Children & Youth Support Food Rescue Helper Lisbon, Portogallo ImpacTrip
Volunteer in Lisbon to fight food waste and feed 3000 families who need support. Discover Portugal while traveling like a local and create a REAL positive social impact.
Children & Youth Support Barcelona, Spagna ImpacTrip
Help children with a lack of support to continue their education and develop new interests and skills !
Environmental Scuba Diving Lisboa, Portogallo ImpacTrip
An experience for those who just love the ocean. Discover a new underwater world and contribute to clean trash from the Atlantic Ocean. From beginners to advanced divers!
Animal Care Helper Split, Croazia ImpacTrip
This program supports the welfare and protection of dogs and cats at a local shelter.
Ocean Conservation Barcelona, Spagna ImpacTrip
As an ocean conservation volunteer, you’ll be using and improving your scuba diving skills while being actively involved in restoring the natural ecosystem.
Youth Supporter Lisboa, Portogallo ImpacTrip
In this program, volunteers will join different non-profits, where they will help and support local underprivileged children in their afterschool programs.
Wildlife Conservation in the countryside Serra da Lousã, Portogallo ImpacTrip
This unique and exciting project gives you the chance to directly contribute to wild animal conservation in the countryside of Portugal.
Wolf Conservation Experience Mafra - Lisboa, Portogallo ImpacTrip
Volunteer in a Wolf Conservation Center in a green region near Lisbon. Relax, meet new people and contribute to the preservation of an endangered species.
Eco Diving Split, Croazia ImpacTrip
Provide support to underwater clean-up efforts, help reduce sea pollution and enjoy diving in the beautiful Adriatic sea.
Creative Technologies for non-profits Barcelona, Spagna ImpacTrip
Support organizations to develop their online presence and marketing materials if you have experience in website development, graphic design, videography or photography.
Homeless Support Lisboa, Portogallo ImpacTrip
Help reducing social inequalities in Lisbon by supporting a local non-profit in providing food, clothes, shelter and medical care to people in need!
Social Farming Rome, Italia ImpacTrip
This program gives volunteers an opportunity to experience the Rome countryside while supporting a social integration model and assisting with a range of seasonal tasks.
Animal Care and Protection Rome, Italia ImpacTrip
This is the perfect project for those who love animals, aspiring veterinarians, and professionals from the sector.
Animal Protection Barcelona, Spagna ImpacTrip
This project supports the welfare and protection of animals at local shelters. Support local shelters play an important role in managing colonies of stray cats!
Forest Conservation Lisbon, Portogallo ImpacTrip
The Forest Conservation program aims to implement initiatives that promote the ecological recovery of degraded areas through the restoration of native forests and species
Street Animals Care Lisboa, Portogallo ImpacTrip
You will support non-profits that rescue and protect cats and dogs that have been lost or abandoned.
Refugees and Immigrants Support Barcelona, Spagna ImpacTrip
In this program, volunteers will join and support the local host center in its daily tasks, mainly preparing, cooking and distributing meals for immigrants and refugees.
Fight Food Waste Barcelona, Spagna ImpacTrip
Join local partners to redistribute leftover food from local supermarkets among social organizations, poor families, homeless people, and other people in need!
English Teaching to the community Rome, Italia ImpacTrip
Through the sharing of knowledge and life experiences, volunteers can demonstrate that with a bit of hard work, anything is possible.
Creative Technologies support Rome, Italia ImpacTrip
This is a high-impact volunteer project wherein participants with technical digital skills make a difference by supporting the causes of NGOs in Rome.
Youth and Children Support Roma, Italia ImpacTrip
Education is a fundamental human right. It promotes individual freedom and empowerment and yields important development benefits.
Special Needs Support Split, Croazia ImpacTrip
Break common barriers and stereotypes around the lives of people with disabilities and create fantastic memories!
Bear Conservation Kuterevo, Croazia ImpacTrip
This project focus is on bear and animal conservation alongside cultural heritage preservation of traditional values in the a small cute croatian village!
Youth Support Split, Croazia ImpacTrip
In this program, you have the chance to help children that have a lack of support to continue their education and develop new interests & skills!
Special Needs Care Barcelona, Spagna ImpacTrip
Break common barriers and stereotypes around the lives of people with disabilities and create fantastic memories!
Animal Shelter Assistance Athens, Grecia ImpacTrip
If you are a strong animal rights supporter and you want to give your time and love to these animals then you will fit perfect among the local volunteers in the shelters.
Environmental Conservation Barcelona, Spagna ImpacTrip
Your tasks will include conservation campaigns, environmental education, facility maintenance, organic gardening, as well as scientific monitoring.
Homeless Care Athens, Grecia ImpacTrip
The financial crisis, low minimum wage and refugee inflows in Greece the latest years have led to many people becoming homeless. Here you can do something about it.
Upcycling Supporter for Social Good Estoril , Portogallo ImpacTrip
Turn plastic into skateboards, ping pong paddles, and beach tennis rackets, fighting single-use plastic while promoting social integration at a local skatepar!!
Migrant & Refugee Support Athens, Grecia ImpacTrip
Join a local host center and create activities for migrants and refugees!
Creative Communication Athens, Grecia ImpacTrip
This project supports NGOs in Athens to develop their online presence and marketing materials in order to raise public awareness.
Sustainable Fashion Artisan Athens, Grecia ImpacTrip
Be a part of the amazing community of organizations that advocate for ethical fashion in today's world of fast fashion businesses!
Community Helpers Athens, Grecia ImpacTrip
Ready to make a difference in the lives of marginalized groups in Athens, Greece? Join our Community Support program and help local non profits.
Creative Technologies Split, Croazia ImpacTrip
Develop your creative and professional skills by helping the NOGs team!
Ocean Conservationist SPORADES, Grecia ImpacTrip
Seize this opportunity to blend paradise with purpose — protect marine life, support thriving ecosystems, learn how to scuba dive and embark on a meaningful journey.
Special Needs Assistance Athens, Grecia ImpacTrip
Join a vibrant community, engaging in activities with long-term institutionalized youths with disabilities.
Climate Action Supporter Rome, Italia ImpacTrip
You will be placed on non-profits focused on promoting environmental conservation activities in disadvantaged suburbs of Rome.

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Project Details

ImpacTrip is a social enterprise that promotes Responsible Travel Experiences in Portugal, Spain and Croatia.

ImpacTrip is a social business internationally certified as B-Corp that promotes Responsible Travel Experiences in Portugal, Spain and Croatia.

Founded in 2015 by two dedicated social entrepreneurs that want to change the way people travel, ImpacTrip aims at combining the best of travel with a positive social and environmental impact.

We really want travelers to have the most unique and meaningful travel experiences.

We offer short-term Travel Experiences across our country that allow you and other Responsible Travelers to connect with the locals, experience the culture and contribute in a positive way to the local communities.

We also offer long-term volunteer programs in which you can dedicate 1 to 12 weeks volunteering for local non-profits for a specific cause while meeting people from all over the world.

Since 2015 we've received people from over 50+ different nationalities that contributed with over 30.000 hours of volunteer work to support over 300 non-profits.

The main focus of the project is on
Foundation Year
Contact Person
Cristiana Pereira
Spoken Languages

Social Impact

Our Mission:

Travel with a social Impact!

Our Vision:

We truly want to help people.

We help with a smile on our face.

We believe people don't know a place until they know the locals.

We support local art.

We want to change the way people travel.

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals