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Veterinary Internship

1 - 20 Wochen  ·  Alter 18 - 50+

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  • Get hands-on experience on veterinary work for your study and propel your career with international experience.
  • Experience worklife in Costa Rica and learn about the culture and norms.
  • Gain Spanish fluency by living with a host family and sharing daily life with locals.
  • Discover the Osa Peninsula, the world's most biologically diverse area, on expeditions.
  • Help out the community by neutering street animals and prevent overpopulation.

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Alter 18+

Über das Programm

Are you interested in becoming a vet or vet tech? Would you like to work with dogs and cats in a clinic environment in Costa Rica? Then you should apply to this project!

Green Life Volunteers is looking for a veterinary student, vet tech student, or a person wanting to become a vet, to help out at a rural vet clinic in Puerto Jimenez, on the Osa Peninsula. The Osa Peninsula is a remote, rural, and economically challenged area. ..

Über das Programm

Green Life Volunteers is looking for a veterinary student, vet tech student, or a person wanting to become a vet, to help out at a rural vet clinic in Puerto Jimenez, on the Osa Peninsula. The Osa Peninsula is a remote, rural, and economically challenged area. Unfortunately, this project is not open for people who are not studying, or planning to study veterinary medicine.

The vet clinic is the only one in a large rural area, and thus they are always very busy. There are plenty of dogs and cats (and other animals) to take care of daily. The vet also organizes spaying and neutering clinics almost weekly, where they offer spaying and neutering for a cheaper fare and where assistants are always needed.

As a volunteer on this project, you’ll be working with the local town vet. The vet is happy to train you so that you can even take care of some patients or assist with procedures and surgeries. The project would be great for a vet student, or someone interested in becoming a vet student – since you may be able to use your volunteer time in your studies as work experience time.

You will make a positive difference in people's and animals' lives, while having fun, making lots of friends, learning about Costa Rican customs, language and culture, and gaining invaluable veterinary experience. You will be taught by the vet and staff how to do the tasks, and are not expected to do procedures on animals immediately. You will be shown everything you need to know and learn as you go. 

Your university might give credit for doing an internship at our vet clinic, so make sure to check that during your application process. Furthermore, you’ll learn so much more than at a vet clinic in the States, Europe or other parts of the world, where you often aren’t even allowed to touch animals until you’ve already studied for several years in the field. This is not the case at our vet clinic – here you can get hands-on experience, are allowed to handle animals from day one, and assist in surgeries. This is a great opportunity for gaining a good insight into the veterinary field, and an amazing experience to prepare yourself for a future career in the veterinary field.

Project Background

Attitudes toward animals in the developing world as well as Costa Rica are very different from those that exist in more developed countries. In poorer societies, a great deal of dependence is placed on many types of animals for the completion of necessary tasks, particularly farming, where people do not benefit from the labor-saving devices that are taken for granted in many developed countries. Working animals are therefore valued in terms of their strength and speed, and people's livelihoods depend on them being fit and healthy. Many dogs are used for “guarding the property” and cats are needed to “hunt mice and rats”. Most animals fulfill a direct purpose in Costa Rica.

In many developing countries there is a much higher rate of animal neglect, due to poverty. Fleas are very common and almost every animal will have them. Ticks are also a common problem. Many animals will not be groomed nicely or bathed all the time. You will be seeing and handling animals that you may consider in a “bad state” to your standards, but they are actually in an “ok” condition in Costa Rica. You will see people treat their animals differently too – you may not agree with the way they teach/ train their animals.

Dog and Cat Rescue Project

The clinic where you will be working is very good, but it does not have the capacity or space to rescue animals or help with abandoned/ stray animals. Hence, there is the dog and cat rescue project, founded by Green Life Volunteers, in which we collaborate very closely with the vet. The vet helps out by giving many treatments for free or for a very low rate. In return, we take care of the animals and give them a foster home. The vet cannot keep any animals overnight, since there is no staff present. Therefore, in some cases, the vet may take the animal home themselves.

You are welcome to help out with the dog and cat rescue project – as you will also help out at the vet clinic where most of our rescue animals go at some point to get spayed/ neutered/ vaccinated/ checked etc.


You will be working 6 days a week, from around 7:30 am to 5:30 pm, with a lunch break. The clinic is open Monday to Saturday, so you are expected to be there too. However, you may arrange with the vet and the Green Life Volunteers' supervisor that you only work 5 days a week, if you would like an ...


You will be working 6 days a week, from around 7:30 am to 5:30 pm, with a lunch break. The clinic is open Monday to Saturday, so you are expected to be there too. However, you may arrange with the vet and the Green Life Volunteers' supervisor that you only work 5 days a week, if you would like an extra day off.

Day-to-day activities include:
  •       Help  at spay and neuter fares
  •       Assist the vet with incoming patients
  •       Translate if foreigners come into the vet who don’t speak Spanish
  •       Help in the pet shop part of the clinic selling, stocking and labeling products
  •       Clean cages, back clinic areas, and general maintenance of the vet clinic
  •       Help to clean equipment the vet uses and needs during surgeries
  •       Prepare dogs/ cats for the vet visit, such as weighing of animals, measuring temperature etc.

Example of daily schedule:
6:45 AM - breakfast with the host family
7:30 AM - start work; preparing the clinic for the new day
8:00 AM - patient work
12:30 PM - lunch with the host family
1:30 PM - new patients
4:00 PM - neutering dogs (work with Dag and Cat Rescue)
5:15 PM - cleaning up, closing the clinic
5:30 PM - end of workday, go home


There is plenty to do around the Osa Peninsula, and we can help you organize activities around Puerto Jimenez during your project time. Unfortunately, any extra-curricular activities are not covered by the Green Life Volunteers project fee.

Activities may be surfing, paddle boarding, Corcovado ...


There is plenty to do around the Osa Peninsula, and we can help you organize activities around Puerto Jimenez during your project time. Unfortunately, any extra-curricular activities are not covered by the Green Life Volunteers project fee.

Activities may be surfing, paddle boarding, Corcovado National Park hikes, Bird watching, Mangrove and Sunset kayaking, Dolphin Tours, Zip-lining, and much more. If there are several volunteers in Puerto Jimenez at the same time, often they form groups to do some weekend activities together. Or you may decide that you would like to venture off on your own – either way, we will be there to help you to get things set up! Just ask us during or before your volunteer time!



Mindestalter: 18 Jahre

Um an diesem Programm teilzunehmen, musst du zu Programmbeginn mindestens 18 Jahre alt sein. Es kann Ausnahmen geben, wenn du die Erlaubnis deines/r Erziehungsberechtigten vorlegen kannst oder wenn du von deinen Eltern begleitet wirst


Du brauchst folgende Sprachkenntnisse: Spanisch (Fortgeschritten)


Veterinary medicine, or veterinary technician auf University (studying or starting in upcoming years) Niveau


Es gibt keine Beschränkungen. Helfende Hände aus aller Welt sind willkommen.

Andere Fähigkeiten

As an ideal volunteer on this project, you are already enrolled in a study program for veterinary sciences or veterinary technicians or are applying to study in this field. The veterinarians we work with would like an intern who has a keen interest in becoming a vet or vet tech or is already on the way to becoming a vet/ vet tech.


Deine Hilfe wird an folgenden Tagen benötigt: Montag, Dienstag, Mittwoch, Donnerstag, Freitag und Samstag von 07:30 - 17:30



Dienstleistungen von Green Life Volunteers

An organizational fee is included in the first week’s fee and covers the “behind the scenes costs”, such as staff salaries, office space rental, transaction and bank fees, and more. Our weekly fee for additional weeks covers the costs of your host family and food, the local staff on your project, and a donation to help with the daily running costs of the program you will help on.

Not included in our fee are:
  • Your first and last night in San Jose in a hostel
  • Travel to and from the international airport (airport shuttles are around 30$ each way to San Jose - We can set this up for you, just ask us during sign-up)
  • Travel to the project site (usually by public buses, which are from around 10-16$ one way)
  • National/ International flights
  • Travel insurance
  • Visa costs
  • Any additional food or snacks besides the meals provided
  • Extra-curricular activities


All interns or the ‘Veterinary Intern' project can either be accommodated in a host family or, depending on the length of stay, choose to live in their own apartment or housing.

You will be spending time with local Costa Ricans, who not may speak English that well. It will allow you to fully immerse yourself in Costa Rican culture!

If you wish, we can also arrange private accommodation in Puerto Jimenez for the time of your stay. The apartment and housing rates are 400 USD per month for a furnished apartment, plus you will buy your own food. In case you choose this option, we will discuss the fees during your sign-up process, and we may be able to offer you a discounted first week’s fee.


If you choose to stay in private accommodation, you will need to buy and cook your own food, which can cost you anywhere from 400-600 USD per month - note that food is expensive in Costa Rica.
If you choose to stay with a host family, they will provide two or three meals a day, depending on their activities

Food in Costa Rica is simple but delicious, and you will have access to a great variety of fruits, veggies, and dairy products in Costa Rica. Meals at your host family often include rice and beans; other common items include tortillas, salad, chicken, fish, pork, beef, pasta, soup, cereal, sandwiches, cheese, fruits, veggies, and fresh-squeezed juices. You will help prepare meals with your host family, and you will experience a whole new way of cooking and preparing food. 

Vegetarians should have no problems with the diet in Costa Rica. Since Costa Rica is a tropical country, the variety of vegetables and fruits is fairly large. Nonetheless, it is important to let us know about any dietary needs in advance so the family is notified and they can prepare accordingly. Those who follow a vegan diet should note that tofu is not readily available in Costa Rica, especially on the Osa Peninsula. 

You will be offered three meals a day usually breakfast is early around 7am, lunch is between 12 and 1; and dinner is between 6 and 7 p.m. You will have coffee and other snacks available at the project throughout the day as well – just talk to your host family about your needs.


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Was ist NICHT inklusive?

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Der nächstgelegene Flughafen ist Juan Santamaria International Airport (SJO) in San Jose. Wir helfen dir günstige Flüge nach Costa Rica zu finden. FINDE GÜNSTIGE FLÜGE


Ins Ausland zu gehen ist ein Abenteuer, auf das man sich stets gut vorbereiten sollte. Plötzliche Krankheit oder Verletzung, Stornierung oder Diebstahl - eine Reiseversicherung für Costa Rica bietet die nötige Sicherheit. ANGEBOT EINHOLEN


Bevor du deine Freiwilligenarbeit in Costa Rica antrittst, solltest du dich noch einmal von deinem Arzt beraten lassen und deine erforderlichen Impfungen für Costa Rica überprüfen. IMPFSCHUTZ ÜBERPRÜFEN

Informationen zur Anreise

You can start this project anytime, whenever is convenient for you! We don't have specific start dates, because this volunteering program is year-round.

Jan Feb Mär Apr Mai Jun Jul Aug Sep Okt Nov Dez


1 Woche (Mindestaufenthalt) 440€
2 Wochen 586€
3 Wochen 732€
4 Wochen 878€
6 Wochen 1.170€
8 Wochen 1.462€
20 Wochen (Maximaler Aufenthalt) 3.214€
Durchschnittliche Gebühren 300€/Woche


300€ / Woche 1 - 20 Wochen Alter 18 - 50+


Visa Master Card Maestro American Express PayPal



1 - 20 Wochen


Mit der Anzahlung reservierst du deinen Platz beim Freiwilligenprogramm. Zahlungen werden von PayPal abgewickelt, unserem vertrauenswürdigen globalen Zahlungsanbieter. Falls du keinen PayPal Account hast, kannst du die Anzahlung auch mit einer Kreditkarte bezahlen.

Ausstehende Zahlung

Deine Restzahlung vereinbarst du mit Green Life Volunteers während des Bewerbungsprozesses. Normalerweise handelt es sich um eine Banküberweisung oder eine Barzahlung am Projektstandort.

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Green Life Volunteers

Herausragend 5 rating (32 Bewertungen)

Non-profit - gegründet 2012

von Volunteer World verifiziert

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Über die Organisation

A small non-profit organization aims at providing affordable volunteering programs and improving the living standard of local peoples in Costa Rica

Lerne deine Organisation kennen

Our goal is to provide power to small rural elementary schools around the Osa that are off-grid and without power. Furthermore we educate the local community about solar.

Who we are? 

Green Life Volunteers (GLV) is a small registered non-profit organization in Costa Rica, run by Janina Schan, the founder and manager, and dedicated Interns and volunteers. Janina founded GLV in 2012, after working already in the volunteer industry in Costa Rica for around a year. Our interns are students from Universities that need the internship to graduate, to conduct research, or they really just want to gain experience.

What we do?

Green Life Volunteers is a volunteer service organization placing volunteers in projects around Costa Rica. Some of the projects are created by GLV such as the Solar Power Project, and others are projects offered by other non-profit organisations, such as our Turtle Conservation. The projects we collaborate with are in need of help and have experience working with volunteers – which guarantees you to have a great time and an awesome experience. The projects are always run by local members of the community, non-profit, and with a benefit for people, nature, or animals.

Where we work?

We offer our volunteer placements in Costa Rica. Upon entering Costa Rica you will be granted a 90 day Tourist Visa* if you wish to stay longer  than the 90 days you will need to leave the country for 72 hours – offering a good excuse to  jump across the border and see neighbouring countries Panama or Nicaragua! This is an easy process and we will provide you with all the information you need on how to do this. Residents of USA, Canada, the EU, Australia and New Zealand are given 90 days Visa. For all other countries check with your embassy.

If you are travelling to Costa Rica from South America or Saharan Africa you will be required to have the Yellow Fever vaccination.  

Costa Rica is the most developed country in Central America and attracts over 2 million tourists each year! With tourism being its highest source of income Costa Rica has been sculpted to welcome and make life easier and safer for tourists. Families, youngsters and solo travellers are most welcome. As a country Costa Rica is a stable democracy. Medical care is modern and the tab-water is safe to drink.

Our mission/vision

We are a volunteer service organization placing volunteers in local non-profit organizations which are run by members of the local community and most importantly are in real need of help. GLV makes sure that every project has a positive impact on the local people, on the community, and the local animals and nature.

Our goals / Objective

Green Life Volunteers  provides non-profit organizations with volunteers who bring the man-power and know-how needed for their conservation or social development efforts. GLV makes sure that every project has a positive impact on the local people, on the community, and the local wildlife and nature.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for open minded individuals who love animals, conservation and social development. For us you’re not just a number - every volunteer has specific wishes, needs, and expectations, and we work hard to find the right volunteer work for you!

Why choose us?

We work with projects which are in need of actual help! Most organizations in Costa Rica make up “fake” projects which are entirely run by foreigners, make no actual difference and have no impact on the surrounding communities. You’ll spend large sums of money that go directly into foreigners pockets – no income and no benefit is made to any local community member.

We make sure and GUARANTEE that our projects are: local, grassroot, non-profit organizations, run by members of the local community, registered and licensed, and most importantly – IN ACTUAL NEED OF HELP!

32 Bewertungen · rating5

Annika rating5

2019 at Veterinary Internship

Last May I travelled to Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica to volunteer in the veterinary practice OSAVET for two month. I had a wonderful time there and would never forget all these great memories and all these lovely people I met. Especially the vet and his family were incredibly kind and welcomed me ...
Melissa rating5

2015 at Veterinary Internship

I first encountered GLV after searching online for pre-veterinary internships abroad. Even after doing some preliminary research about GLV, I could tell that the organization was a reliable one. When Janina emailed me to let me know of my acceptance into the Veterinary Internship program, she was ...
Kathleen rating5

2013 at Veterinary Internship

My time volunteering in Puerto Jimenez was fabulous. You could not have chosen a more wonderful family for me to stay with – Meidys and Pamela are amazing women. They completely welcomed me into their home. I felt welcome and comfortable and loved and even pampered, which I am not used to:-) They ...
Rozelijn rating5

2024 at Work in Turtle Conservation

I volunteered for two weeks at the Mariposa camp in Carate for turtle conservation, and these were absolutely two of the most special weeks of my life. I would recommend the COPROT camps to anyone who wants to experience this beautiful life in one of the most rural and biologically diverse places on ...
Paul rating5

2024 at National Park Ranger

I spent the first morning with a staff member building a steel bed frame so I would have a bed. They did outfit the bed very nicely for me with bed sheets and a proper mosquito netting. Most of the accommodation is under a roof in open air setting. My last three nights they moved me to a cabin ...
Samuel du Feu rating5

2023 at Work in Turtle Conservation

We had an amazing week volunteering with Kuemar - the turtle conservation organisation that we were paired with near Matapalo on the northern side of the Nicoya Peninsula. The volunteer work was very hands on. We did night patrol every night from approx 8pm-2am (or later) where we were busy ...


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