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Panthera Africa is a sanctuary for Big Cats. We create a secure, safe and prosperous home for captive Big Cats and raise awareness about ethical animal treatment.

Panthera Africa is a non-profit company founded by Lizaene Cornwall and Cathrine S. Nyquist.

Panthera Africa is a sanctuary for any captive bred big cats, founded by Lizaene Cornwall and Cathrine S. Nyquist. The name Panthera Africa is inspired by the passion Lizaene and Cathrine have for the four ...

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Panthera Africa is a non-profit company founded by Lizaene Cornwall and Cathrine S. Nyquist.

Panthera Africa is a sanctuary for any captive bred big cats, founded by Lizaene Cornwall and Cathrine S. Nyquist. The name Panthera Africa is inspired by the passion Lizaene and Cathrine have for the four pantheras; panthera leo – the lion, panthera pardus – the leopard, panthera onca - the jaguar and panthera tigris – the tiger.

Big cats are under threat in the wild, and being exploited in captivity. Many tourists and volunteers are unaware of what is truly happening to these big cats, and therefore we take pride in speaking on their behalves. 

One of Panthera Africa's main purposes is to be an educational platform where we create awareness about conditions big cats face in captivity, and how animal welfare and enrichment play a vital role in giving them the best captive life possible.

Panthera Africa believes in the connection between both environmental and wildlife conservation, and aims to become the first "green" big cat sanctuary in South Africa, and run solely on solar energy.

Panthera Africa has found its 40 hectare paradise with a beautiful home for the animals, the owners and the many volunteers visiting. The land is filled with lots of large trees, a natural spring and an amazing 360 degree mountain view!

The international volunteer project offers you the unique opportunity to be involved behind the scenes! We believe in the equal importance of both humans and animals, and we will do our absolute best to give you the holiday of your lifetime. We know from personal experience that this includes both quality time with animals, as well as with staff and the other volunteers. 

Hearing a lion roar up close, getting love and recognition from a leopard, hearing the chuffing of a tiger, or seeing them appreciate and love the toys you make to enrich their lives. 

In addition to the indescrible bonds you will form with the animals, friendship will be formed and together at the end of the day we all can share stories, hopes and dreams around the bonfire with a cold drink watching the famous African sunset. 

Our Values

We care

  • Respectful towards each other and the animals and nature
  • Are inclusive
  • Take responsibility
  • With unconditional love

We are open minded

  • Inspire and motivate each other
  • Accept each other without judgement
  • Practice spirituality; meditation & animal communications

We are creative

  • Find solutions
  • Take actions and make things happen!
  • Constantly strive for improvement and new ideas
  • Do everything with excitement

About the Founders

While providing, managing and working closely with eight different species of predators, Lizaene observed and experienced each species' uniqueness and capabilities, and realised that protecting and caring for big cats was her calling in life. The foundation for Panthera Africa was laid, and the desire to rescue and care for the big cats in need powered her already big love, passion and admiration for them. Her eagerness to educate herself led her to learn about the truth about captive breeding, exploitation of big cats and illegal wildlife trade. Through her story and amazing connection with her ambassador animals, she aims to reach the hearts of thousands so everyone can understand how amazing these animals are, and that they should be respected and protected.

Catherine used to be one of those typical business ladies with a degree in business and finance, climbing the career ladder, enjoying the jet set life with wining and dining, and having the freedom to travel the world. In September 2011 she was going to start what she was sure was her dream job – a broker in the most up and coming commercial real estate company in Oslo. Two weeks before start up, she sat on a plane to South Africa and was going to volunteer at a breeding project. Little did she know that this choice was going to change her life in every possible way. After two additional trips to the project, she permanently moved to South Africa in May 2012, and started to assist Lizaene with all her tasks. Her days were quickly filled with lots of work and the best thing of all – a lot of indescribable animal time. Two years later, the two were starting their own project and following their dream of saving the big cats. 

We strongly believe in the saying "In union there is strength" - and by standing together, human and animal, we believe in the possibility of a prosperous future for the big cats, and we take pride in 'speaking' on their behalf.


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Panthera Africa beoordelingen

Théodore Parage rating4,8

2024 at Big Cats Sanctuary

What an amazing experience… I went there to meet and appreciate these incredible animals, I left loving the animals and also all the people overthere. I can tell you that the staff members really take care about the big cats but they also take care about the volunteers. Thank you for all of ...
Roxane Lanoue rating5,0

2023 at Big Cats Sanctuary

I spent 3 amazing weeks at Panthera Africa! The team is dedicated to the welfare of these animals who have been rescued from deplorable situations. A real sanctuary dedicated to animals with ethics and passion. How lucky to be able to observe such animals so closely. Many thanks to the team who ...
Manon Giovinazzo rating4,6

2023 at Big Cats Sanctuary

I had the opportunity to spend 3 weeks at Panthera Africa. It was a great experience, the team was very welcoming and I had a wondurfull time with the other volunteers aswell. As a volunteer, you get to help out everyday to clean the enclosures, feed the big cats, make fun enrichments for them, ...
Didier Garcia rating4,6

2022 at Big Cats Sanctuary

The owners and the staff are really connected. The talking was very interesting. The animals are very well respected through animal communication in order to respect them all, individually. All of them were very lovely in their own specific personality. I would have loved to spend more time there. ..
Heidemarie Hillerbrand rating4,8

2020 at Big Cats Sanctuary

My stay at Big Cats Sanctuarity enriched me with many experiences: the 'other' side of the life of big cats, of which the majority of people do not know or want to admit, the social commitment to humans and animals, the coexistence of different generations with the same interests, the acceptance of ...
Nicole Kuttnauer rating5,0

2019 at Big Cats Sanctuary

This was overall an amazing experience. You get to know every animal, their story, the people, and what it takes to be involved with a sanctuary. I learned so much, I made so many friends, and I can say with the most confidence that this is an experience that changed my life forever. I will most ...

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