Reef Check Eco Diver Marine Conservation Internships Koh Tao, Thailand The Coral Tribe
Internships are designed to help newly certified Eco-divers put their training into practice in a real life environment and see how the theory translates into practice.
Reef Check Eco Diver Ban Koh Tao, Surat Thani, Thailand The Coral Tribe
Reef Check Diver Course enables you to participate in Reef Check Surveys around the world. (Must be PADI Advanced & have PPB speciality)

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Conducting marine conservation research and marine conservation training with a focus on coral restoration methods with over 10 years of experience.

Our marine conservation team are actively working on a number of project including the building and maintenance of our own artificial reef, Junkyard Reef.

This dive site plays an important part in taking additional pressure off other natural dive sites around Koh Tao. We are proud to have made a productive contribution to the local environment and hope to continue this in the future.

Some of the projects we are actively involved with around Koh Tao are:

Bio-Rock dive sites – coral transplantation and growth rate data collection
Buoyancy Word – artificial dive site
Coral nurseries – construction of coral nurseries around the island
Reef check surveys / EMP (Ecological Monitoring Program)
Junkyard House Reef – our own artificial dive site
Beach and dive site clean ups around Koh Tao
Giant Clam Nurseries
Mooring Buoys & line maintenance and management.
Adopt a coral transplant
Marine resource management

The health of the ocean is dependent on positive action and it plays a vital role in the wellbeing of communities across the globe. As scuba divers we are in a unique position to see this, and influence others. Our aim is to instill good environmental practices into all our divers whether on land or underwater.

We also construct coral nurseries and art installations to promote coral growth and we also participate in Reef Check and Coral Watch surveys as well as organise regular beach and dive site clean ups.

We manage our Giant Clam Nurseries at Junkyard, promote our own ‘Adopt a Coral’ and conduct Marine Resource Management programs.
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Social Impact

For over 10 years we have managed to create and grown coral underwater at several dive sites around Koh Tao.

In 2009 we starting building a new dive area, called "Junkyard" which has become such a success that it has feature in several TV programs.

We conduct regular dive site and beach clean ups and remove 100's of kilos of rubbish from the shore and sea every year.

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