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We offer you to immerse in the daily life of costarican families and work routines of teaching and conservation projects. These new found knowledges teach you a lot.

In 1994 we at first hand moved to Costa Rica and everything started when my son went to a little elementary school near Sámara: 11 children, 6 degrees, one classroom and one teacher. We started bringing volunteers to this little school and 'poco a poco' other schools addressed us with interest of ...

Omschrijving van de beoordeling

In 1994 we at first hand moved to Costa Rica and everything started when my son went to a little elementary school near Sámara: 11 children, 6 degrees, one classroom and one teacher. We started bringing volunteers to this little school and 'poco a poco' other schools addressed us with interest of having volunteers and families offered themselves for having volunteers in their house.

Since then a lot has changed and developed at first hand – we started many new teaching programs and conservation projects all over the country – but one thing is still the same: we have a very personal and very close contact to all of our schools, guestfamilies and projects. We live in Costa Rica and we will be there when you need us!

First hand offers volunteer opportunities in schools, kindergarten, music schools, turtle camps, animal reserves, macaw stations, farms and in the rainforest.

We, the agency for volunteer work first hand, are in direct contact with schools and environmental conservation projects planning, organizing and joining our volunteers during this unforgettable and worthy experience!

We have 20 years experience of living in Costa Rica and feel commited to the people, comunitary help and sustainable ecological development. Through the 'Asociación Intercambio Cultural ALEGRIA - AICA', a non-profit organization, we have been promoting intercultural exchange in all areas of artistic expression and organizing festivals and benefit events. 

First hand offers projects almost everywhere in Costa Rica. San Jose, Islita, Buena Vista, Manzanillo, Drake Bay, Mata Palo...just to name a few!

Our Vision

first hand wants to contribute to a sustainable development and mutual respect by intercultural exchange and learning from each other.

Why volunteering with first hand?

Your contribution makes the difference in educating children, preserving marine turtles or other animals and protecting the rainforests of Costa Rica. You live and work with locals and you get to learn the real life of Costaricans. Every day you deal directly with opinions, lifestyles and routines of a different culture. These new found knowledges teach you more about yourself! You learn or improve your spanish skills. Language is the key to understanding the values of a different culture. Work experiences in foreign countries are indispensable in times of globalization. A volunteer based commitment will open many doors for you.

About Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a little tropical paradise between two oceans. Hardly any other country has such an abundance of plants and animals on such a small terrain. 25% of it's area is protected by national parks. Active volcanos, hot springs, rain and cloud forests, mountain rivers, spectacular waterfalls, subterranean caves, coral reefs, mangroves, amazing caribbean and pacific beaches and a fascinating animal world invite you to discover and enjoy.

Costa Rica has the oldest democracy in Latin America, a working social system, responsable environmental laws and is the only country in the world that has no army. The relaxed 'pura vida' lifestyle of the 'ticos' and their hospitality towards visitors make it one of the safest top destinations in Latin America.


Sofia Stein

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Beate Flatjord rating4,8

2024 at Animal Rescue & Release Center

Working with animals at the rescue center. Get to work close with the animals. Cleaning enclosures, feding and a lot of other differente tasks. Really fun to get to see the animals up close and work with them. Also a lot of nice and fun people. Fun activities and things to see on your free ...
Laurence Bouchayer rating4,4

2024 at Save Turtles in Montezuma

I had a great time in ASVO. Such an experience. You should communicate more about the conditions there, night shifts and very basics conditions of staying in the house. ..
Bianca Reis rating4,6

2023 at Animal Rescue & Release Center

I had a great time at the Animal Rescue Center in Puerto Viejo. I worked five days per week and had two days off. Every day there are three different tasks you can do, such as cleaning the enclosure, feeding the animals etc. You will work with many animals like sloths, baby monkeys, birds, macaws. ..
Mélina Valloir Cherki rating4,4

2023 at Support Children in Schools in Beach Villages

This has been the best trip of my life. This experience was incredible on all levels. First of all the family that hosted me were very kind, very welcoming and very present when I needed help. Secondly, in regards to the school that I helped out in, everyone there was extremely nice to me and made ...
Julia Roth rating4,8

2022 at Save Turtles and Sloths

It really was an unforgettable time, lots fun and I met many nice people there. What we experienced while working was incredibly interesting and exiting. In our free time, too, we visited many different, great places or went to the sea. A wonderful ...
Hana Horvathova rating4,6

2022 at Save Turtles and Sloths

I joined the turtles and sloths project in Matapalo through First Hand, it was an amazing experience overall. I have been at the project during the rainy season which I still recommend highly. First Hand has shown great support during the onboarding period before the start of the project and later ...

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UN Sustainable Development Goals

  • Zero Hunger
  • Quality Education
  • Responsible Consumption And Production
  • Life Below Water
  • Life On Land