Southern Safari Stables Machu Picchu Horse Assistant Urubamba, Perù Worldwide Vets
Join a family run ranch in the sacred valley of Peru in the middle of the Inca Trail, just below the ancient city of Machu Picchu
Southern Safari Stables Beitbridge, Zimbabwe Worldwide Vets
If you are looking for large animal experience for your studies, have always wanted to ride with African wildlife, this is a great project for you!
Safari Stables Gweru, Zimbabwe Worldwide Vets
Work on a beautiful safari reserve and support conservation whilst working with horses in Africa.
Wildlife Jungle Vet Internship Iquitos, Perù Worldwide Vets
Work with an onsite veterinary team at a sanctuary in the Amazon. Rescue and rehabilitate injured wildlife. Perfect for pre-vets and vet/nurse students and new graduates.
Reptile Vet Sanctuary Hoedspruit, Sudafrica Worldwide Vets
A centre passionate about rescuing and rehabilitating reptiles. From surgery to post op care, rescue and release, to looking after the sanctuaries' permanent residents.
Vet Assistant Stone Town, Tanzania Worldwide Vets
Volunteer on the tropical island of Zanzibar, helping the clinic with all aspects of their work. From surgery and nursing to re-homing and rehabilitation.
Vet Visions Gweru, Zimbabwe Worldwide Vets
A 2 week project for pre-vets and those considering careers in animal care or conservation. Gain work experience with cattle, horses, dogs and wildlife.
Wildlife Vet Assistant Puntarenas, Costa Rica Worldwide Vets
Help the vet and gain hands on work experience with South American wildlife. Sloths, jaguars, tapirs, monkeys and more. Perfect for pre-vets and vet/nurse students.
Equine Vet Assistant Cairo, Egitto Worldwide Vets
Work alongside a vet team helping rescue and treat abused horses around the pyramids of Cairo, Egypt. A Clinical equine placement.

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Project Details

Our goal is to improve animal welfare worldwide by providing volunteers to help vets and vet nurses working with wildlife and domestic animals.

As an organisation, our goal is simple. Improve animal welfare around the world. Anyone can volunteer with us, you do not need to be a vet or vet student, although many of our courses are very popular with such applicants. 

We offer a multi-modal approach to assisting animals, including:

  • Running volunteer opportunities for you to help or study abroad.
  • Sponsoring vets to visit areas needing support.
  • Providing medications and surgical equipment
  • Training local vets and technicians.

By volunteering with us you will gain hands on experience with animals, learn new skills and give something back. For those considering a career in medicine or nursing, this is a great way to understand more about the career path and see if it is right for you. It provides industry relevant experience and is a wonderful addition to your CV, making you stand out when you apply to your chosen college or university. Those already studying animal and medical courses can gain credits and count their trip as work experience (including EMS or CEMS). Most importantly you can learn a huge range of new concepts and develop your skills and confidence in a friendly and encouraging environment.

Worldwide Vets is registered in the UK, with our administrative head office close to London, England. The real hub of our work is much further away, with vet clinics and conservation projects in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zanzibar, Ghana, Thailand, India, Cambodia, Peru, and Costa Rica, to name just a few. We welcome volunteers to join our mission and contribute to the role we play. Doing so is a great way to give something back to the world around you, saving innocent lives, alleviating poverty and playing your part in sustaining the natural and cultural planet we know today.  





The main focus of the project is on
NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organization
Contact Person
Gemma Campling
Spoken Languages

Social Impact

Our dedicated team of vets, nurses, technicians, and conservation support staff work every day of the year to ensure that any animal presented to us can receive the best possible care and treatment and this is where we need volunteers to help. The jobs are diverse and varied, on any given day, between the four continents where we work, our team are carrying out worthwhile missions like dog rescues, horse treatments, translocating rhino or removing snares from trapped wildlife. If you check the media, you will often see our team members making headlines for our rescue and conservation work! 

Community education and empowerment is an important part of our ethos, and we strongly believe that the local communities are the best people to care for local animals. It is through capacity building, education and school teaching sessions that we really make a sustainable difference in the countries where we operate. 


Volunteering with us is a chance to challenge yourself, learn new skills, make a difference, and see the world in a new light, being welcomed to each destination not as a tourist, but as a helper and member of our family. With the challenges facing us all in the 21st century, there has never been a more important time for volunteers to come together and take responsibility for the animals and world around us.

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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