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Art In Tanzania
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Encounter the exotic African culture
Learn to work in a Developing country
Get good friends in an African village
Enjoy the Indian Ocean
Join the amazing safaris programs
Art in Tanzania is taking applications for ongoing work in Tanzanian TV series and movies as well as short documentaries. This volunteer program is especially suitable for:
Âge 16+
Seul voyageur
Fauteuil roulant


Art in Tanzania is taking applications for ongoing work in local TV series and movies as well as international documentaries.  We offer various mentoring and learning internship opportunities. We are looking for all skill levels to both coach and teach members of the team! Great experience and hands-on opportunity in the field of Film, TV, and Documentary.


Our film team is working daily on new film production. We need skilled interns as well as production managers to work and train with our Tanzanian team. Posts of interest include: 

- Scriptwriting

- Directing

- Cameramen

-Production Assistant

- Lighting Personnel

- Sound personnel

- Editing personnel

- Makeup Personnel and Other essential Film Staff

If you have the experience or passion and are interested in collaborating with Art in Tanzania’s Production team, Apply with Us!

The Tanzanian movie industry is a fast-growing industry. It is said to be the second-largest in Africa after Nigeria at the moment. Our productions are shown in all of Africa through satellite channels.

Our model of production includes pairing and collaborating with the Tanzanian Youth. Interns will work on a production team with individuals from all backgrounds and skill levels. Come ready to learn the innovative style of Tanzanian filmmaking and ready to share what you know while working with great equipment!

This volunteer -  internship program is to assist Tanzania's young talented Film industry artists and professionals to develop their skills. We have already created and further assisted Tanzanian film teams to produce music videos, short documentaries, and full movies. In Tanzania we have no proper education for Film production and our model is to get professional personnel and students from the western world to perform in work training for the Tanzanian counterparts.

Our film program is our main media tool to give visibility to community issues for the public in common in Tanzania.

Journée Typique

Filmmaking does not look watch.

Scriptwriting can happen at any time. Many even prefer nighttime when it is peaceful. Also, the local team prefers evening hours onwards as they are free for the scripts and teamwork commonly happening online.

When the shooting starts many times the team works around the clock,

Editing is then more like scheduled work and one can enjoy normal working hours.

Overall this work does not know time limitations but the team is very flexible and you can always find a compromise.

Activités de Loisir

During your free time, you can enjoy low-cost safaris to Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, and other National parks. You can join our groups climbing Mt Kilimanjaro and move on to relax at Zanzibar beaches. We have also a variety of one-day programs for short breaks as diving and snookering at the reefs, swimming with dolphins, rainforest trekking at Kilimanjaro, live African music, a variety of sports programs, craft making as batik making courses, and so on. You will enjoy your stay in Tanzania.

Sports Nautiques
Concert /
Plongée /
plongée en apnée
Safari /
Musée /
Des sports
Yoga /


Pour participer à ce programme tu dois avoir au moins 16 ans quand le programme commence.
Compétences Linguistiques
Tu dois parler anglais (niveau de base)
Vérification des Antécédents Criminels
Exigences de Formation
Film and Media à niveau University or professional touch
Documents Requis
Cover letter et CV
Restrictions de Nationalité
Aucune restriction. De l'aide venant de tous les coins du monde est bienvenu.
Autres Compétences
- Script writing
- Directing
- Cameramen
-Production Assistant
- Lighting Personnel
- Sound personnel
- Editing personnel
- Makeup Personnel and Other essential Film Staff
Engagement de Temps
Nous avons besoin de ton aide le lundi, mardi, mercredi, jeudi et vendredi de 09:00 - 15:00

Services inclus

Services de Art In Tanzania

The fee includes accommodation, breakfast, and dinner, program guidance with orientation and 24 hours of staff presence, and academic graduate team leaders for all programs.


The actual program is free of cost. You may have local small transfer costs.


Cost does not include international flights, local transfers, charity volunteer VISA, and personal purchases.


Our eco-compound in Madale village in the Dar es Salaam area has dorms, single, double, and family rooms. As an eco-compound we use our own design composting dry toilets, we collect shower water and urine and use it as "grey water" for our large garden irrigation. Construction materials include bamboo, recycled bottles, and similar. This compound is located in Madale village, so it is a countryside place but a short distance from the city as well.

We charge accommodation with breakfast and dinner only. 

Dortoir Famille d'accueil Chambre simple Chambre double
Aliments & Boissons

We serve breakfast and dinner as accommodation inclusive. Lunches are available at a nominal cost, but you need to book one every morning as many people are not at the compound we cook and charge only those who are present and wish to have lunch.

All drinks are personal cost. Drinking water is available everywhere at a low cost. We also run a compound bar, so you have easy access to drinks and snacks. 

Accès à Internet
Bon accès sur le site du projet
NE SONT inclus dans le prix:
Visa, billets d'avion, assurance voyage ne sont PAS inclus dans les frais de programme. Le transfert de l'aéroport n'est pas inclus dans les frais non plus.
Billets d'avion
L'aéroport le plus proche est Julius Nyerere International Airport (DAR) à Dar Es Salaam. Nous t'aidons à trouver des vols pas chers pour aller en Tanzanie.
Assurance Voyage
Partir à l'étranger est une aventure et c'est toujours mieux d'être bien préparé. Que ce soit une maladie soudaine, une blessure ou du vol - une assurance voyage pour Tanzanie te protège en cas de situation imprévue.
Si tu envisages de faire du bénévolat en Tanzanie, nous te conseillons de consulter un médecin avant le début de ton voyage. Renseigne-toi sur les vaccins nécessaires pour Tanzanie.

Dates et Prix


Informations sur l'arrivée

Ongoing program choose your dates freely.

janv. févr. mars avril mai juin juil. août sept. oct. nov. déc.
3 - 36 sem

Frais de Programme

Frais: Prix en USD
3 sem (durée min.)
4 sem
5 sem
6 sem
7 sem
8 sem
$1 100
9 sem
$1 225
10 sem
$1 350
11 sem
$1 475
12 sem
$1 600
36 sem (durée max.)
$3 600
Coût moyen
$125 /sem

Merci de noter que les prix ci-dessus sont des prix estimés et qu'ils sont soumis aux fluctuations des taux de change. Art In Tanzania t'informera du prix final au cours du processus de candidature.
Acompte (15%)
L'acompte sert à réserver ta place avec l'organisation. Les paiements sont effectués par Paypal, notre partenaire de confiance pour les solutions de paiements internationales. Si tu n'as pas Paypal, tu peux également utiliser ta carte de crédit.
Montant Restant (85%)
Le paiement du montant restant doit être organisé avec Art In Tanzania durant le processus de candidature. Très souvent ce paiement est effectué par virement bancaire ou en espèces.

Pourquoi partir avec Volunteer World

Couche supplémentaire de sécurité de Volunteer World
Volunteer World est la plateforme comparative principale pour des missions humanitaires internationales. Nous te guidons tout au long de ton processus de candidature - y compris tous les paiements nécessaires. Planifier ton prochain voyage humanitaire avec Volunteer World te permet d'accéder gratuitement à:
Assurance qualité
Normes éthiques élevées & impact social vérifiable
Option Flex
Modifie ta réservation sans frais supplémentaires
Garantie de remboursement
Si l'organisation annule ton séjour, nous te remboursons les frais
Support & Médiation
Nous te soutenons quelles que soient les circonstances
Notre service est gratuit
Les frais de programme sont perçus directement par Art In Tanzania.

Ce qu’on dit sur Volunteer World

Film Production for Social Media

Art in Tanzania is taking applications for ongoing work in Tanzanian TV series and movies as well as short documentaries.


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