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Project Details

We identify and offer programs where travellers can Volunteer, Intern or Study Abroad while immersing in the ‘Real’ Jamaican culture at affordable prices.

About us

We are a Jamaican family owned and operated organization that has been in operation since 1999.

We offer a variety of new and exciting ways to Volunteer, Intern or Study Abroad creating opportunities for travellers to make a real difference, gain life changing experiences and valuable life skills. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide opportunities for travellers to sample our culture and experience something so different and new that it might actually change you, or change the way you see the world.

Why choose us

We create opportunities for volunteers to make a real difference, gain life changing experiences and valuable life skills.

Jamaica is a beautiful and exotic island where thousands of tourists come each year. Many of these visitors do not get a chance to experience Jamaica beyond the confines of the all-inclusive hotels, villas and resorts.

We will provide you with the perfect combination of impactful work/study programs and thrilling cultural immersion trips that will allow you to touch, feel and see the ‘Real Jamaica.’ 

Our programs are flexible, available all year round and are suitable for college/university students, high school students, individuals and families or groups seeking to bond and work together. 

Safety and Support

Our number one priority is your safety - our job is not completed until you arrive home safely. When you are in Jamaica you will never be alone, help is always available.

Like most other countries, Jamaica does have crime but the majority is . However, we avoid areas that have unrest or high crime - our volunteer home and program partners are located in St. Andrew and not in Kingston. 

Home away from home

We provide 24/7 in-country support where our dedicated team members are always there to support you with any emergencies or other needs.

This means that when you book with us you will be treated as if you are a relative visiting from overseas and provided with a safe home away from home. 


To ensure your safety we also provide our own transportation driven by family members or trusted employees. When we use other transportation, we pre-screen the operators. 

As part of your transportation package, you’ll have a tour guide/driver who not only knows all the safe places to take you but also knows the customs of Jamaica.


While volunteering, interning or studying, you will be placed with a local mentor who will give you tips and support.  

Extra Protection

We offer full medical insurance protection through our partners for any unexpected illness or accident.

In addition to this, on your arrival, we'll give you safety tips and strategies to use during your orientation. 

Therefore, at all times you'll be surrounded by caring and trusted people to keep you safe.

A Warm and Caring team 

When you travel to Jamaica think of our warm and caring team as family you have not seen for a while. We want you to feel like a family member we’ll teach you the culture fast by:

  • Allowing you to join our early morning hikes in the community
  • Telling you stories about our culture that you won’t forget
  • Inviting you to share meals with family members
  • Teaching you to dance to Reggae music
  • Have you speaking like a Jamaican on your first day!

Our dedicated staff members are handpicked to complement our family team. All our staff and volunteers go through extensive background checks and provide references as part of our protection policy.

They understand that that travelling overseas and going to the unknown can be overwhelming, so you'll have easy and unlimited access to their support so you can learn Jamaica’s rich history and explore our national treasures. 

Who can Volunteer

Our programs are flexible, available all year round.  We welcome volunteers, interns or study abroad students of all races, nationalities and ages. 

So whether you’re in a group or an individual student, mature person, career professional or a retiree searching for a life changing experience that'll allow you to make a real difference, we have the perfect experience awaiting you.

An Extensive Network of Partners

Over the years we have built up a solid network of partners and NGO’s and a strong relationship with the nearby surrounding communities. Therefore, we can tap into this network to create community-based projects, learning trips, cultural immersion experiences and excusions.

The main focus of the project is on
Foundation Year
Contact Person
Maureen Wright-Evans
Maureen Wright-Evans
Spoken Languages

Social Impact

Over the years the Jamaica Volunteer Programs has helped many volunteers, Interns and Study Abroad travelers to experience life changing experiences while making a real difference doing impactful work. 

However, we strongly believe in the upliftment of the community and have partnered with several local organisations and NGO'S to help the local community tackle issues such as poverty, education, homelessness, child neglect, poor infrastructure. 

Our Impact

One of the organizations that have benefitted alot from our impact is the Annie Dawson’s Girls Home. 

Through our direct assistance, influence and promotion, the St. Andrew-based girls home has gotten on-going help from volunteers, who relieve the staff from critical everyday tasks. 

By doing building and maintenance work, volunteers have helped significantly in the refurbishing and general up-keep of the home. 

One of our volunteers is currently helping to revamp the home’s website while another has helped to set-up a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for the home.

The Jamaica Volunteer Programs has also used its influence to find partners, who currently sit on the board of directors, for the organization. 

We also provide the Salvation Army Nest on-going supplies for the orphans such as – clothes, bed sheets, school bags etc.

We have also assisted the organization with the up-keep of the infrastructure of the neighboring orphanage. We held a fund-raiser to raise funds to purchase plumbing supplies to repair their storage tank. 

We also help neighboring primary and basic schools to get supplies and equipment on a continuous basis. 

Through our community service projects, we get groups of volunteers to refurbish important buildings such as health centers and community centers in the neighboring communities.  

The Jamaica Volunteer Programs create opportunities for travelers to touch, feel, see and taste the real Jamaica. A big part of our accommodation package is serving travelers delicious home-made cooked meals allowing them to eat like a local.

Local farmers, especially those in near-by communities, benefits from us constantly purchasing local organic food supplies from them. 

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