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Off-grid Permaculture Sustainable Farmer

2 - 16 semanas  ·  Edad 18 - 50+

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Puntos Relevantes

  • Experience a true "natural farming hands on" experience and Learn the most important aspects of Permaculture style of life.
  • Practice all aspects of community living in our friendly environment while developing new personal and farming skills. Enjoy delicious vegetarian wood stove cooked meals with the group.
  • Live and enjoy the forests natural cycles away from devices and electricity. Connect with yourself, others and nature for a true meaningful experience in the mountains.
  • Immerse yourself in the true rural heart of Costa Rica's culture where you can meet and interact with locals and improve your Spanish
  • Explore the áreas beautiful tropical forest and indulge in the ponds of the beautiful Jicotea river that sorrounds the farm.

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Edad 18+
Solteros y solteras

Sobre el programa

Permaculture sustainable project focused on organic and regenerative agriculture located in the heart of rural Costa Rica

Learn about Vegetable and fruit production in a Permaculture farm surrounded by forest and a healing environment. Be part of the development of an Agroforestry system combining different crops, fruit and timber species. Practice community life, be involved in the decision making and become one of ...

Sobre el programa

Learn about Vegetable and fruit production in a Permaculture farm surrounded by forest and a healing environment. Be part of the development of an Agroforestry system combining different crops, fruit and timber species. Practice community life, be involved in the decision making and become one of our family members for the time you choose to join us. Take home and implement all you learn with us to make the change!

Finca la Quimera was stablished in a property with no public services. Water supply and management are great challenges in this are área, as well as the management of garbage and the high use of agrochemicals in the country .
At La Quimera we capture and manage our own water in the most efficient way possible, receiving most of our water supply from watersprings within the farm and also from rain supply. 
We support businesses that work sustainably, and we try to make the best decisions in terms of what to bring into the project, making sure we have a way to manage the waste products may generate. 

The Farm offers an educational volunteer program since 2020 in which our volunteers work for about 5 hours a day, from Monday to Friday .

This program is carried out to educate all interested people in a much more sustainable and self-sufficient lifestyle. Helping the farm grow in this direction and making possible generating enough food abundance for the community living in it.
Having volunteers coming in an out of the project is a great way to have a positive impact in the world and also to bring in new and interesting ideas to implement in the farm. It is always a great exchange that makes everyone grow and evolve in the right direction.

  • Living Spaces
The living áreas at the farm consist in a main big outside common kitchen and library área where we all meet for meals and chill, that overlook the farms fields and the mountains and forest around us
 A workshop by this área where we keep all the farming supplies, tools and working materials. 
Then there is the Volunteers shared cabin which is a newly built cabin that can host 6-7 people. 
In a secluded spot in the farm there is also a big and beautiful private Bungalow in the forest that is up for rent or available for volunteers that want more privacy, families or couples.
And finally closer to the common áreas and the volunteers accommodation home there is the founder's cabin (Where Alba and her baby live.)  

Around the farm there is various trails that go through some parts of the forest, a trail to our water reservoir and also down to the river Jicotea.
The àrea and the farm are in a very mountainous part of the country so it's quite steep, we are always working on slopes, this works really well for some crops and this allows us to use gravity for our water supply.

  • How Work is organized
Everyday Alba or a team leader will be explaining the tasks (previously planned for the whole week) making sure everyone understands what needs to be done and why we do it and that everyone is comfortable with the work and can choose which things they want to get involved in and in which order.
Most of the time Alba will be working with the group or guiding the work step by step. Sometimes one of the local workers that sometimes works in the farm will join us, both of them are very experienced in both farming and living in the country side and have a great relationship with the project.

  • Expectations
Volunteers are expected to keep a respectful and healthy attitude towards the farm, neighbors and sorroundings. We appreciate very much a proactiveness and good communication skills, everything can be learned, but our attitude is what defines the experience ;-)
At the farm we wake up early and go to bed very early too (arround 8pm) so we ask volunteers to keep the quiet times after 8:30 pm please.
Since we don't have any waste or garbage services close by, we ask volunteers to take back with them the waste they generate that can't be separated In our recycling bins. Thanks !!

Volunteers at La Quimera farm are in a safe place where they can communicate freely and will be listened and taking into account for anything important they want to share. They will have plenty of personal free time and we will make sure that their spaces are safe and comfortable. The schedules of work can be flexible in case they want to take a weekend or afternoon trip.
They will always be provided with sheets and blankets for their beds and they will get clean sheets every 10-14 days.
We can provide volunteers a lot of  practical info about the àrea and the country in general. We always look after our volunteers and we create bonds and friendships that go beyond the farm work and their time spent here.

  • Things to bring
This are some things that will be very useful for volunteers to bring for a more comfortable work time and stay:
  • Front light / flashligh (* means very important)
  • Rubber boots (depending on season)
  • Work gloves*
  • Hat or cap*
  • Raincoat , umbrella *
  • Work clothes*: Long and short sleeve shirts and long pants.
  • Warmer clothes* for earlier and later times in the day or to sleep in (nights can be very cold and humid.)
  • Sunscreen*
  • Repellent
  • Environment friendly hygiene products or  soaps.*
  • Towel*
  • Refillable bottle
  • Básic first aid kit (desinfectant, band aids, medicines you think you may need...)

  • Location
Situated at an altitude of 800m, we enjoy a privileged climate, usually warm during the day and cool at night. Therefore, we recommend warm clothes for some cool mornings or to sleep in.
The farm is located 600m from the main road down a fairly steep slope, this road to the farm is for 4x4 vehicles only.

  • What the volunteers will be doing
The most important tasks that the Volunteer group Carries out are :

  • Improvement and maintenance of the greengarden área and all its elements. ( mostly fixing beds + steps, weeding, mulching, fertilizing, spraying liquid mountain microorganisms).
  • preparing the beds for cultivating and planting .
  • -Feeding the chickens, cleaning and caring for the chicken coop.
  • Arrangements in the cabins ...(Fixing details, cleaning)
  • Maintenance of trails. (Cleaning, weeding)
  • Improvement of the common áreas and kitchen ( organizing, barnishing...etc)
  • Organize and tidy workshop, cleanning of tools.
  • Preparing the groups meals and cleanning of the kitchen and comunal áreas ... etc.
  • Help with shopping in town for supplies, fruits & veggiesat at local stores or farmers market... etc.
  • Domestic help around common áreas and volunteers cabin.
  • Resources
At the moment we do not have any electricity on the farm. 
If you need to charge electronic devices, I recommend you bring some solar charger or power banks.
Our closest neighbor up the road (600m up the road) the owner of Soda el Almendro offers laundry and also weekly electricity and wifi services for those who want to charge devices and stay connected.

  • What's included?
All main meals on weekdays are included  from Monday to Friday /(The food provided by the farm is vegetarian with a variety of local fruits, vegetables, legumes, eggs from our own chickens or from other local farmers etc.)
On weekends, volunteers can still use the ingredients left in the kitchen and the kitchen facilities to organize and cook their meals as they prefer.

  • Local support
In any case, and to support local businesses, it is recommended to have one of your weekend meals at one of the closest local businesses.
The closest one to the farm : "Soda el Almendro" is open every day, about 600 m from us, is run by our neighbor Alicia.
In Jicotea town (+- 1.5 km) there are two small restaurants: La Cueva (open every day) and Rancho Don Chepe (open on weekends).

Día típico

What a farm day is like
A normal day carries on as following:
  • We all meet in the common área at 6:30 a.m. to prepare breakfast, share thoughts and organize our day. 
  • Then we start our daily tasks at 8 am. 
  • We usually do most of the farm work in the early morning, with a 30 minute break for ...

Día típico

What a farm day is like
A normal day carries on as following:
  • We all meet in the common área at 6:30 a.m. to prepare breakfast, share thoughts and organize our day. 
  • Then we start our daily tasks at 8 am. 
  • We usually do most of the farm work in the early morning, with a 30 minute break for coffee/tea/fruit around 10:30. 
  • Lunch is at 13.00 which is prepared by two volunteers taking turns during the week , after which we clean and tidy the kitchen together. 
  • Afternoons are free, as well as weekends.

Actividades de tiempo libre

At the farm Volunteers can enjoy their time chilling in the common áreas where there is plenty of space and hammoks.
Play table games that the farm offers, enjoy the farms library.
Go down to bathe in the river that sorrounds the property, take walks and hikes arround the ...

Actividades de tiempo libre

At the farm Volunteers can enjoy their time chilling in the common áreas where there is plenty of space and hammoks.
Play table games that the farm offers, enjoy the farms library.
Go down to bathe in the river that sorrounds the property, take walks and hikes arround the neearby towns ...
Enjoy some time at the nearest restaurant getting to know locals while enjoying some tipycal food and drinks or getting connected to internet there... 

There is also a long list of activities that the area has to offer:

  • Hikes around the active volcanoes of Irazú or Turrialba
  • Coffee tours at an organic coffee farm
  • Whitewater rafting on the Pacuare and Reventazón rivers
  • Visit the Guayabo National Monument
  • Hiking in Tapantí National Park
  • Hikes and visits to some of indigenous Cabécar towns
  • Visit the Turrialba waterfalls
  • Visit a local "trapiche" (a traditional sugarcane processing farm)
  • Visit to the Caribbean beaches. (+ 3.5 hours)
  • Medicinal plants workshops at nearby Farm Dalö Tsána



Edad mínima: 18 años

Para participar en el programa debes tener al menos 18 años en la fecha de inicio del programa. Puede haber excepciones si muestras el permiso de tu(s) tutor(es) legal(es) o si vas acompañado de tus padres.

Conocimientos lingüísticos

Tienes que hablar (nivel básico) Inglés

Restricciones de nacionalidad

Sin restricciones. Las manos amigas de todo el mundo son bienvenidas.

Otras habilidades

Farming experience is not required. At Finca La Quimera we value overall a positive and proactive attitude and the will to be helpful in any way. We belive that skills can be learned, so a good attitude is what we need to start.

Tiempo dedicado

Necesitaremos tu ayuda los Lunes, Martes, Miércoles, Jueves y Viernes de 08:00 - 13:30

Servicios incluidos

Servicios incluidos

Servicios de Finca La Quimera

Program fees include:

  • Accomodation in the volunteers shared cabin, Food, (Monday-Friday) drinks, and all kitchen ingredients 


Dorm room at Volunteers Cabin
The volunteer accommodation is a newly built wooden cabin, independent from the common area, with two rooms that volunteers share. 
  • There is room for 3 people in each room. 
  • The cabin has an outside dry toilet and shower with a view of the forest. 
  • There is also a front room with a couch, chairs and hammocks. 
  • The beds are new and comfortable and sheets and blankets are provided.
  • In this cabin we  host volunteers 18 or older.

Private Bungalow
The farm also counts with a large wooden cabin in the forest where we host families with kids or any  volunteers or couples  who may want a more private experience. ***( Contact host for full pricing on this option. pictures available on website)  Usually 160.000 colones/week/ 2 people.(290$)  And 75.000 colones/week (136$) extra person.
The cabin of 85m2 of space consists of: 
  • two rooms with space for 5 people
  • Private kitchen a
  • space for up to 7 people
  • a 35m2 terrace with views of the mountains and outdoor showers and dry toilets with a beautiful design integrated into nature

Wifi Access
We also have a small business about 500m up the road  "SODA EL ALMENDRO" from the farm where the volunteers can get Sanks, drinks and also Wifi , electricity and Laundry services.

Comida y bebida

Consists on a typical Gallo Pinto with fresh local fruits , oats, combined with either toast, pancakes, eggs or hashbrowns, coffee, tea...etc

We count with a wide variety of national beans, rice, pastas, and a variety of local vegetables to cook with along with many veggies that we harvest from our gardens. We cook delicious vegeterian meals for the group.

All same foods are available for volunteers for their dinner, which they can get ready when they prefer.

 **Food is included from Monday to Friday.  On weekends volunteers can still use the kitchen and any food and ingredients remmainning there.

Closest store
There is a tiny store in Jicotea for basic necessities, snacks, phone charging... etc. The last place with a bank, pharmacy and bigger supermarkets or shops is the town of La Suiza, about 12 km away, (more or less 30 min by bus), so if you need any personal or hygiene products, or want to have any extra snacks, I suggest you get them before you arrive in this area.

Acceso a Internet

Acceso limitado al lugar del proyecto

¿Qué NO está incluido?

¿Qué NO está incluido?

Recogida en el aeropuerto Juan Santamaria International Airport

La recogida en el aeropuerto tampoco está incluida en el precio del programa.

Boletos de avión

El aeropuerto más cercano es Juan Santamaria International Airport (SJO) en San Jose. Te ayudamos a encontrar vuelos baratos a Costa Rica. ENCONTRAR VUELOS BARATOS

Seguro de viaje

Ir al extranjero es una aventura y siempre es mejor estar preparado. Enfermedad o lesión repentina, cancelación o robo: un seguro de viaje para Costa Rica proporciona seguridad y es una ventaja tenerlo. OBTENER UN PRESUPUESTO


Si tiene intención de realizar un voluntariado en Costa Rica, debe solicitar asesoramiento médico antes de iniciar su viaje social. Comprueba las vacunas que necesitas para Costa Rica. COMPROBADOR DE VACUNAS

Detalles a la llegada

Arrival coordination

We can receive Volunteers from Monday to Friday ( preferably Monday to Wednesday) and  they will be involved in the farm tasks the next working day after a presentation and introduction of the main farm aspects.
The Farm can provide a private Transportation service from the nearest Town (Turrialba) and can arrange a Shuttle from the airport or San José if they wish this options at an additional cost.

We host volunteers all year long except for part of June and July and  the second half of December untill end of Christmas/ Half January
We can arrange more transportation options, please consult the farm after confirmation. Thanks !

Enero Feb. Marzo Abr. Mayo Jun Jul Agosto Set. Oct. Nov. Dic.

Cuotas del programa

2 semanas (estancia min.) 231€
3 semanas 294€
4 semanas 392€
5 semanas 490€
7 semanas 686€
8 semanas 784€
9 semanas 882€
16 semanas (estancia max.) 1.568€
Cuota promedio 107€/semana

Cuotas del programa

107€ cuotas semanales 2 - 16 semanas Edad 18 - 50+

Métodos de pago

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2 - 16 semanas


El depósito es simplemente para reservar tu vacante de voluntario. Los pagos se gestionan a través de PayPal, nuestro proveedor global de confianza. Si no tienes una cuenta PayPal, también puedes pagar con tarjeta de crédito.

Pago final

El pago final se acordará con Finca La Quimera durante el proceso de solicitud. Las soluciones habituales son la transferencia bancaria o el pago en efectivo en el lugar del proyecto.

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Finca La Quimera

Sobresaliente 4.9 rating (23 reseñas)

Agencia - fundada en 2017

Verificado por Volunteer World

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Coordinado por


Idiomas hablados: Español, Inglés

sobre la organización

Finca La Quimera is a sustainable project focused on organic and regenerative agriculture based on Permaculture principles located in the heart of rural Costa Rica.

Conoce a tu anfitrión(a)

About the farm
This secluded farm was founded in May 2017, born from a deep love for nature and living in it in a more respectful and sustainable way, with the desire to be the home, school and oasis for those who want to take the step to a much more low-impact, healthy and self-sufficient lifestyle.
The farm is a natural paradise of 8.5 hectares of recovering forest, counts with it's own natural water springs and it is surrounded by the beautiful river Jicotea, which has some small pools to bathe in, a perfect place for birdwatching and enjoying a wide variety of flora and fauna.

Who we are
My name is Alba Aguirre , the founder and coordinator of Finca La Quimera. I'm originally from Spain and decided to take the step and move to the mountains in Costa Rica to start the farm I had always dreamed of.I currently live here with my little girl, my cat and my dogs.
A few years ago I started hosting groups of volunteers to share this learning experience and style of life with others. This has been incredibly enriching for all of us, a great way to spread the word for change and for people to take new ideas home.
For this reason I became keen in incorporating Permaculture principles and values into our daily life and actions in the farm and after compleating a Permaculture Certificate Course here in Costa Rica I started planning and designing the farm's spaces that we are currently developing.

The location
It is located about 1.5 km from the small village of Jicotea, about 25 km from the city of Turrialba in the province of Cartago, right in the middle of the country and very close to the highest mountain range of Costa Rica, inhabited by many Cabécar indigenous populations.
We are at 800m  above sea level which let's us enjoy a beautiful warm and sunny weather most mornings and sometimes rainy and cooler afternoon and nights.

We are periodically improving the greengardens, by improving our soil, preparing the beds for a new period of planting. Taking care of our banana, plantain and coffee orchards, planning and developing an Agroforestry system by reforesting with some native timber and fruit species, improving the kitchen and common áreas, finishing details at the volunteers cabin, improving trails, and working to create the systems that will connect and feed these elements.

At the farm we are growing organically  different types of crops, fruit trees and vegetables, that our volunteers are involved in maintaining, harvesting, cooking and enjoying in their dishes. Our Organic produce increases each day.

Among the practices we use at the farm for a sustainable living are:
Using mountain microorganisms  to regenerate and improve our green garden's soil.
Making natural juices from different plants to control ants and other vegetable predators.
Creating compost from our kitchen food scraps.
Hummanure production that we get from our composted  manure from the dry toilets we all use.
Generating our own mulch to cover and protect the soil and also to use at the chicken coop.
Getting our own eggs from the chickens we feed our food scraps to.
Capturing all our water from water springs inside the farm and filter it for drinking with the help of Ecofilters.
Building our own natural grey water filters  and managing this waters ourselves.
Separating waste and making sure most of what we have used becomes a new resource...etc

At La Quimera Farm we have no electricity, we only have some small solar lights for the common kitchen so you will also be able to experience what it is to live off grid, letting your days start guided by the light of dawn, allowing this natural circles to bring balance into your body and soul, a rithm of life in total harmony with nature.

Our mission and vision
Our mission is to create a sustainable human ecosistem in the forest that doesn't disturb nature processes while promoting a healthy and balanced life in community based in permaculture principles.

The purpose of this project is to produce our food and shelter in a coherent and healthy way while generating enough abundance to cover the phisicall and social needs of a small community and sharing this process so that it can be reproduced. Therefore we investigate natural and  regenerative agriculture techniques and bioconstruction methods for the improvement of our growing and vital spaces.

We are happy to host volunteers of all ages and any gender who are over 18, in good health condition, with the compromise of beeing careing and respectful to all other people and beings around the farm. We  make sure volunteers get involved in the activities they are most interested in  and that the tasks they are to carry on fits their age and phisicall condition. There is all types of activities to be done at a farm so let us know which fits you best.

Joining Finca la Quimera is a great way to get to know the real Costa Rican country life. 
This project was created from scratch and it's a perfect way to learn how to start your own farm with the basics. 
Joining farm La Quimera for a few weeks will make a great impact on your life , to take an amazing experience of life back home and it helps the local community letting them get involved with a very different and conscious visitors in the country.

23 reseñas · rating4.9

Gabriele Cameroni rating4.8

2024 at Off-grid Permaculture Sustainable Farmer

È un paradiso a chi vuole immergersi nella natura, tanta fauna. Il cibo è tutto naturale e il lavoro non è pesante, personalmente ho imparato tante nuove cose e il l ambiente è ...
Diana Büttner rating4.6

2023 at Off-grid Permaculture Sustainable Farmer

A paradise within a paradise!!! I had a wonderful time on the farm and learned a lot about organic farming without pesticides. Alba is a top farmer who was at our side every day, motivated, in a good mood and open to all questions!! Thanks again for everything, the beautiful memories, ...
I had the most amazing month staying with Alba at Finca la Quimera. I learned a lot about organic farming and agriculture and about starting up a community. Alba was the most welcoming host and a beautiful soul who made everyone feel very appreciated and comfortable. I would absolutely recommend ...
My stay at Albas was the best thing ever! It was a truly heartwarming experience with the best people. Living in the forest, being reconnected with yourself and nature gave me a wholesome feeling, i will never miss. Alba is an amazing host with a lot of knowledge and a heart full of love. I learned ...
Finca La Quimera will always have a special place in my heart. Alba is so intentional about the purpose and collective nature of the project while making sure everyone is comfortable. The cabin truly felt like home. My time there with Alba, Aura, and my fellow volunteers was filled with a lot of ...
Beatrice Spinato rating5

2023 at Off-grid Permaculture Sustainable Farmer

The time I spent at Finca La Quimera gave me a second chance at life. In 2022 I was going through probably the hardest time in my life, I was lost, drained of all my vital energy and just numb. I wanted to escape from everything and go somewhere where I could reconnect with myself. Finca La Quimera, ...


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