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Zoo and Animal Caretaker Zoo and Animal Caretaker Townsville, Australia Fronteering Travel NGO | Fronteering Travel
Work along with staff and other volunteers from all walks of life at a privately-owned zoo that is dedicated to the care of Australia’s native wildlife!
Nature & Elephant Conservation Assistant Knysna, South Africa Fronteering Travel NGO | Fronteering Travel
Volunteer and conserve some of Southern South Africa's last wildernesses and Elephant populations.
Amerindian Eco-lodge & Ranch Assistant Georgetown, Guyana Fronteering Travel NGO | Fronteering Travel
Join us at Karanambu Lodge & work alongside a dedicated team in the Rupununi! Volunteers can expect to work in the areas of horticulture, gardening, tourism & more!
Bat Rescuer and Caretaker Cairns, Australia Fronteering Travel NGO | Fronteering Travel
Volunteer now to appreciate and understand the world of bats by helping the Bat Hospital in its efforts to rescue sick, injured and orphaned bats!
Big Cats Caretaker Stanford, South Africa Fronteering Travel NGO | Fronteering Travel
Join us and help take are of Big Cats at the amazing Western Cape of South Africa. This big Cat Sanctuary is one of the few vetted and approved big Cat sanctuaries!
Children's Autism & Horse Therapy Assistant New Orleans, United States of America Fronteering Travel NGO | Fronteering Travel
Volunteer and work alongside an amazing team all working towards a worthwhile cause of horse ranch therapy, making a difference for kids with special needs.
City Wildlife Rehab Caretaker Burnaby, Canada Fronteering Travel NGO | Fronteering Travel
Travel to Vancouver and join our wildlife rehab program in one worlds highest rated cities! You will take care of rescued birds, reptiles and mammals on a daily basis.
Dolphin Conservation Assistant Bunbury, Australia Fronteering Travel NGO | Fronteering Travel
Venture into Bunbury, Western Australia where you will volunteer to help with the conservation of dolphins and educate the public about these magnificent creatures!
Exotic Island Conservation Assistant Medan, Indonesia Fronteering Travel NGO | Fronteering Travel
Have you ever dreamed of visiting Indonesia or Volunteering? Then come fulfill that dream and do both at our Island Conservation project located on the Simeulue Island!
Horse Handler and Rehabilitator Brisbane, Australia Fronteering Travel NGO | Fronteering Travel
Travel to Queensland to help care for “unwanted, neglected, abused and slaughter bound horses,” aid in their rehabilitation and find a home for these amazing creatures!
Island Turtle Conservation researcher Medan, Indonesia Fronteering Travel NGO | Fronteering Travel
Take this unique volunteer opportunity of working together with researchers, marine biologists and other volunteers to conserve Indonesia's island's Expansive ecosystem!
Kangaroo Field Conservation & Park Ranger Kingscote, Australia Fronteering Travel NGO | Fronteering Travel
Come now and volunteer at our Kangaroo Island project to assist with conservation, wildlife monitoring and ranger related tasks
Koala Caretaker Brisbane, Australia Fronteering Travel NGO | Fronteering Travel
Experience the life of Koala keepers at one of the world’s first and largest Koala sanctuaries in beautiful Queensland, Australia!
Lemur Conservation Assistant Antananarivo, Madagascar Fronteering Travel NGO | Fronteering Travel
For a minimum of two weeks venture into Madagascar and help monitor forest species such as lemurs and help to prevent deforestation!
Nature Reserve Conservation Assistant Irkutsk, Russian Federation Fronteering Travel NGO | Fronteering Travel
Journey to the Great Baikal Lake found in Russia and become a part of an amazing team and worthwhile cause at our Baikal Ecotourism Development Program!
Zoo & Wildlife Hospital Animal Caretaker Beerwah, Australia Fronteering Travel NGO | Fronteering Travel
Volunteer at the Irwin's Australia Zoo Wildlife hospital and care, rehabilitate and release native Australian Wildlife!
Pantanal Wildlife Assistant Guide Campo Grande, Brazil Fronteering Travel NGO | Fronteering Travel
Come join us in the Pantanal and work with our fantastic team of experienced guides to help with the development of sustainable Tourism!
Rainforest Native Community Development Assistant Georgetown, Guyana Fronteering Travel NGO | Fronteering Travel
Join us now to help the indigenous peoples sustain their way of life in the deep amazing jungles of Guyana where many indigenous communities are located!
Rainforest, Nature & Wildlife Caretaker Cairns, Australia Fronteering Travel NGO | Fronteering Travel
Volunteer now and get the chance to be up close & personal with Australia’s native animals especially Koalas and work along experienced & highly trained wildlife keepers!
Rural English Teacher Assistant Antananarivo, Madagascar Fronteering Travel NGO | Fronteering Travel
Work along and share new skills with teachers at an underprivileged school and give them support where needed to help educate the children of Madagascar!
Savannah Cattle & Horse Ranch Hand Boa Vista, Brazil Fronteering Travel NGO | Fronteering Travel
Experience ranching in & around the Roraima state of Brazil; in wide open space, quietness, Freedom, with no big city lights, horses, cattle and other animals!
Sea Turtle Rehabilitator Cairns, Australia Fronteering Travel NGO | Fronteering Travel
Join us and volunteer to Rescue, research and Rehabilitate different species of Sea Turtles at Australia's Amazing Great Barrier reef!
Shark Conservation & Research Assistant Cape Town, South Africa Fronteering Travel NGO | Fronteering Travel
Come now and be a part of this unique and awesome Project! Help educate local and international visitors about the conservation plight of the great white sharks!
Tasmanian Devil Caretaker Tasmania, Australia Fronteering Travel NGO | Fronteering Travel
Volunteer and take care of Tasmanian Devils and other native wildlife. As an Animal care taker you will become involved with many tasks including feeding and Cleaning.
Tropical Exotic Wildlife Caretaker Cairns, Australia Fronteering Travel NGO | Fronteering Travel
Work alongside a dedicated team at a wildlife park whose goal is to conserve & care for Australia’s native wildlife and ensure that visitors have a grand experience!
Wild Takhi Research & Conservation Ulan Botar, Mongolia Fronteering Travel NGO | Fronteering Travel
Take this opportunity to work alongside wildlife Researchers & Biologists in Mongolia to conserve one of the world’s rarest & endangered species of Horses, the Takhi's!
Wilderness Conservation Field Researcher Edinburgh, United Kingdom Fronteering Travel NGO | Fronteering Travel
Venture in to the spectacular, remote Scottish Highlands and volunteer abroad taking part in wildlife and environmental conservation to protect the native wildlife!
Wolf Caretaker California, United States of America Fronteering Travel NGO | Fronteering Travel
Experience living off the grid while helping with the daily routines involved in caring, grooming and nurturing of the Center’s animals!
Amazon Tour Guide Manaus, Brazil Fronteering Travel NGO | Fronteering Travel
Learn Portuguese, Teach the staff English, educate the public about the importance to sustain the Amazon Jungle & assist as a guide in exciting overnight survival trips!

Project Details

Fronteering arranges volunteering programs related to wildlife and indigenous people in less visited places of this world as well as more unique destinations.

Fronteering arranges volunteering programs in some of the last frontiers of this world as well as more unique locations that other organizations ignore. From Field research programs in the Far north of Canada and Husky ranches in the Canadian Arctic to Amerindian community programs and wildlife conservation in the Amazon Rainforest and everything in between.

Most of our programs Focus on either wildlife rehabilitation and release, wildlife conservation & research or involve local indigenous communities.

Fronteering currently offers programs in Canada, Guyana, USA, Australia, Brazil, Borneo, South Africa, Madagascar and Panama.

True good causes: FRONTEERINGS volunteer abroad projects are either existing local projects or projects that are build from the group up by FRONTEERING. What these projects have in common is that you will be supporting a true good cause! You will have the opportunity to help where the need is the greatest. Our projects focus on helping the local communities, wildlife, indigenous people and the environment in cooperation with the local/indigenous communities. We focus on true volunteer projects where your effort really makes a difference. That’s why through Fronteering you will rehabilitate injured & orphaned wildlife with the goal to release the animal. That is the reason why will not send you to some far southern country to cuddle with tame lions & tigers with any real purpose. If you want to volunteer abroad with a real purpose, contact us!

Safety: At FRONTEERING we do our outmost best to provide the safety measures needed for our Volunteer Abroad projects and Adventure Travel Trips. However due to the fact that many of our projects and trips involve wild animals and/or are in remote locations there is a small element of risk involved. Not all of our projects and trips are for the faint at heart however we do cater to those of all walks of life. If you are not too sure about the suitability of a Volunteer Abroad project or an Adventure Travel trip then feel free to ask as we are always ready to answer any questions or discuss any doubts that come to mind. For more information please check our Safety & In-country Support section before you volunteer abroad.

A real adventure: We do not want our volunteers to end up trying to safe or clean up some small patch of rainforest which in some places they might call a wilderness. Instead you will volunteer in the immense jungle of the Amazon rainforest or venture in to the vast Canadian wilderness! Our volunteer abroad projects are situated in the remote areas of the world and we focus on countries and regions with the lowest population densities. We at FRONTEERING focus on what works; from sleeping in the jungle underneath the stars with nothing more than your own private hammock to back-to-basic cabins in the northern tundra with a cozy smothering fireplace and no electricity! When you volunteer abroad with FRONTEERING you can be sure it will be adventure.

Off the beaten path: With FRONTEERING volunteer abroad projects you will venture to places less visited. We focus on places that are fairly undiscovered where the nature, wildlife and indigenous cultures are still common. You will have the great opportunity to see these amazing places while they are still unspoiled and pure. It is these places where there is the most to lose but even more to gain through successful conservation work and sustainable tourism. 

Community involvement: Foremost when volunteering abroad the well being of the community should come first. For all of our trips we use local guides, local transportation and local communities so that through sustainable tourism we can help to protect the environment, wildlife and sustain the way of life of indigenous cultures & communities. More and more and governments choose the long term benefit of sustainable tourism over the short term gain of mining and logging. A good example is Gabon which in 2002 after recommendations from environmental researchers set up 13 new national parks. The government of Guyana is currently considering protecting its entire rainforest region which still covers 80% of the country. Hopefully through our combined effort this dream will one day become true.

FRONTEERING specializes in organizing volunteer abroad projects to preserve the environment, wildlife and indigenous people throughout the world while giving the volunteers a real and raw experience in some of the most beautiful and often remote places in the world to make a true difference.

FRONTEERING strives to provide real off the beaten path volunteer abroad experiences worldwide that satisfy the need for volunteer projects that truly makes a difference for the environment, wildlife and indigenous people.

The main focus of the project is on
NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organization
Foundation Year
Contact Person
Patrick van de Velde
Patrick van de Velde
Spoken Languages

Social Impact

Most of our programs focus on Wildlife care and rehabilitation. We focus on organizations who rehabilitate and release their wildlife back in to the wild. These animals are brought in either, sick, orphaned, injured or starving and are cared for until they can be released back in to the wild. 

Though we prefer to work with Release programs we also work with several animal sanctuaries. The focus here is to care for wildlife that were usually kept and mistreated as pets. As they are not allowed to be released in to the wild these sanctuaries then offer a safe haven for these animals until the end of their days.

Fronteering also offers a number of wildlife research programs, one of these programs for example you will volunteer in Canada's Yukon where you help with the conservation of certain species through research. This involves monitoring and tracking for example Caribou all the while living on a Indigenous peoples reservation!

Fronteering also works with indigenous communities in for example Guyana where our volunteers can get involved as assistant teacher to small schools within Amerindian communities in the Amazon Rainforest! Often thse school have around 60 - 80 children with 1 classroom for the ages 4 - 12 with only 1 or 2 teachers to care for all the children. Our program is therefore very welcomed by the communities, the children and the teachers. We offer much more than just teaching with these communities int he Amazon and in general they focus on providing sustainable way of life for the Amerindian communities as an alternative to logging, poaching and mining and hopefully through that we can sustain their way of life, the rainforest they live in and it's wildlife. 

Lastly Fronteering also offers certain volunteering programs and adventure travel just because their awesome! From volunteering at a husky ranch in Canada or the USA where you will learn all about dogsledding to helping out and becoming part of a ranching family. While some of these programs have less of clear great cause  others that fall in a similar category definitely do.  For example  our horse ranching program in Canada where you become part of the family is really about the experience while our ranching program in Guyana helps Amerindian ranch families to support their way of life and help set up small scale eco-tourism.

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals
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