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By joining us on our little tropical island paradise, we can guarantee that you will make a genuine difference to the conservation of our unique Cambodian waters.
Marine Mammal Conservation Kep, Cambodge Marine Conservation Cambodia
The CMMCP has been working to conserve and protect Irrawaddy dolphin and dugongs in Cambodia since 2017. Join our project to make a genuine impact!

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MCC has pioneered marine research and conservation in order to save endangered marine life and habitats, and increase local fishing communities livelihood.

Marine Conservation Cambodia (MCC) is a non-profit NGO that has been protecting Cambodia’s ocean since 2008. We were the very first organization to actively work on the ground on marine conservation in Cambodia. For the past years, we have pioneered marine research and conservation in order to save endangered marine life and habitats, first in Koh Rong Archipelago and now in Kep. Since we relocate in 2013, incredible changes have occurred. New marine species coming back regularly, coral thriving, dolphins returning. It’s like witnessing a dying person coming back to life. We have also established long-term relationships with local small-scale fishing communities, which have helped provide MCC with a complete understanding of the most pressing issues that impact both people and the environment. We need more people able to help us in tracking this recovery in cooperation with local communities so we can prove conservation efforts even in damaged areas will bring results. 

By joining MCC team, you will participate in a direct way to the protection and restoration of the ocean, as well as contributing to reports for the national government. From our reef monitoring program, to our seahorse data collection or our dolphin project, volunteers can participate in numerous scientific activities on land and underwater, after completing the right training, provided by our scientific team. They can also join our artificial reef program to deploy structures that will protect Kep’s waters for years. We hope those structures will only be the beginning later to be complemented with fish aggregation devices or wild oyster aquaculture. We’ll definitely need motivated volunteers to help realize this massive project.

As you might have realized, most of our activities happen underwater for which you need a minimum of an Advanced diver certification. If you do not have those certifications yet, you will be at the best place to earn them as we have highly qualified and experienced diving team on the island.

Regarding the island living fees, the price can vary depending on the amount of time you are willing to commit and your experience in marine conservation.

At MCC we are always looking for those dedicated volunteers and interns who truly want to make a difference, we integrate you into our team and continue the work we have been entrusted to carry out involving you and utilising your skills and passion, our goal is conservation and the regeneration of a once beautiful area that is in the beginnings of recovery.

While at Marine Conservation Cambodia our volunteers will learn multiple survey techniques as well as other types of marine conservation practices. We currently teach our volunteers surveying techniques and general knowledge in 10 crucial areas. 


  1. Fish Species Identification and Abundance

  2. Invertebrate Species Identification and Abundance

  3. Substrate Identification and Health 

  4. Seagrass Density and Identification 

  5. Seahorse Identification, Behavior and Distribution

  6. Marine Mammal Monitoring, Abundance, Distribution and Behavior

  7. Community Socio-Demographic

  8. Marine fisheries resources Management

  9. Marine Protected Area Management and Policy

    At the same time, we are providing multiple research possibilities for anybody with relevant experience (or enough time preparation before arrival here) intending to stay for an extensive period. For these potential projects, we are looking for people with initiative, leadership and creativity. If it is something you would be interested in, you would have to design the whole project from A to Z. We would be here to support you and give you advice if needed of course. This is the opportunity to be your own project director, challenge yourself outside the box and be a scientific pioneer in this field.
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Social Impact

After three and a half years of intensive surveys, patrols and report writing we had the confirmation that our recommendation for the second Marine Fisheries Management Area MFMA (report available on our website), in Cambodia has been approved. Our efforts culminated with the approval of our Marine Fishery Management Areas scheme in the 2017. Our National Plan of Action will drastically improve the area and enable us to protect critical ecosystems like our sea grass, fringing reef, mangrove and shell beds among others.

We work at stopping the poachers of Kep Sea. Our ongoing relationship with the National Policies Makers has allowed us to establish Marine Protected Area’s and Scientific Research No-Take Zones where fish can finally live and breed freely. Our long-lasting collaboration with the local small-scale fishermen brought us an awareness of the most pressing issues encountered by them and the ocean of Kep province. This partnership allows us to work toward ensuring a long-term sustainable livelihood for those fishermen and the next generation. Our work and our policy management recommendations to the national and provincial government are supported by scientific researches often done in partnership with international research scientists.

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