Cultural Immersion & Elephant Conservation Cultural Immersion & Elephant Conservation Mae Sot, Thailand Mahouts Elephant Foundation
Join us for a unique culturally immersive community based experience, observing elephants living freely in their natural habitat and help with community based projects.

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Mahouts Elephant Foundation is a UK registered not for profit charity, dedicated to improving the welfare of captive Asian elephants and their mahouts.

Mahouts Elephant Foundation mission is to work toward a shift in attitude within the tourism industry that is able to facilitate the return of captive, working elephants to a protected forest habitat. 

the Foundation works on the ground to develop sustainable, welfare-focused tourist experiences in order to support the needs and livelihoods of the mahouts, their families, and the local communities, in conjunction with the needs of the elephants. 

We hope to raise much needed awareness on the issues surrounding elephant tourism in Asia and build a supportive community of like-minded individuals that leave us sharing in our passion and goal.

We offer outstanding culturally immersive and genuine experiences at two unique community based project sites, located deep in the forested hills of northern Thailand. Both of our sites offer stunning scenery, encounters with native wildlife, rich cultural immersion and of course the opportunity to observe Asian elephants living in their natural habitat, from a safe and respectful distance.

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Mahouts Elephant Foundation

is dedicated to elephant and habitat conservation, the preservation of traditional cultures, raising awareness on ethical elephant tourism and conducting groundbreaking research on Asian elephant behaviour and their relationship with their natural environment. 

The foundation currently supports two remote Karen hill tribe villages in northern Thailand and their 7 captive elephants, providing the opportunity for alternative livelihoods through responsible and sustainable community based tourism.

In 2018 we were announced the winners of "Community Based Tourism" at The Responsible Thailand Awards.

We strive to partner with forward thinking travel companies, research organizations, universities, and other organizations. We believe in working together to achieve our shared goals.

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