Women Shelter Activist Children’s Foundation Supporter Arusha, Tanzania Viva Tanzania
Support a small Preschool and NGO, whose aim it is to provide affordable education to children from difficult backgrounds.
Support a Health Center Arusha, Tanzania Viva Tanzania
Work in a small hospital and help to improve the medical care for local people.
Animal Shelter Supporter Arusha, Tanzania Viva Tanzania
This shelter for cats and dogs was established in order to meet the great need of more adequate animal care & education of the population.
Empower Women Through Fashion Arusha, Tanzania Viva Tanzania
This project was created due to the desire to combine Tanzanian Fashion with a good cause. Volunteers will do e.g. marketing and product development.
Teach & Educate Children Arusha, Tanzania Viva Tanzania
Help children achieving their goals and escape from poverty. Only through good education can you have a better life one day.
Medical Support In District Hospital Arusha, Tanzania Viva Tanzania
Care for patients, assist with operations and learn how a big hospital in Tanzania, with limited, resources operates.
HIV/AIDS and Widows Encouragement Arusha, Tanzania Viva Tanzania
Empower widows and victims of HIV & AIDS to cultivate better lives for themselves and their families.
Teaching Assistant at a Pre- & Primary School Arusha, Tanzania Viva Tanzania
Support teachers in their every day routine and help to improve the kids education.
Environmental Conservation Arusha, Tanzania Viva Tanzania
Educate society to be more sustainable and aware towards the needs of the environment and to create a green place to live in. Conserve your Environment to Conserve You.
Caring for Disabled Children in Need Arusha, Tanzania Viva Tanzania
Support a local NGO that cares for children with different disabilities in and around Arusha.
Women Shelter Activist Arusha, Tanzania Viva Tanzania
Help fighting discrimination and violence against women and children through educating them and support them with their every day life.
Children Empowerment through Sports Arusha, Tanzania Viva Tanzania
Have fun doing sports with the kids and help them achieve their personal goals. See how they improve skills like teamwork, confidence and ambition.

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Project Details

Viva Tanzania is a German-Tanzanian organization established in order to support meaningful and needy projects in Arusha, North Tanzania.

Viva Tanzania was established in the end of 2015 by Martin, Tanzanian and his wife Tizia, German. We are both passionate about intercultural encounters, tourism and nature. Tizia is a Cultural Anthropologist and Martin is a professional Tour Guide.

We want to assist people from all over the world and Tanzanians to learn from one another through intercultural exchange. By helping foreigners to find meaningful projects that need support we do not only want to enable them to gain experience in working and being with people from different origins but also broaden the horizonts of everyone. Our mission is to establish an environment in which intercultural encounter can take place. Our participants will be enabled to gain first hand experience in a totally different sourrounding from what they are knowing. We want to show them the diversity of people, cultures and lifestyles. On the other hand we want to support needy projects in Arusha, our hometown.

Our vision is to change the people's perception of Africa, Tanzania and its inhabitants through challenging and reducing stereotypes and racism. We believe that this can only be done through intercultural exchange like volunteering.

Tini is the founder and director of Viva Tanzania and a tour guide by profession. He loves nature and e.g. already climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru. He wants to give the volunteers and interns a better understanding of the Tanzanian lifestyle through culture and nature. Another thing important to him is the intercultural exchange and the learning from each other. In his free time he likes to exercise.

He is responsible for the organization of projects, safaris, mountain climbing, tours, etc.. He is also the chef of the hostel and creates delicious Tanzanian and Western style meals.

Tizia is Tini’s wife and manageress of Viva Tanzania. She has a Bachelor in Cultural Anthropology and she wrote her Bachelor thesis about Maasai stereotypes in media and tourism. She loves her three dogs as well as the life in Tanzania. She is responsible for the website, the marketing and the communication before, while and after your stay. She already spent a year as a volunteer in Tanzania and did an internship in Arusha. So she definitely knows what’s important to make your time unforgettable. At the same time she is your contact person for all intercultural issues and problems.

Both are engaging themselves in post colonialism, images of Africa in the media and tourism as well as stereotypes. They are trying to make an effort towards international understanding, reduce global racism, and to show their guests that ”Africa”, or better to say Tanzania, are more than the stereotypes often portrayed in Europe and North America.

The main focus of the project is on
Foundation Year
Contact Person
Tizia Doriye
Tizia Doriye
Spoken Languages

Social Impact

To ensure a meaninful and well-targeted experience that takes into acoount the participant's interests and talents, they can choose from different projects in the following fields: schools, nurseries, street children, women and children empowerment, health and animal welfare projects.
By supporting our projects through volunteering we can ensure that your time will be spend meaningful. We chosed the best projects in order to guarantee that only those projects will be supported that need help.
Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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