Friends Childcare Supporter Teaching and Educating Children Arusha, Tanzania Natembelea Africa V Residence
Education is highly valued in Tanzania. Children enjoy education, especially in the presence of volunteers. As a volunteer you will engage with classroom activities.
Medical Assistance and Medical Outreach Arusha, Tanzania Natembelea Africa V Residence
This project involves placements in dispensaries, health centers, and hospitals mostly on rural villages. The volunteers are expected to be qualified and experienced.
Friends Childcare Supporter Arusha, Tanzania Natembelea Africa V Residence
Children in Tanzania often need extra support as they are from vulnerable backgrounds. Volunteers may assist in basic tasks such as cleaning, renovation, and cooking.
Empowering Women and Girls Arusha, Tanzania Natembelea Africa V Residence
This is an empowerment program based in Tanzania. The mamas and girls come from some truly heart-breaking backgrounds, including being shamed for being HIV positive.
Animal Welfare and Animals' Shelter Arusha, Tanzania Natembelea Africa V Residence
Spread awareness about veterinary and animal rights. The program tries to change the perception of animals in Tanzania and how to care for animals.
Special Needs and Assisting Disabled Children Arusha, Tanzania Natembelea Africa V Residence
This project is a great way for compassionate and caring individuals to support disabled children across the country. This program welcomes everyone to volunteer.

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Project Details

The residence offers housing and facilities as the primary destination to volunteers and provides
specific placements according to the various volunteer projects.

 Natembelea Africa Volunteer Residence is a non-profit residency established in September 2019, located in Arusha, one of the busiest cities and a tourist destination in Tanzania, we host volunteers from across the world with different passionate missions who come to experience life with the local people. The volunteers stay in our houses as the primary destination as they are allocated to their specific programs and placements that can be: Teaching, Child care, Special Needs, Medical, Women Empowerment as well as Animal Welfare. The volunteers will be assigned to placements spread across the city in nearby villages and rural areas in accordance to the program and its duration.

Program Start Dates
Our programs start on the 1st and on the 15th of every month respectively. One night before the program starts is not charged.(Group of 5 people and above, 50$ off from everyone in the group)
What we do?
The residency is working with other small over 9 organizations and offers housing and facilities as the primary destination to volunteers and provides specific placements according to the various volunteer projects we offer;
-Teaching, volunteers in this project are mainly placed in the rural areas so as to support the local primary and secondary schools, they will be engaged in checking home work, extracurricular activities, support teachers in lesson preparations and also teaching according to the Tanzanian curriculum and syllabus.
- Childcare. This project is a great way to provide love, care and support to children and also to support the centers. Volunteers will work with the center to provide basic education, fun & games with the kids, teaching hygiene and healthy living, as well as improving the center in general by engaging in tasks such as sanitation, kitchen work as well as renovations and maintenance.
- Special needs. This program is in support to the disabled children across the country through assistance directly to the special needs children as well as the experts and the centers. Volunteers in this project assist the experts and the special needs children by socializing, providing basic education, assisting in speech therapy and physiotherapy as well as hygiene and facility maintenance.
- Medical. Volunteering in this project involves working with medical centers as well as participating in rural medical outreach programs as assigned. Our organization provides placements in the medical program to volunteers with required relevant proficiencies that is; doctors, pharmacists, dentists, nurses, midwives and the likes.
Is Tanzania safe?
Tanzania is a rich and diverse country with different tribes, religions, and customs. Tanzanians are very friendly, conversational, and hospitable. There is a general safety that enhances the cultural experience. Our accommodations are also safe spaces provided by high security and are located at a safe neighborhood. 

Majority in Tanzania are living in poor life and unsustainable income which made us to establish the volunteer organization to help the community and welcoming people with open minded with good heart.

Realize shared values while engaging local societies first hand and dedicating abilities in making use of accessible resources to advance and sustain livelihoods.
Our goals
Provide volunteers with placements that enable them to show their compassion and utilize their skills, experience to improve and inspire as they engage the local societies. Exposure, tactics, values and experience sharing between volunteers and the locals.. Creating new bonds and bridging relationships across the world with dedication to progress. Learning and appreciating applications observed and attained from the volunteer engagement projects.

What to be expect
Expect to be proactive and prompt, as the experience will be out of your comfort zone in case of inadequate resources it will be on you to apply initiatives that would satisfy the particular situations. Expect to learn, be challenged, and to experience a sort of fun you have never known
while engaging with the children and the people.
What not to be expect
Limit your expectations, the work is fulfilling but not easy as our conditions in Africa derive unique approaches to everything. The placements are underfunded and with inadequate resources, do not expect to change everything at the same time; be proactive and collaborate with the local coordinators and placement supervisors to improve the work condition and to cater to the needs of the project. We encourage you to be proactive and embrace the norms as part of a learning experience and ensure the locals team from you as well.

What to bring
You are not required to bring anything on your volunteer placements, but if you feel like donating and sharing it will be appreciated. In regard to the need and relationship created it is always important to choose a better fit for your donations given that there are many needs due to the limited resources the schools have ranging from needs and requirements.


All volunteers must have a Volunteer Visa to volunteer in Tanzania. This is because foreigners are not allowed to volunteer in Tanzania under a Tourist Visa.

A Volunteer Visa which is referred to as Business Visa in Tanzanian airports, costs $300 USD for US citizens valid for 90 days; And $250 USD for non-US citizens valid for 90 days, which is only accepted in the form of US Dollars. Once you are registered as a volunteer in our organization, we will provide you with the relevant address and contact details in order to fill the Immigration forms. Sometimes Immigration officers request large bills (100 and 50 dollar bills) and will reject smaller bills such as 20 dollar bills. This is not common, but it is best to be prepared!

Vaccination & Treatment

We highly recommend you to consult your doctor for advice on immunizations. We all understand human being get sick, we have several hospitals and clinics in town in case volunteer get sick and the organization will ride you to the hospital for free with a coordinator to assist , and there are many pharmacies available to get medicine.

Certificate after your program

We appreciate your time! After your program ends we will provide you with a certificate of completion.

Criminal background check

Our first priority is safety. Safety for our volunteers and for the people receiving services in our volunteer programs. This is standard for any quality volunteer program.


Tanzania is a safe country and we will do our best to ensure your safety and well-being but illnesses happen and sometimes unfortunate incidents such as theft happen. Travel insurance will pay for your medical bills if you become ill and will cover expenses if something were lost or stolen.

Speak local language (Swahili)

You do not need to know it but learning a few words and phrases will be helpful. There are many helpful sites that can help you before you arrive and we will help you when you are here.

What to bring with me,

We recommend to bring mosquito net, flashlight, long-sleeved clothes, mosquito repellent, copy of your passport and ID – best not to carry your identification with you, you can bring with you toys and gifts as well for children and your coordinators and/or teachers

Going tours and safaris during your program

Of course! Tanzania is a beautiful country and we would not want you to miss out on seeing some of the wonderful places here. We can help you arrange tours and safaris at discounted rates for our volunteers!

The main focus of the project is on
NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organization
Foundation Year
Contact Person
Schola Ndimgwango
Schola Ndimgwango
Spoken Languages

Social Impact

The impact in the society can provide a healthy boost to your self-confidence, self-esteem, and life satisfaction. You are doing good for others and the community, which provides a natural sense of accomplishment. Your role as a volunteer can also give you a sense of pride and identity.
Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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