guide you through a safe and easy application process - including all necessary payments. Planning your next meaningful trip with Volunteer World gives you free access to our:
Quality Assurance
High ethical standards & transparent social impact
Flex Option
Change your reservation at no extra costs
Refund Guarantee
We refund your fees if Fronteering Travel cancels your trip
Support & Mediation
We cover your back no matter what happens
Our services are free of charge!
All program fees are charged directly by Fronteering Travel.

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Huskies Caretaker & Dog Sled Assistant

Take this great opportunity to volunteer at one of our husky ranches throughout Canada! Your main tasks will involve working directly with the dogs.


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from $ 1,395
see price table
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