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Help Save Sea Turtles

2 - 24 settimane  ·  Età 18 - 50+

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Punti Salienti

  • Explore Costa Rica, one of the most amazing countries in the world
  • Experience the relaxed "tica way of life"! Tica refers to how the Costa Ricans call themselves :-)
  • Boost your CV adding international volunteer experience
  • Make new friends from around the world while sharing with other international volunteers
  • Visit amazing places throughout a country that is famous for its breathtaking landscapes and beaches

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Età 18+

Sul programma

Protect endangered sea turtles in Costa Rica! Lend a helping hand to protect these beautiful sea creatures.

During your volunteer work you support a turtle protection project in a nature reserve in Costa Rica. This is located on the Nicoya Peninsula, in the province of Guanacaste in the northwest of the country and covers an area of around ​​243 hectares.

The area was declared a Natural Reserve by the ...

Sul programma

During your volunteer work you support a turtle protection project in a nature reserve in Costa Rica. This is located on the Nicoya Peninsula, in the province of Guanacaste in the northwest of the country and covers an area of around ​​243 hectares.

The area was declared a Natural Reserve by the Costa Rican Government in 1994, as the beach in this region is considered one of the most important places in the country for sea turtles nests. In addition to the turtles, there are of course numerous plant, mammals, bird and reptile species that need to be protected.

As part of your volunteer service, you'll be assisting the local team to monitor endangered sea turtles while they are laying their eggs, secure the nests and dig up the eggs, if necessary, to keep them safely in incubators until the baby turtles hatch after about 45-60 days. The work on this volunteer project is incredibly exciting, as some of the adult turtles can weigh up to 700 kg and really impress with their beautiful, up to 2.5 meter long shells. Despite their huge size, it is extremely impressive how quickly they dig the hole in the sand for oviposition and deposit up to 60 eggs there.

You can get involved in this project with all your energy to help preserve the sea turtles. Here you will get to know volunteers from all over the world and join them in experiencing the breathtaking biodiversity of Costa Rica.

Giornata tipica

At the beginning of the voluntary work in the nature reserve, the newcomers are welcomed with an orientation session. During your volunteer work in Costa Rica, you are involved in a project that protects and monitors the population of the sea turtles in the south of the province of Guanacaste. You ...

Giornata tipica

At the beginning of the voluntary work in the nature reserve, the newcomers are welcomed with an orientation session. During your volunteer work in Costa Rica, you are involved in a project that protects and monitors the population of the sea turtles in the south of the province of Guanacaste. You will be taking exciting night patrols along the Pacific beaches to observe rare turtle species and monitor their habits and behaviors. The tours are never undertaken alone, but always in teamwork with other volunteers and / or with local project staff. The sea turtles come to the beach all year round for oviposition in the region, however, the period from July to December is considered high season. At this time, up to 30 nests per night can be secured! In the months of January to June, with an average of five turtles per night significantly fewer animals come to the beach, but still enough to observe them closely and to cooperate in the protection project.

It is important to collect and analyze the data collected in order to control the populations of sea turtles. The feeling of being able to see these mystical but endangered creatures up close is incredibly exciting! In this region also the so-called leatherback turtle lays its eggs. It is the largest turtle species in the world, reaching a length of up to 2.5 meters and a weight of up to 700 kg. This turtle species prefers oviposition in the region from October to February. After successful breeding season of 45-60 days the hatchlings search their way to the sea which is a dangerous mission. The aim of this project is to protect sea turtle eggs from predators and illegal abduction (turtle eggs are traded as delicacies).

During the day, volunteers sometimes also take environmental education lessons in the surrounding schools to make the children aware of the sensitive ecosystem, in particular the specificity of sea turtles, and to ensure a more conscious approach to the environment and its fauna. Likewise, the volunteers work during the day in the breeding station on the evaluation of the data that they could capture during the nightly inspection.

Note: The tasks may vary. They depend on factors such as number of volunteers, weather, season, current needs of the project, as well as self-motivation. Not every volunteer may be fully involved in all these tasks.

Attività del tempo libero

Weekends are the perfect time to enjoy an exciting hike through Costa Rican nature since the main attractions of Costa Rica is its system of national parks and protected areas, which cover around 25% of the national territory, in order to protect the rich variety of flora and fauna, which is ...

Attività del tempo libero

Weekends are the perfect time to enjoy an exciting hike through Costa Rican nature since the main attractions of Costa Rica is its system of national parks and protected areas, which cover around 25% of the national territory, in order to protect the rich variety of flora and fauna, which is estimated to contain 5% of the world's biodiversity in less than 0.1% of the planet's land mass. In addition, Costa Rica has countless amazing beaches on both the Pacific and the Caribbean Ocean. 

Costa Rica is the perfect place to combine volunteer work with tourism, enjoy activities like:

- Adventure sport
- Dream beaches
- Ecotourism
- Local culture
- Bird / wildlife watching
- Visits to unique National Parks
- Rural tourism
- Sightseeing and history in San José



Età minima: 18 anni

Per partecipare al programma è necessario avere almeno 18 anni alla data di inizio del programma. Potrebbero esserci delle esenzioni se si è in grado di fornire il permesso del proprio tutore legale o se si è accompagnati dai propri genitori.

Competenze linguistiche

È necessario parlare di Spagnolo (livello base) o Inglese (livello base)

Requisiti di formazione

a livello High School

Documenti necessari

CV and Volunteer Questionnaire

Restrizioni sulla nazionalità

Nessuna restrizione. Gli aiuti da tutto il mondo sono benvenuti.

Impegno di tempo

Il vostro aiuto sarà richiesto lunedì, martedì, mercoledì, giovedì, venerdì e sabato

Servizi inclusi

Servizi inclusi

Servizi per South America Inside

  • Shared room in Volunteer House
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Airport pick-up in San José with 2 overnight stays in San José (single room, breakfast & dinner)
  • Transfer from San José accommodation to bus terminal for journey to project site *
  • Advice from our experienced staff
  • On-going support via WhatsApp, phone or mail
  • Elaboration of your application profile in Spanish
  • Your placement in the volunteer project
  • Pre-departure information
  • Packing list
  • Country handbook
  • Intercultural guide
  • Welcome meeting in San José
  • On-site volunteer coordinator
  • 24/7 emergency number
  • Advice on travel insurance
  • Certificate of participation

Prelievo dall'aeroporto a Juan Santamaria International Airport

  1. Airport pick-up in San José and transfer to your overnight homestay in San José
  2. Transfer from your homestay in San José to the bus station to start your journey to the volunteer site (bus ticket not included)

You will be picked up at the airport in San José and brought to your homestay (single room) where you will stay one or more nights, depending on your arrival day. After an orienation session with our in-country coordinators you will be brought to the bus station in San José where you will start your journey to the volunteer project site (costs for bus ticket not included).

Note: If you arrive on a friday or saturday in San José you will stay at the homestay in San José at least until monday.


Volunteers will stay in the volunteer house on the project site. It is located slightly higher than the beach, which offers an amazing view of the Pacific Ocean. The houses are simple, but fully furnished. There is a fully-equipped kitchen, a large porch, and bathrooms with showers. 

Cibo e Bevande

Full-board is provided (breakfast, lunch, dinner). Volunteers usually cook their meals together and the ingredients are provided by the project.

Accesso a Internet

Buon accesso al sito del progetto

Cosa NON è incluso?

Cosa NON è incluso?

Biglietti aerei

L'aeroporto più vicino è Juan Santamaria International Airport (SJO) a San Jose. Vi aiutiamo a trovare voli economici per Costa Rica. TROVARE VOLI ECONOMICI

Assicurazione di viaggio

Andare all'estero è un'avventura ed è sempre meglio essere preparati. Malattia o infortunio improvviso, annullamento o furto: un'assicurazione di viaggio per Costa Rica offre sicurezza ed è un vantaggio da avere. OTTENERE UN PREZZO


Se avete intenzione di fare volontariato a Costa Rica dovete chiedere un parere medico prima di iniziare il vostro viaggio sociale. Controllare le vaccinazioni richieste per Costa Rica. CHECKER PER I VACCINI

Dettagli all'arrivo

The volunteer work can be joined throughout the year. The start and end date can be set flexible, according to your availability and travel plans. Ask our experienced staff to coordinate your participation in this meaningfull volunteer project.

Please Note
Before leaving to the project site, you will receive an orientation from our local staff. It is best if you can arrive in San José on Saturday or Sunday, as the entry to the project is only possible on Monday or Tuesday. The program includes between 1-2 overnight stays in a single room with a Host Family (incl. half board) in San José. If you arrive on another day in San José you must book additional nights with in a Homestay with us, until you can check-in at the Sea Turtle project on Monday.
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Tariffe del programma

2 settimane (soggiorno min.) 1.084€
3 settimane 1.361€
4 settimane 1.638€
5 settimane 1.916€
6 settimane 2.193€
7 settimane 2.470€
8 settimane 2.747€
9 settimane 3.024€
10 settimane 3.302€
11 settimane 3.579€
12 settimane 3.856€
24 settimane (soggiorno max.) 7.182€
Tariffe medie 420€/settimana

Tariffe del programma

420€ tariffe settimanali 2 - 24 settimane Età 18 - 50+

Modalità di pagamento

Visa Master Card Maestro American Express PayPal



2 - 24 settimane


Il deposito serve semplicemente a prenotare il vostro posto di volontario. I pagamenti sono gestiti da PayPal, il nostro fornitore globale di fiducia. Se non avete un conto PayPal, potete pagare anche con carta di credito.

Pagamento Finale

Il pagamento finale sarà concordato con South America Inside durante il processo di candidatura. Le soluzioni più comuni sono il bonifico bancario o il pagamento in contanti presso la sede del progetto.

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South America Inside

Ottimo 4.4 rating (78 recensioni)

Agenzia - fondata nel 2003

Verificato da Volunteer World

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Lingue parlate: Tedesco, Inglese, Spagnolo

Sul progetto

South America Inside promotes intercultural, linguistic and educational exchanges. Its volunteer programs are addressed to students, professionals and retirees.

Incontra il tuo ospite

South America Inside is an intercultural management agency, founded back in 2003, which specializes in the promotion of programs abroad, language travel and educational programs throughout Latin America.

Since 2007, to enrich the experience of our global-minded clients and to provide them with even more possibilities, South America Inside has been expanding their program offerings throughout South and Central America.

Working together with some of the best language schools in Latin America, South America Inside provides high quality language courses in almost every Latin American country.

Thanks to a professional team of motivated and friendly staff, South America Inside has been very successful over the past several years and have been able to establish an outstanding network of what we call "Insider Contacts." To enrich the experience of their clients and to provide them with more possibilities, South America Inside has been expanding our program offerings throughout Central and South America, in addition to our well-established Chilean programs.

Volunteer Work

Do you dream of staying abroad while doing something positive? Are you looking for a unique experience that will leave a mark on your life? Then a Volunteer Work program in South America or Central America is perfect for you!

With South America Inside you can combine an adventure abroad with social commitment, and create lasting memories in Latin America. Support the protection of endangered species; help a local community construct new homes; give new hope to impoverished children.

The possibilities to lend a hand are diverse, as there are the many places where help is needed. We have classified our volunteer projects in different areas so you can easily find the one (or more!) projects that best match your needs and interests.

Why with us

There are many persuasive reasons that speak in favor of South America Inside when it comes to selecting your perfect provider of language, study and volunteer travel abroad. Following, we have prepared a short summary so that you can get us to know a little better.

Our Insider benefits at a glance:

  Regional Experience
Over one decade (established in 2003) of dedication to language, work and study travel programs in Latin America. Thanks to our long standing work and life experience in the South American continent, we know this region really well. Therefore, we can help and inform you in a professional and competent way.

  Multifaceted Offers
Over time we have developed new programs to offer a wide array of work abroad opportunities to our clients. We have been pioneers in launching new exchange programs, as we have been the first in offering Work & Travel/Working Holiday and Farm Stays in Chile and successfully introduced these programs into the market back in 2005. Since 2012, we are the only agency to offer this type of program in Costa Rica.

  Insider Advice
Despite living in the modern era of the internet, we know that reliable and competent advice is still an important criterion for most of us. At South America Inside, you will find the benefits of an internet provider and an independent travel agency. We will be glad to pass on our extensive knowledge and regional experience.!

It is difficult to run programs when there is nobody “on the ground” to evaluate existing options and search for new opportunities. So, we are located in Chile, on location, and we know everything that is going on first hand. We know what it is like to live as a foreigner in South America and will be happy to assist you in making your stay unforgettable!

South America Inside is an independent provider of language courses, internships, volunteer work, Farm Stays and Work & Travel programs in Latin America. We neither depend financially nor structurally on any other company, language school, association or organization. Therefore, we are able to give personalized information in accordance to your needs and availability.

•  Multilingual Team

Our team is multilingual and international! We speak fluent English, Spanish and German, as well as some French and Portuguese. With our customers, we can communicate in their native language and we avoid misunderstandings with local partners by communicating in Spanish with them. You can be sure that there will be an English-speaking contact person for you before, during, and after your stay.

  Customer Service
Excellent customer service is one of the most important goals for South America Inside, and this is evident with the positive feedback we regularly receive from our many happy clients. Emails are answered within 48 business hours and every client is treated with the same friendliness and expertise.

  Gapless and Accurate Information flow
With South America Inside you will have one and the same contact person before, during and after your trip. With that said, we guarantee a gapless and accurate information flow and you will always be very well informed.

  Approved Program Places
Many of our program places, especially in the area of internships and volunteer work, are designed in the way that they will be recognized by most universities, colleges or academies.

78 recensioni · rating4.4

Emilie Hasni rating4.2

2023 at Help Save Sea Turtles

Magnifique expérience avec les tortues et avec les autres volontaires aussi. Le cadre est magnifique, les couchers de soleil et les balades dans la nature autour du lieu du volontariat sont superbes. Petite info : si tu veux avoir internet, le seul réseau qui fonctionne est Kolbi. Nous on a ...

2024 at Work in a National Park

When I scheduled volunteer time the indication was that there was a limited number of volunteers based on the projects/work to be done. As more and more volunteers arrived i realized that we were more valued for the money we paid than for the limited amount of work to be done. Also, I felt that ...
lyne bourbonnais rating3.8

2024 at Eco Farm Worker

j'ai bien aimé mon expérience à Antigua qui est une superbe ville facile à visiter. Vivre dans une famille, y prendre les repas est une très belle incursion dans la vie guatémaltèque. et quoi de mieux pour l'immersion en langue espagnole! eco farm: bien qu'au départ je n'ai pas bien saisi ...
Floriana D. rating5

2023 at Local Wildlife Helper

Hey there, I love my experience, it is amazing !!! Tomorrow I am going to visit and I am working, it's going very well ! Thank you for everything!! ...
Laurence M. rating5

2023 at Wildlife Rescue Assistant

The country is magnifique and at this moment all the people who I’ve met are nice. The projet and his place is very cool and the family home stay too! Everything is OK thank you for ...
Ich bin gut auf der Osterinsel angekommen. Wurde von dem Projektleiter am Flughafen abgeholt. Er hatte sogar eine Kollegin mit, die deutsch spricht, sollte ich mit spanisch nicht so gut umgehen können. Echt toll! Die Unterkunft ist gut und ordentlich und groß, sie liegt am Ende der Ortschaft, ...


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