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Our shark internship program offers a unique experience and platform for volunteers to gain hands on field experience working with sharks.

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Détails du projet

Shark Research Mexico is a Non-Profit organization based in Baja California, Mexico and is the leading organization dedicated to the research and conservation of sharks.

Shark Research Mexico (SRM) is a Non-Profit organization based in Baja California Sur, Mexico and is the leading organization dedicated to the research and conservation of sharks and rays in the Gulf of California.

We are a global provider of marine education and at the forefront of shark research. Our belief is that constant scientific research together with education is the key driver to inspire long-term change and commitment to sustain an abundant & vibrant marine environment. Through these tools, we strive to inspire, engage and empower future marine and environmental biologists, as well as the community, to make positive steps to generate healthier oceans now, and in the future.

As an organization we offer an educational and professional platform for local, national and international students and provide all of the necessary logistical support they might need to accomplish their research goals, under the supervision of our team.

Our mission

Is to study and protect elasmobranch species in Mexican waters and to provide opportunities for students at undergraduate and graduate levels to participate in our ongoing research and an opportunity to advance in the field of marine science and conservation biology, as well as raise awareness of sharks and other marine species.


To conserve sharks through science, education, conservation action and to inspire people to value nature & our world’s oceans.

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Social Impact

As an organization we work directly with the local communities in our region providing economic opportunities to captain, fishermen and local guides who all support the education of our visiting students and volunteers. Over the time we have been established we have made solid and transparent collaborations with all local universities as well as international ones by proving training and scientific support to students and social service participants. 

We strive to constantly engage our communities with the importance of conservation, sustainability and care for the environment and have worked with local stack holders and management authorities of the species we study to improve local and regional management of shark and ray species. 

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